100K Factory Ultra Edition – Your Newest and Most Reliable Ecommerce Partner

If you are among those people who have been looking for ways on how to take advantage of the online marketplace for your business, you are on the right page. Gone are the days when all you can do is to wish that you can be the next big name in the online world. You really can.

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Welcome to 100k Factory Ultra Edition! 

They are your newest and most reliable partner on all things about eCommerce. Read on to know more about what our team has in store for you.



100k Factory Ultra Edition is built around the same principles as the original version (FAST, SCALEABLE, PROFITABLE), but the way we get to the end result (i.e. the money) is different. 100K Factory Ultra Edition is all about selling physical products on our own eCommerce stores, but in a VERY unique way. Watch the video below.

In this case, we are able to leverage the power (and predictability) of physical product sales (high converting eCommerce stores, often with 5% conversion rate or higher) WITHOUT the need to place large inventory orders or have mammoth amounts of stock on hand. We do it by dropshipping DIRECT from China to the consumer, with no money down, this is Phase 1 of our system (in the first edition of 100k Factory we relied on Google AdSense or Affiliate marketing.

100K Factory Ultra Edition

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Site setup, testing, and product selection are important, but the thing that takes this to the next level is the traffic, and like in the first edition of 100k Factory, we’ve comprehensively solved the traffic problem. i.e. — Low cost ads that result in instant and exceptionally high conversions. As an online product seller, this is something you absolutely need.

So how can 100k Factory Ultra Edition help your online eCommerce platform flourish? Here’s how:

Incredibly High Conversion Rates

100K Factory Ultra Edition

If there is one thing that online marketing campaigns should never miss, it is the part that focuses on conversion rates. In case you do not know, the conversion rates are just like an e commerce site’s scorecard. If you want to keep score, you need to have the knowledge on how to do something about it. Do you know that you could actually help your website boost the conversion rate through letting your customers to do the selling for you? You can let your customer sell a brand for you through the shopper-to-shopper interaction and the user generated content leverage.


This is what we, at 100k Factory Ultra Edition, guarantee you. Our digital marketing solutions are anchored to the standards that the online market, you particular industry, and your clients are looking for. With us, you are assured that each time an online visitor navigates on your eCommerce site, you can expect for conversions.

Allows Customer-to Customer Interaction


The shopper-to-shopper interaction is one of the digital performance trends that will help you boost ecommerce site for product-selling. Your website should have an online forum page wherein the shoppers can post contents about the products and service you are offering. This will give them chance to interact with each other and other shoppers that could possibly build a customer engagement.

100k Factory Ultra Edition will provide you with an efficient ‘discussion page’. In this part of your site, the visitors are allowed to view the content that is posted by some other shoppers as well as the post from your employees. The visitors can also start their own discussion comments and threads on the other topics concerning your website offerings. The positive and good posts coming from the customers who have tried using the product or services will be served as the company’s way of telling how effective and credible their goods and services are.

100K Factory Ultra Edition

Through this trend, the KPI impact is that there will be an increased traffic and the increased time spent by the customers on your site. Therefore, the trend impact is that the visitors will be influenced and educated by the content that is provided by the customers and other previous visitors.  Through the comments and content post of your customers, other visitor will be encouraged to avail the brand you are offering.

This is something that you will not obtain from any other sites. 100k Factory Ultra Edition truly cares for the growth of your site. We believe that there is no better way you can make that happen by letting your shoppers be involved in the efficiency of your site. With the constant interaction between your clients (including the potential ones), you will be able to determine what they really require you online shop to have.

Level Up through User-Generated Content

You can use the user-generated content unto your category pages in order to enable increase in conversion rates and customer’s product discovery. There will be images that will appear on the category pages. Those images will come from the different customers ‘social media post. For example, one of your customers posted your product on Facebook, the photo or image will also appear to you category pages.


The 100k Factory Ultra Edition impact will be the improved task completion such as the selection and the product identification and the increased conversion. Using User-Generated Content Leverage will help in enabling and facilitating the user to inform, attract and influence the other visitors to patronize the products and services in your website, which can remarkably boost your ecommerce conversion rate.

Most ecommerce business dies and lives through its conversion rates. Through the potential customers who would tend to visit your website, you can boost your conversion rates. However, even the websites can generate more traffic; it does not make sense if the particular website does not have the capacity to convert their visitors into a sales lead or paying customers. Therefore, considering the shopper-to-shopper interaction and user generated Leverage as ways in improving or boosting ecommerce website might be the best solution to your online marketing problems.

So you want to be the next big thing in the online marketing world? Contact 100k Factory Ultra Edition – your newest and most reliable eCommerce partner.