What is a link bait?

Link Bait is the content on your website that other sites link to because they want to, and not for the reason that you ask them to. This linkable valuable or assets comes in many forms. Below are some examples of link baits that can be very beneficial in helping your website garner more links:

Great content always serves as link bait and this is very important to put in mind that creating a blog post or revising it on top-level pages. Actually it has no formula for creating a great content that your visitors will see as linkable. One great example of it is you create an informative blog post but your competitor just posted a picture of a cute cat but can fetch 24 links in a day. Link baits should always catch attention.

The goal is to engage your audience so much so that they can’t help but tell everyone about what they’ve just seen. This might be a unique insight on a hot topic, an attractive display of useful information, or just a video of a funny cat. The key is in knowing your audience.

Breaking news is the link bait of timeliness.Writing a content/blog post that is a current event, product release, or software update, it is a good idea that you’ll link it to a relevant news articles that supports the content of your article.Social sharing plays an important role when creating timely content to gain links. It’s rare for a popular event or topic to stay relevant, so getting your link bait in front of your audience while they still care is vital.

Timeless content is lasting link bait. Timeless content, or evergreen content, has lasting value. Whether it’s a piece that’s timeless in nature like an eBook on the fundamentals of Regular Expressions, or something that’s frequently updated like Moz’s search algorithm update history, always-relevant content is always link-worthy.

During the brainstorming phase of the creation of evergreen content, there are many qualifiers to consider before selecting an idea to pursue. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do a lot of people who will be searching for this?(Google AdWords Keyword Planner)
  • Is this headline/topic will be growing in popularity?(Google Trends)
  • How likely is it that this content will be obsolete in a year?
  • If this idea has already been materialized on the web, can I do it better?

Below is are example of 3 word phrases that is used as link baits:

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These are the usual phrases that can catch people’s attention it may be shocking, fun, a sad event or etc. surely this will get their full attention.

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