Do you know that you can effectively use Twitter for business?

Did you maybe try Twitter but you are not getting the results you wanted or expect?

I was in your place not long ago.  To be honest, a couple years ago “I didn’t get Twitter”… at all!!  I didn’t understand why I should use it.

In the world of business, there are a lot of different ways on how to market your brand, what you do and what you offer.

As you have probably heard, social media platforms like Twitter are an effective way for growing your business.  Let me tell you tips for using Twitter for business… so you can apply them for your business.

Twitter is one of the most cited websites in the world. It’s also one of the most mixed up, because it’s different from many of the social platforms available, in that its focus is on public conversation and exposure.

If you understand how it works and how to market on Twitter, however, it can drive you a ton of traffic, build your brand and make you more money.

Here are nine simple tips to help you get the most out of Twitter for business.

1. Create a Username that Brands Your Business

In my case, I use my name because I’m an author and I want others to identify my name with my work. You likely want to use the name of your business.

2. Build an Effective Profile

There are several things you can do to make your profile more effective.

First, you should consider how to make it best use of Twitter’s custom profile background – this is an opportunity to add more information about your business, in addition to the 160-character description available. However you use it, do not leave the background image blank.

With your profile description, you should create a brief, effective summary of your business and include relevant keywords (for Twitter search) and a link back to your site.

3. Follow Those in Your Industry

If you want to connect with the top people in your industry, then follow them. If you start following them, they may just follow you back.

Follow as many people in your industry as you can – this will enable you to connect with relevant people and build a following.

4. Engage with Your Audience

You don’t want to constantly write about your business – that’s boring. Get personal and invite your followers into your life too.

You don’t want to be too personal, but try and write about different things and get your audience to pay attention to what you’re saying. You can also share other people’s tweets and comment on other conversations and threads.

Twitter is a platform that enables you to connect with your readers in a quick and easy way, and that can be hugely beneficial for boosting engagement and activity around your business.

5. Avoid Automation

Although you may want to automate tweets about your latest blog posts – which is fine – you don’t want to automate all of your tweets.

Make it a point to post content yourself at regular intervals and, as noted above, engage with your audience where possible.

You should also read what others are writing and see what tweets others are responding to – this ill help you figure out what type of content to post to boost engagement with your readers.

6. Don’t Make Your Profile Private

This may seem obvious, but it still happens often – one of the biggest mistakes a social media manager can make when using Twitter for business is making their profile private. You have to understand that, as a company, you’re posting your content or media or any other information for your clients, and if you make it private, you’re greatly limiting it is exposure.

7. Don’t Try to Sell All the Time

Another mistake many people often make via tweet is trying to sell their products and services all the time. Really, Twitter is not for selling, it’s for generating engagement with your customers and/or targeting new audiences.

With your Twitter presence, you’re looking to attract your customers rather than forcing them to buy your product, so it’s good to put more effort into providing a reason why people would want to know more, as opposed to the hard sell.

8. Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

Hashtags can be a helpful way to get your tweets in front of a more engaged audience (people discussing particular topics), but using them too much can make your tweets harder to read, which can be off-putting for your audience. Research has shown that the optimal number of hashtags is two per tweet – any more than that and engagement has been shown, in general, to decline. Research and find the most relevant tags for your business and use those in moderation.

9. Don’t Forget tо be Visual

Visuals саn attract a customer more than anything else – so don’t forget to be visual on your Twitter account. Indeed, Twitter’s own research has shown that tweets with photos can generate up to 313% more engagement. If you use rich media related to your products and images, it provides additional opportunity to boost your audience appeal and stand out in the fast-moving Twitter feed, so definitely, look to use images and visual content where you can.


Thanks to our friends for Social Media the inspirational information.


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