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In this Shopify tutorial I will explain as to why 95% of eCommerce dropshippers fail with Shopify.

The truth is that there is 4 super important steps in building your Shopify business:

1) Ad Creation

You need to use high-converting ads for your Shopify store and make sure that you use high quality images and videos.

The best tool I have found to do this is Canva.

2) You need to sell great products.

The products that you are selling is the number one factor whether or not you will be successful with drop shipping on Shopify.

3) You need a great Shopify store theme.

The best Shopify store themes that I have found is Brooklyn and Boundless.

4) You need great targeting.

You must know you ideal customer avatar. You can use Instagram pages and Facebook audience insights to find your perfect customer avatar.

When you combine all four of the strategies in this viedo you will greatly increase your chances of success with eCommerce dropshipping on Shopify.