How To Solve Your Financial Woes While Working From Your Home


Ashley Wells
Ashley worked in content marketing and business opportunities- internet marketing.
Ashley Wells
Ashley Wells
Ashley worked in content marketing and business opportunities- internet marketing.

I probably would have laughed or cried if someone had told me I would be making six figures after my retirement.

Me? An elderly man who barely had any savings in his account; yet so close to the end of his career? A man filled with so much apprehension?

Old male employee and too much work in the office

How I made it is what I will share.

My story is one I know so many people can relate to.

I am Gerald, a man in his early 60s. I never considered myself a very lucky person. Of course, good things have happened to me that I am grateful for (I am married with two grown-up kids in their early 20s).  But then, I have never really been that person who gets lucky breaks. In fact, I have had myself plunged into terrible situations I never thought I could get out of. I won’t bore you with that, but rather tell you of the situation changer that made my life better forever.

I was never rich. I was not born into wealth. I am the only son of a mechanic who aged, now currently depends on me. My dear wife worked as a church secretary, and this fetched only a meager sum to support our family. I worked as a journalist in a local newspaper, and my family was mostly dependent on me for upkeep. My two kids were still in college.

So yeah, I have always been hard up for cash. Despite my meager earnings, I still had to steadily save for retirement. I was never a spendthrift. I always thought I would have time, and maybe get some lucky breaks to create wealth. Unfortunately, my job never paid well enough.

Mature smiling couple sitting and managing expenses

My story took a nosedive when my old man started having health challenges. I remember that fateful morning when I got a call from a doctor who alerted me that my father was at the hospital emergency room in need of critical care. I drove there, where I was told he had cancer. My father was not covered by any health insurance, so I had to pay for the chemotherapy.

This drained me of virtually all my savings, and it took a toll on my family financially and emotionally.

Personally, I was thrown into a state of panic. The writings on the wall were clear to me:

I was not going to be able to save enough time to retire comfortably. It was a little bother before, but this financial setback had made it a given.

As a journalist who had worked for so many news outlets, I had not stayed long enough in any to believe I would get a pension. This was not in doubt going by the example of a former colleague of mine, Bill who got laid off work. He was given no pension due to the length of employment not being up to 10 years. Being an immigrant who had not spent long in the U.S, he had no social security. Last that we heard of him, he was living from hand to mouth. He had to cut out on so many things, sell his car, and move to a cheaper state.

It seemed to me that my fate won’t be all too different from Bill’s. Without personal savings and pension, I would be left with social security. Even this wouldn’t be adequate for me and my family. I would have to relocate my family for that to work; sell off my family home and relocate to the suburbs. With the rapid increase in the number of beneficiaries, who even knows the future of social security?

Office worker lost his job and open a wallet without money

I projected that without a good retirement budget, I likely wouldn’t have the means to take care of my aged father who would likely need another chemotherapy down the road. While my dad may not have bestowed wealth on me, he supported my education to the best of his ability. He was my sole provider growing up since my mum passed away in my early teens. So I just couldn’t abandon him.

Nevertheless, I needed to find a new source of income.

It would be difficult for me to get another traditional job in the city, owing to my age. (The young ones are even finding it difficult securing spaces, much less an elderly man as I am.)

I knew I couldn’t keep working a traditional 9 to 5 job for long. My body was not what it used to be. I also knew I was not that sharp at learning new skills due to my age.

I was faced with the reality of retiring in extreme poverty.

There was a time I dreamed of a retirement where I could travel wherever I wanted; buy the things I needed to live comfortably with my family; attend social functions; visit family and friends I hadn’t seen in years.

Alas, from the look of things, I felt nothing was going to change. Nothing was going to get better.

So I set out looking for a solution to my financial woes. I needed to find a business that would fetch me more money, and put my worries to rest. Gosh! When was the last time I rested?

I was advised by many people to look for a job online. I was hesitant at first. (I wasn’t much of a computer person.) I felt it was something for the young ones. I felt I was too old to learn. However, I finally obliged.

Personal income tax return form under US law placed on desk

I was introduced by a friend of mine, Phil, to FOREX trading. This is a legit business, but the risks scared me. I could not fathom losing more money than I could part with. I was introduced to cryptocurrency investment, but I didn’t feel it guaranteed me the financial security I wanted either.

What happened next was me navigating through myriads of online businesses that made a lot of promises. I met a lot of “gurus” who promised to make me extremely rich in a matter of days. Most of them were scams. I wasted time and money in this limbo until I started to despair once more.

Time was running out. My retirement was staring me in the face. I became depressed, which affected my work. I even got a query. I truly felt I may soon get a sack.

During this period, I met Fred at church. He was new and seemed like a well-off guy. I was delegated to show Fred around. As we talked, we realized we had a lot in common. He got to learn about my retirement anxiety.

