How To Build A List For Email Marketing Campaign

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Five Tips To Build Your Email List Quickly and Free


Building up your email list is the most reliable ways to establish a foundation of loyal fans for your business. But it’s not always easy to develop that kind of loyalty. This video will teach you the five great tips and strategies in building your email list quickly and free.

Here is The Step by Step Instructions To Build Your Email List Quickly and Free

Steps Actions Image Notes And Considerations
1 Pick an Email Marketing Provider Email Marketing Campaign This is also known as CRM, these are the services like GetResponse,AWeber, MailChimp, ConvertKit. It doesn’t matter what email provider you are using the important is that you able to export the email list and the contact information that you get from them.
2 Create a Free Giveaway (Freemium/Lead Magnet)-In exchange for a persons contact information for their email list. Email Marketing Campaign This is free a gift, instead that you’ve saying hey jump on our newsletter,its says hey,here is something actually cool and valuable and you can download that in exchange for signing up for the email list. Tip #1: Make it really valuable-that one that is actually cool it could be a video that is only available in a private list or it could be a checklist or something that quick and cool that gonna get result for the people want those result for your space or niche. Tip #2: Be specific- when you have specific free gift for people you want to able to know why they sign up to that list so that you can talk to them base on that interest.
3 Create a Landing Page Email Marketing Campaign This is a lead capture page or a squeeze page,this is where the people signup so they can get on your email list.
4 Create Call To Action (CTA) Email Marketing Campaign This is where you lead your visitors to your products or services you offered.
5 Repeat the Process Email Marketing Campaign Repeat this process over and over again.Then you can eventually expand in the creating more freemiums or more lead magnets that can also serve different micro drives of your overall niche and your overall community. Only focus one free gifts building one segment in audience.
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Email Marketing Campaign The marketers assume that the trade has changed and digital marketing strategy is the tool that can give an edge to businesses particularly those that are just starting. Since starting a business is very crucial the following are some of the most favorable strategies.


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How To Create An Email List Funnel To Capture Leads

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Excellent Tips on How to Create An Email List Funnel To Capture Leads


This video talk about the different factors that you need to learn and include into your business. This video discuss about Traffic Sources, Offer/Email Capture,Thank You, Autoresponder/Sequence and Broadcasts Email.

Here are the Important Steps to Consider

Steps Actions Images Notes and Considerations
1  Build Traffic Build Traffic First you need to have a traffic, then once you have that traffic you can start building your pages, so then people can enter to your brand and you can start communicate with them.
2 Page 1 | Offer/Email Capture Email Capture This is the page where you make an offer to your subscribers. Where you ask them to enter their email address in order to get that offer.
3 Thank You Page Thank You Page This is automated. When an email capture happens it will trigger to your second page (Thank you page). This is where you say thank you to your subscriber and let them know to go their email to receive the download or the coupon you offer.
4 Email List Email List This video used convertkit. With this tool it is easy to customize and embed forms on your website. All emails captured from page  one goes to Email list.
5 Autoresponder/Sequence Autoresponder/Sequence This is a series of emails that’s automatically sent out to people subscribed to your email list.That sent out to new subscribers.
6 Broadcast Broadcast This is a single message that is sent out to your entire lists. It can be scheduled to go out on a specific date and time, but the schedule is the same for everyone.
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How To Increase Your Click Through Rate and Boost Sales Using Email Marketing

Three Ways to Boost Your Click Through Rate and Sales Using Email Marketing

Using these three tips, you will get more clicks, and people will end up going to your website and convert into leads or sales.

Here Are The Steps

Steps Actions Images Notes and Considerations
1 Tell A Story Email Marketing Stories go back thousands and thousands of years because they’re engaging. When you tell a story, people are going to be reading your whole email instead of just skimming it, and they’re much more likely to click.
2 Include Multiple Links Email Marketing The more links you throw in there, the more clicks you’re gonna get.
3 Anchor Text Email Marketing Use “follow these tips, learn more here, or follow these strategies” for your anchor text because people are much more likely to click through than using the title of your webpage because they know it’s benefit-driven.
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How to Measure success in Email Marketing

Measuring success in Email Marketing

Knowing whether your email campaigns are successful will help you take the right actions when it comes time to improving them


Steps Actions Images Notes and Considerations
1 Benefits of understanding email performance Explore benefits of email performance
2 Subject line Understanding effectiveness of email subject line
3 Click Through Rate Learning about total number of clicks vs. email opened
4 Conversion Rate Shows how many people you sent the email to compared to how many are actually registering


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