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Working in an office is a pain in the head. Working everyday means adding up files to your desks, documents that you cannot file easily, and having a small cubicle. These are just some examples of a regular worker who is in an office. I want to share to you this article that I just saw. New ways on organizing your office will be featured here.

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Our Features Editor, Carrie, shares her tips below for organizing a home office this summer season! For more on the decorative process behind her revamped work space, click over to Better Homes and Gardens to see how she came up with the overall design plan.

Although I think it’s safe to say that we’d all love to tackle stressful organization projects once and for all, the truth is that the journey to a well-laid-out workspace is a constantly evolving one. New priorities and tasks are pretty much daily occurrences in our lives as working adults, so our organization and filing systems have to work hard to keep up with those shifting needs.

I, for one, try to make it a point every season (yes, that’s four times every year) to rethink how my office is laid out. This summer, I took things to an entirely new level by revamping my work-from-home room from the ground up. Below, I’m taking you through my thought process and sharing tips for how you can lay out your own office along the way!

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