Then he introduced me to the key that changed my life forever. He asked me if I had heard of the Six Figure Success Academy. I hadn’t. He told me that the creators teach how to make passive income following a unique process they teach. He told me about how he consistently made money (much more money) after retirement, following the processes aligned by the program. My interest surely was piqued.

When he told me it was an online business, I had some reservations based on my past experiences. He convinced me that it was not one of those get-rich-quick scams that litter the internet. With this method, you still have to put in some effort. He explained that it teaches a unique form of digital marketing that is actually the first of its kind. Unlike those “gurus” of undetermined qualification I met online, I discovered that the founders of Six Figure Success Academy: Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda are respected and accomplished figures in the online marketing circles. Surely, they were not scammers!! What more? They have been training people for years, and prioritize the making of profit as key.

Mike and Ty Cohen

I even read testimonials online with Fred which had me sold. I realized that some other marketing gurus who reviewed the Six Figure Success Academy all claim it was absolutely genuine, and the teachings actually work. They also acknowledged the genius of its founders. Of course, there were those who despite the praises, criticized it. But when I saw they put a link to theirs as a superior method, I saw through their ploy.

When I got home, in excitement, I shared the news. I went online to learn more about it.

The Six Figure Success Academy is a comprehensive step-by-step online video course that teaches how anyone can start making $250 – $500 multiple times per day.

The “students”  learn in a 6-week training program how to partner up with online course creators, and sell their products to people.

What is wonderful is the ease needed to learn it, which is great for newbies at online marketing like me.  No extra skills are even required for its users to succeed.

Any age can learn it. It can be learned from anywhere in the world, and it can be completely automated. The creators provide every template, script, and piece so that the students can succeed with this model immediately.

I became hesitant when I saw the payment was $997 for one time or split in two installments of $547 each. I felt this was too expensive. This made me read some of the testimonials HERE,

Testimony of Six Figure Success Academy

and I saw that it also made many users feel the same at first; but now, they sometimes make more than that initial investment in a day, in the comfort of their homes. This blew my mind. Also, what guarantee was better than Ty and Mike’s promise to refund your payment doubly, if having implemented all the processes, you don’t make the profits promised?

So I registered for the program.

And that, friends, was the best decision I made in my life.

They specifically teach with this course, how to promote other people’s products via video marketing, whilst getting your own commission.

How Exactly Does It Work

In the Six Figure Success Academy, Ty & Mike teach how to make a profit by creating video webinars.

Basic steps will be followed:

  • You will have to find someone who has an online course (we call them ‘Bob’), reach out to them, and offer your video service to promote his course. (Udemy is a good source for these online course creators). See? You don’t have to create anything!!! You are just asking them to partner with you.
  • Then you’ll help them sell more, using the Six Figure Success Academy techniques.
  • Attract more attention to your offer by reaching out to Influencers.
  • Earn commissions/rewards from the sales.
  • Repeat.

Somehow, you may call this Affiliate Marketing; but this differs from it in many aspects. For one, you don’t even need a website!!


After signing up,

I was shown six simple steps to master the program. It takes about six weeks to complete the course.

There are about 50 videos, but their running time is very short. Most of the videos are not even more than 10 minutes. And the best part is that you can access these videos anytime convenient to you.

Weeks 1 to 6 of the program includes a crash webinar course to teach you all about video marketing, creating your avatar/partnership to Optimizing, and Scaling.

There are even Bonus Packages.

This system has everything prepared for you to get started, and start earning fast:

It is the perfect business model for me:

There is no need for

  • Tech skills
  • Prior marketing experience
  • Social media following
  • Prior e-commerce knowledge
  • Prior knowledge of webinars
  • Creative writing skills


It does not depend  on organic traffic from Google

Doesn’t rely on paid or organic traffic from Facebook

Not dependent on doing any advertising online or offline

Doesn’t involve selling any product (physical or digital), service, or any sales at all (perfect for those that don’t like selling and are more introverted like me).

I remember my joy at getting my first commission. I felt like a guy who just won the lottery. I had to call Fred to thank him for everything. Soon, I started earning a lot from the comfort of my home. I began earning $$$ I never touched in all my life. I had to quit my job, retiring now on my own terms.

Now, I can take care of my dad’s medical bills. I bought nice things for my darling wife and children. I bought a new car, and soon, we will move to a better apartment.

Rich bank worker investment in yourself

I set my own schedule now. I can now work while traveling, vacationing, or visiting friends and relatives. I have more in savings now than I ever had. These days I spend my time doing the things I am passionate about and spending time with people I care about. What an amazing retirement!! For the testimonials of other beneficiaries:

NB: I spread the news of the Six Figure Success Academy to other people I knew when I started. Sadly, many did not believe in the program, but now seeing my success, they are rushing in. Should this be you? Why not grab this opportunity and change your financial story, so as to live the kind of life you always wanted?

I want you to benefit from this program that has changed my life for the better. So: SIGN UP TODAY!!

Click the link below in order to find out more about how you can start this journey to
self-employment in the digital era!

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