Our 100K Factory Revolution Review

In a nutshell, 100K Factory Revolution is  is a all-in-one tool suite that will teach you how to build a $100k/year income stream from just 4 simple websites (this is $2000 from one website/month) using Facebook advertising and Amazon. Read our 100k factory revolution review to see the beta testing results..

  • Product Name: 100k Factory Revolution100k-factory-revolution-review
  • Authors: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
  • Recommended: YES!
  • Official Website: www.100kfactory.com

100k Factory Revolution Features – What Is Inside?100k-factory-revolution-review

The basic idea behind 100k factory is to get people to the point where they can build their own 100k/year online business based on a working and tested business model. The NEW Revolution update is built around the same principles as the original version; it is FAST, SCALEABLE and PROFITABLE, but the way you will get to the end result (100k/year or $264/day after 60 days of training) is different. The new updated version is the perfect combination of both: Selling PHYSICAL products on your own eCommerce stores in a very unique and EFFECTIVE way + Generation of  HIGH TARGETED TRAFFIC with low cost ads that result in instant and exceptionally high conversions! Aidan and Steve have been able to achieve a ‘run rate’ of $616,120/year in just 26 days… and they have replicated this on over 20 different websites now, in a wide range of different niches. Since we are pretty comfortable that this system works for anyone who puts enough effort in it we are offering a 90 days “business buy – back” extension – read more about it at the bottom of the page.

What Is It All About The 100K Factory Course – Read My In depth Review and Overview

One of my first IM mentors and SEO legend – Aidan Booth is just releasing his new high value course called 100K Factory Revolution  and I am pretty excited to show you the inside facts! Aidan Booths Trinity Code was my first SEO course I bought when I started with IM and today I am owning a marketing agency with over 200k income/year!

Why 100K Factory Works?

One of the most important things about this product, and the big hook, is that their ‘100k Launchpad’ software will help you make money quickly and easily. I just realized that making money online can be that easy with the right training and tools! Beside all the needed knowledge and 24/h support you will get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the “launchpad” key tools system:


The Content Repository: A monsterous library of content that users can identify, choose, and then automatically ‘plug in’ to their websites.
The Conversion Optimization Engine:

A ‘point-and-click’ tool suite that incorporates things such as Exit Intent popups, Advanced Optin Form integration, Split Test control and MUCH more, all of which can be customized and modified with the push of a button.

The Website Factory:

An all-in-one website builder that leverages a custom-built WordPress theme and allows users to add new content with the push of a button from ONE controlling dashboard.

Once you learn how to drive large quantities of targeted traffic to this highly optimized websites your earning will be fast and absolutely inevitable!

Unlimited Viral Traffic!

The 100k Factory system builds lucrative websites that tap into highly targeted traffic from:

  • Paid Facebook ads
  • Viral sharing of content
  • Our in-house traffic generation software
  • Google and other search engines

Due to the way you will get visitors to your websites, it’s possible that you will see income literally in the space of a few hours. Furthermore, since so much of the traffic comes from viral sources, competition is completely irrelevant (in fact, big competitive niches are preferrable!).

Ways of Monetizing Your High Converting Websites

The websites build with 100k factory can be monetized in a number of ways including:100k-monetization

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Adsense
  • Selling your own products
  • Selling email leads which you generate from the traffic

Normally Aidan recommend people to start their monetization strategy using affiliate links, however as shown above, with targeted traffic the options are very broad. You will be able to achieve everything detailed above in a very short time frame due to a custom built tool suite. In addition to getting lifetime access to this tool suite, you will also be given step-by-step training by Steve and Aidan, deliver all the training  and unrestricted access to our specialized support system.

The Training Program Insights

There will be an 8 week web-class consisting of live training workshops which will walk you through every intricate detail of the process. In addition to this, there will be additional “how to” instructional videos, numerous PDF manuals, and a comprehensive business planning kit showing people how to build a $100k/year business with just FOUR websites (this is conservative, some sites can earn up to $20,000 or more PER MONTH). What I personally like the most is that the training is delivered in an “over the shoulder” way, meaning customers actually SEE exactly how to copy our method and replicate ourresults.


Credit to our friends at: http://the100kfactory.com/


Below are some excerpts from the Free Special Report that is available on our Page Here: http://crucialconstructs.com/signup Click it to get the full report.

After reading this you may also want to review our 4 training classes that are included in our bonus. This bonus is available only if you purchase through our Links. Here is the bonus: Our Bonus is Described Here. http://crucialconstructs.com/100k-factory-revolution-bonus/

We work in conjunction with The Essentials Academy to provide these bonuses.

Let’s get started by taking a look at what’s possible financially, such as simple websites with sales surges of $756,557.19 in 7 months, and how students are earning at rates of $16,733.20 per day (that’s a run-rate of $6.1 MILLION over the course of a year)…

Here’s a screenshot showing the first 7 months of a new website:

Reminder to get the full copy of the report that this is in, go here: http://crucialconstructs.com/signup

The screenshot above shows the rapid growth of a new website income over the space of 7 months. If you add up the orders column, you’ll see there are 24,787 orders between July 2016 and January 2017 and over $750,000 in sales revenue.


The screenshot above (this is a students screenshot) shows how optimized stores earn over $1 for every single visitor… 43,668 total visitors, and over $67,000 in sales (at a conversion rate of over 6%… 6 out of every 100 visitors BUY).

This Report is 55 pages long and covers the entire System in a very abbreviated manner. I am not going to repeat the entire report here.

Go get it.

Now there is a Video available also. Find it here: http://crucialconstructs.com/signup

You can download the secret transcript below. In case you have not done so already, register for one of our “one-time” LIVE training sessions on Monday 27th February where we will demo the ENTIRE 100k Factory Revolution system.
We are going to be showing you EXACTLY how both we and our students are making thousands of dollars each day with this incredible business model.
We will also be revealing our ‘secret weapon‘ that will help YOU get up and running with this system at lightning speed. We can’t dilvulge the details right now, but to give you a clue, literally all the work will be done for you.
Plus, you’ll discover how students like Niko (from Greece… English is hissecond language), took the training and went from ZERO to over a million dollars in sales in just 6 months! Check out his results below…


If you have not yet seen the video you can find it here: http://crucialconstructs.com/signup

If you have not yet seen the video you can find it here: http://crucialconstructs.com/signup

If you are reading this before The training go here to see the full webinar, but remember there will also be a replay if you missed the live version.

Here is the Training Link: http://crucialconstructs.com/signup

On or After February 28th if you are Ready to get the package.

Please Go here: http://crucialconstructs.com/signup

Please Note. If you purchase from this location, this link of ours you will ALSO Get our Full Bonus which of course is worth well over $1000 itself and Includes 4 Related Training Classes.

Our Bonus is Described Here. http://crucialconstructs.com/100k-factory-revolution-bonus/


Credit to our friends at: http://the100kfactory.com/