Any industry that depends vigorously on innovation has significant changes a seemingly endless amount of time after year. Promoting is one of those scenes that changes so rapidly. It’s trying to stay aware of the prescribed procedures. Here are ten advertising tips to upgrade your methodology this year because of the most recent patterns:

Gone are the days when it was difficult to understand what customers want. Today, with the increase in tools such as analytics and digital marketing software, it is far easier to guess – nay, estimate – customer behaviour and cater to it! Online marketing has enabled businesses to gain treasured insights into customers’ minds.

In this video, I’m going to share some email marketing tips and tricks to help you to get better results in your email marketing campaigns.

These are tips that are coming from my own personal experience of doing email marketing for over four years so make sure to stay tuned because you’re about to learn some awesome stuff right so before we start make sure to subscribe to my channel for more videos every week and also make sure to hit the bell icon to get notifications when a video comes out.

Alright so let’s get started

1.Send Emails Based on Subscribers local time

Now, this is really important and this is something that you have to set up in your autoresponder.

Basically, it’s absolutely obviously important to send emails to your subscribers based on their local time because if you don’t do that you can end up sending people emails around midnight or just the time you don’t want to send those emails too.

2.Don’t Overuse your Subscribers name in your email

Now that’s really important you know it’s like those things that you do and it’s special but if you overdo it, It’s just going to end up being killing your emails you know it’s just not a good thing so it’s good to use it once in a while or four important emails.

3.Use shorter and effective email subject lines 

That’s really important and that keeps it that keeps your emails really clean and easy let me explain why this is really important you need to think about. What kind of experiences your subscribers are happening they open their inbox and they’re having to probably have 200 emails in there.

4. Follow the same theme in Every Email 

Now this is something I do and this is something, I’ve been doing for a while and it just works really good.

If when you get it when you have it then you have the same theme in every email that you send people kind of start to keep an aqua fee they open your emails more because you have a different style.

5.First 100 Characters of Your Email’s Body are Important

So Something that I don’t see a lot of marketers talk about it because it’s either they don’t notice it or it’s absolutely powerful that they don’t want other people to find out about it.

If you do this especially for Gmail users and a lot of people are using Gmail especially. I’m not sure about Yahoo or other email providers but when you send out an email people are going to read it before people open it they’re going to be able to see a part of the body of your email in their inbox before Opening it let me show you what I mean so this is an email for example and if you see you’re going to see my subject line.

6.Email Everyday to Filter Good and Bad Subscribers

So I want people who are not my emails out of my list. That’s something you should I mean you might say, I don’t want to send ass around emails every day because I don’t want to piss them off or let me tell you something if you’re providing good value and good content to your subscriber’s people are not going to leave your list and that’s the people you want people who are really your fans to be in your list.

7.Use Good Email Marketing Services: Aweber, Get Response or Mail Chimp 

You know usually use a good one I do Three want three email services that I usually recommend a vapour get response and MailChimp. I’m personally using A vapour. I’m starting to move to other more advanced options but these are the best ones for the beginners especially if you’re starting the best ones for you are these three a river get response and MailChimp.

8. Provide Great Content and Value

Now this is something, I’ve talked about a lot in my CV masters Academy more in one of my CD masters Academy modules it’s called the one that I use is seven touch funnel so basically, it’s a funnel that actually uses seven interaction with the subscribers before selling them something.

9.Get Your Subscribers Involved with your Business

Now this is really powerful and it actually helps you to grow your business and it’s really powerful so what you do is you ask your subscribers to follow you or your company whatever you’re providing as a service to follow you on social media you know if you have a Facebook page.

I ask them to follow you on Facebook if you have youtube make sure to ask them to subscribe to your channel on Youtube Twitter you know LinkedIn Whatever you have so got you to get subscribers involved with your business the more you get them involved with your business the harder it’s going to get for them to leave you.

10.Write Short Email Copies with Short Sentences and Large Fonts

this is Something that I do a lot when it’s possible you know sometimes you cannot just have a short sentence obviously but then it’s possible I try to write short email copies with you know short sentences and large funds because it just makes it easier because first of all then you have a short email copy just makes it easier.


Launching a new product into the market can be the beginning of a wonderful journey or a total fiasco. It is a key moment that requires all of your care and attention. 

The term “growth hacking” has become quite a buzzword over the past few years, referring to non-traditional digital marketing strategies to ensure rapid growth. Many startups use these types of techniques to guarantee a quick penetration in the market, but growth hacking can be just as useful to companies of any size and experience. 

10 Marketing Tips for a Successful Product Launch

It usually requires several elements to come together to create a successful product launch. You need the right product, the right market, the right positioning, and the right timing for success

1.Start Building an Email list
2. Reach out to Influencers
3.Offer a giveaway
4.Offer an introductory Price
6.Host a Free Webinar
7.Content Marketing Campaigns
8.Make an amazing sales page
9.Use Live Chat
10.Use Affiliate Marketing


Email Marketing Tips

An email drip campaign is a triggered sequence of automated emails sent on a predefined schedule to targeted email subscribers to achieve a specific result. Think of drip campaigns as linear email sequences, where you send the personalized pre-written set of messages to leads, customers, or prospects over time.

5 Email Drip Sequence Formula

  •  Introduce and Engage
  • Share key insights
  • Reveal your Solution
  • Overcome Objections
  • The Final Pitch

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“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.” – Ann Handley
“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”  ~ Joe Sabah
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Email Drip Sequence Formula

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There is nothing like having your own online business. You make the decisions, and as one song says, you “win or learn”. However, creating your own company can be tricky. Especially if you are building from the ground up. There will be constant questions that must be answered, such as:word art

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Without accurate facts and data, wrong decisions get made. When a fork in the road comes up, a turn can become a dead end. What is the most common way to find information right now? If you said, “Google it!” you are right.

Unfortunately, Google isn’t an encyclopedia. It is a place where people upload information and sometimes that information isn’t as reliable as we would like it to be.

In fact, there are some people who put false information online just to see what effect it might have.


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