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Learn how to make six figures a year by selling with Amazon FBA. This is a great work-at-home job or a money-making side hustle. It's also great for work-at-home moms! Read now. WAHM, SAHM, money, income, passive income

I’ve been selling on Amazon since about 2008 and it’s been a great side-hustle. About a year ago I took the plunge and started selling with Amazon FBA.

What made me finally start selling Amazon FBA was reading about Jessica Lawrrew and how she made a 6 figure profit in her first year of selling on Amazon FBA!  Her story really blew me away and showed me how much money I was missing out on!

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfilled By Amazon. That means that Amazon takes care of all the customer service, storage, processing, shipping, and returns. Essentially, I have an online store that is run by Amazon. I just ship the products to Amazon and they handle the rest. I am able to control my prices but Amazon takes care of everything else. The biggest bonus is that all my products are available for Amazon Prime by being a FBA seller.

The benefits of selling Amazon FBA as opposed to shipping my own products:

  • My products are eligible for Amazon prime. Prime members receive free two-day shipping.
  • Amazon is HUGE and they spend a TON of money getting people to their site = more sales for me.
  • Amazon stores all of my products for me at their warehouse.
  • I save a TON of time on shipping and handling.
  • I don’t have to deal with customers. Amazon takes care of that for me.
  • My sales are waaaay higher with FBA. Prime members ALWAYS choose a FBA seller over a private seller.

When I decided to start selling FBA I winged it. I read as much free info as I could and figured I would be fine. WRONG! I made some rookie mistakes, (ask me why I have 40 bags of dog biscuits in my pantry and one teeny tiny dog, LOL.)

I just figured, hey, I’ve sold on Amazon-I know what I’m doing.


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