Product Review: 100k Factory Revolution

Creators: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Recommended: Definitely A Yes

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I am well assured that this product will get off your butt for 4 hours per week and just do the necessary work. For 60 days or less 100K Factory can make it happen.

Is Ecom with 100K Factory Revolution works well together?

I think this system or this new online opportunity gets me excited because this will tell how many affiliate or email marketing courses do you really need?

Ecommerce on the other hand is still somehow uncharted territory, though this is much older than affiliate, email or even internet marketing. The Earliest ecom happened in 1971-1972 and was used as a tool in selling weed or cannabis of you prefer.


100k factory


But this early eCommerce was facing a two critical problems and it was too technical and expensive for most of the people. It is not easy to just put up a business one day even with previous experience, skills, knowledge and most of all just having a big bank account. Even established stores had troubles with their websites and even payment processings and orders.

Even in the early 2000s this still was a big issue, as my friend and I found out when trying to set up an online store for his uncle’s shop. Something that literately takes less than an hour today took 2 weeks for us to get nowhere.


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Luckily that is no longer the case, and with today’s tools anyone can set up an online store quickly and painlessly. However, how about the second problem. Is it expensive?

This really depends what route you take. The traditional way of leasing a storage, buying in bulk and selling/shipping it all yourself will cost. For example my friend that did that was bankrupt within a year.

However, the creators of 100K factory, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, have worked out a more newbie friendly approach to selling physical products online.  a one that requires almost no upfront  Cash for any of the items you will sell.



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Let’s get started by taking a look at what’s possible financially, such as simple websites with sales surges of $756,557.19 in 7 months, and how students are earning at rates of $16,733.20 per day (that’s a run-rate of $6.1 MILLION over the course of a year)…

Here’s a screenshot showing the first 7 months of a new website:

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The screenshot above shows the rapid growth of a new website income over the space of 7 months. If you add up the orders column, you’ll see there are 24,787 orders between July 2016 and January 2017 and over $750,000 in sales revenue.


The screenshot above (this is a students screenshot) shows how optimized stores earn over $1 for every single visitor… 43,668 total visitors, and over $67,000 in sales (at a conversion rate of over 6%… 6 out of every 100 visitors BUY).

This Report is 55 pages long and covers the entire System in a very abbreviated manner. I am not going to repeat the entire report here.

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