Without a job today we’re gonna take a trip back in time our last year we’re going to talk about physical products and it was just saying that was given years or years ago you make your money.
when you buy and it’s really true and this is something that really trips up a  lot of people who are selling physical products they will go ahead and get caught up in tactics they’ll get caught up in trends but when you spend money on the physical product

That money is a sunk cost that just does not disappear now for those who are coming in everyone that buys never broke Action Pack will get not one hundred and fifty dollars which is the cost of the never broke action pack. Not even three hundred dollars but four hundred and fifty dollars off of the coming eCommerce the course which is dropping very soon in 2017 which is really not that far away so let’s get into these things of money physical products selling online this is one of the reasons that drop shipping is so attractive to so many people.


Physical Products


You get to sell products and I’m gonna you know actually, I have a video on how I did some dropshipping it wasn’t the drop shipping that many people talk about online which is they say that I sell millions of dollars of products it’s a hundred percent automated I don’t touch anything. I don’t have any employees, I don’t do anything now. I would say there are some people who are pulling that off. I would say most of the people who say they’re doing it is 100 percent know how many names.

I don’t have any dossiers but typically. I’m gonna explain to you why I believe that 100% all customers are not alike so for you to have a system that’s a hundred percent automated means that everyone must go through this funnel the same way you will have people who will have questions who will get very cranky if they have questions and if someone doesn’t ask them and all they may it responds it is not gonna cut it when someone’s spending two three four five six seven eight hundred thousand dollars on the product so don’t know about that number two shipping.

Everyone doesn’t live in the same jelling there are some people who live in gated communities. I live in the gated community and some carriers have a problem like you know we won’t get stuff if someone doesn’t answer the call lemon gate only UPS and FedEx have the gate code so you’ve got certain issues like that these aren’t huge insurmountable issues but when you start talking about
scale and you’re talking about all this is automated and there’s nobody talking anybody and it’s just collected money.

It doesn’t make sense it just doesn’t there’s a lot of stuff that’s going on Apple which is a very smart company isn’t 100 percent automated Walmart isn’t a hundred percent you know the companies. Who are literally making trillions and trillions of dollars in the economy they’re not automated so here you are working at home you have this 100% automated system with this product and I’m going to say it’s another reason why I think it’s well in a company create some products and they sell it there are certain financial metrics that they must abide.


“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology” – Brian Solis.
“Sell-sell-sell sales methods simply do not work on social media.” – Kim Garst.
“Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth.” – Tom Cates.


Physical Products

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