Tee Inspector – Searching t-shirts that is selling in Facebook. It shows the status, likes and the sales.  


AmaSuite – Uncovers the products & keywords that will make you money on Amazon.



KD Suite – Premium Kindle marketing Software.



Linklicious – Linklicious getting crawls on all your links is a really simple concept that many SEOs don’t fully understand. Let’s walk through an example so it becomes clear.



Noble Samurai – Noble Samurai is an organization dedicated to developing and improving all elements of the market research process.




Facebook Page Inviter – Facebook Page Inviter will try to invite a set of likers. You can enter as many Facebook accounts and targets as possible. But it has a limit of 50 invites per page per day.


One Code – A unique application that allows you to distribute single-use coupon codes during product launches and promotions.


WordSwag –  is a smartphone application that allows you to create amazing images and graphics for social media.




KDRoi – Software Application that Submits Your Book Promotion To Over 32 Sites In 15 Seconds – WITHOUT Filling In Mindless Forms.



Interest Architect – Facebook Interests Tool. Wikipedia Tool. Movies Tool. Books Tool. Sites Tool. Brands Tool. Search Engine Tool. Targets Manager Tool