Micca sent me a bunch of stuff to check out. They have always been consistent and I’ve purchased a bunch of their stuff starting with the MB42X’s, Covo-S’, and discontinued Club 3’s. They really cater to the budget audiophile and those who are new to audio. I appreciate that.

Buy the products on Amazon:
▶ Micca MB42X (Passive Speakers): http://bit.ly/MB42X
▶ Micca PB42X (Powered Speakers): http://bit.ly/MiccaPB42X
▶ Micca ON3 (Small Powered Speakers with Remote): http://bit.ly/MiccaON3
▶ Micca A250 (Amplifier): http://bit.ly/MiccaA250
▶ Micca AD250 (Amplifier and DAC): http://bit.ly/MiccaAD250
▶ Micca MS10 Sub: http://bit.ly/MiccaMS10
▶ Micca MS12 Sub: http://bit.ly/MiccaMS12

Optical to RCA Converter with Remote: http://bit.ly/OpticaltoRCA
RCA Splitters: http://bit.ly/RCASplitters

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