The 50 Marketing Habits that Every Business Should Have


The Official Guide to Daily Habits That Help Your Business Grow Online. Have a look of this 50 marketing habits.

  1. Start fresh Every Day
  2. Get and use business card
  3. Write a blog and share helpful info weekly.
  4. Listen to your costumers.
  5. Keep an ongoing list of creative ideas.
  6. Read a popular business book for inspiration.
  7. Create a facebook business page.
  8. Create a twitter profile.
  9. Create Pinterest profile.
  10. Create an Instagram profile.
  11. Create a google+ page
  12. Join Google+ Communities to Network
  13. Use your social media to engage fans
  14. Send an E-mail newsletter
  15. Use your social media to provide Costumer services
  16. Collect E-mail Addresses
  17. Offer a discount or Special offer
  18. Host a giveaway
  19. Ask Costumers for referrals
  20. Ask Friends and Family for referrals
  21. Create a referral network with other professionals
  22. Ask Costumers for testimonial
  23. Sponsor a cause or local event
  24. Get interviewed on a blog, magazine or podcast
  25. Use SEO to drive traffic
  26. Network with other business owners
  27. Use google Adwords
  28. Advertise on facebook
  29. Advertise on Linked in
  30. Advertise on Twitter
  31. Network in Linkedin Groups
  32. Advertise on Pinterest
  33. Segment your advertising: New & Existing Costumers + your E-mail list
  34. Add a retargeting Pixel to  your website to advertise to website visitors
  35. Attend a network Event
  36. Offer a freebie to fans
  37. Thank your Costumers
  38. Review competitors, see what is working and what is not
  39. Host an online workshop, webinar or training
  40. Write a guest blog
  41. Submit articles to large websites like Huffington post
  42. Write a press release
  43. Ask Costumers for feedback
  44. Use videos to market your business
  45. Network in facebook groups
  46. Create your own facebook group
  47. Offer an affiliate program
  48. Ask another business to promote your business
  49. Send personal cards to Costumers
  50. Most importantly, Every day: Provide value



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