7 Figure Cycle About the Author

Who is Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth has more than 10-years of experience in internet marketing and has created some 1,500 sites in that time. Aidan first found success in affiliate marketing, He then continued developing eCommerce sites which were also highly successful. Not all of his 1,500 websites generated income, but those that did were doing it at an impressive clip.

Who is Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton has internet marketing experience as well and was the Vice President of a Fortune 500 business. When Steve first started out in web marketing he garnered the nickname the King of Click bank. He sold many digital products most notably the Commission Blueprint series. This series focused on educating users on Pay-to-Click ventures. The pair developed the 100K Factory model to share their vast experience and knowledge with the world.

Who is Chris Keef

Chris Keef is known throughout the industry as truly one of the good guys, Chris constantly over-delivers and shows his students how to not only achieve financial freedom but actual personal success. Known as one of the hardest working mentors in Ecommerce, Chris always stands ready to go above and beyond to help anyone. Joining forces with Todd Snively to form Ecomm Elite in 2015, they’ve both been quickly known to provide not only spot-on advice and training but results for their trainees that’s nothing short of amazing.

Who is Todd Snively

Todd Snively

Todd Snively is the bad boy of Ecommerce. Generating over seven figures in sales annually since 2002. He started on eBay and added Amazon to his arsenal in 2009. Best known for his work with Chris Keef in Ecomm Elite, together they have earned the reputation as the guys that have helped their students generate true success better than any other eCommerce program out there.

Aidan Booth Chris Keef

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