Operation Physical Products Review


Operation Physical Products is created by e-commerce experts Jason Fladlien and Wil Mattos has 12 module video series presented by Ezra Firestone. Created by e-commerce experts Jason Fladlien and Wil Mattos, this 12 module video series presented by none other than Ezra Firestone will take the user through all the necessary steps to start an run a successful Amazon FBA business.

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Jason and Wil at Rapid Crush Inc. created the very successful ASM Masters course that was a turbo-charged add-on to the original Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) courses.

Fladlien and Mattos commented, “OPP is truly unique in the market – it’s not a static approach at all. We bring dedicated and ongoing support to drive our customers’ success.” That world-class service and support includes:

Cutting edge marketing expertise with Smart Marketer
Group coaching with Ben Cummings
A cutting edge suite of optimization software
Lifetime access to hundreds of videos, PDFs, and standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Since there are no current plans to launch a new version of ASM, Rapid Crush developed this new course on private label selling on Amazon. When released it will be the go-to course for anyone serious about starting a lucrative Amazon business.


Rapid Crush have held several live events over the last year during which many fantastic and profitable tips were released to the audience. Speakers at the last event included Ben Cummings, a very successful Amazon seller and coach to many top earners.



Below is an image of Rapid Crush live event is a must for serious Amazon FBA sellers. The last event in Las Vegas in February was a great chance to hear from many successful speakers and to rub shoulders with some of the top sellers on Amazon.


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Our Bonus is Described Here: http://crucialconstructs.com/operation-physical-products-bonus/

Look and Feel of the Members Area (screenshot)


The members area is designed for easy navigation and is especially nice for going back to learn more on a singular subject.   Much nicer over time than long long webinar format style training.


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Module Layout Example (screenshot)


Each Video includes a slideset and other supporting download documentation.

Videos are in short bite-sized components for easy reference as you implement each item.

The Ten Modules Covered in the Primary Core Course are systematically arranged to cover each aspect of the Amazon and FBA business although they do cover areas such as also using your own storefront as an alternative channel, outsources, and scaling.

More Members Area Module Content Examples



Massive Bonus Section Included

This bonus section more than doubles the course size and is filled with strategic selling tips and Expert Interviews and Secrets.  And some amazing tools.

More on the Bonus Section of OPP here:   http://nanacast.com/vp/10002945/715595/



Details Here:   http://nanacast.com/vp/10002945/715595/

This Product is Not Cheap but you get the most thorough and Advanced Course on the Market Today and you also get to be taught by the very best in the business.


Whats New (screenshot – Example)


They are continuously updating.



Above is a shot of their What’s new area.  Its is just always being updated and enhanced.

A more thorough understanding of the product can be found here:   Details Here:   http://nanacast.com/vp/10002945/715595/