How to be a Digital Nomad in Bangkok, Thailand

How to be a Digital Nomad in Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok THAILAND - July 11 2020 : View landscape of Bangkok tower with river in the evening, downtown and cityscape in twilight at Thailand, skyscraper and condominium.

A Digital Nomad Guide to Bangkok

Thailand is a nation in Southeast Asia and is understood to be the Land of Smiles; similar to the name, Thais typically get along and understand their warm hospitality. The nation’s capital city, Metropolis Bangkok, is among the most checked-out cities worldwide and a preferred travel transit for backpacking in Southeast Asia.

When numerous visitors consider the city, street food initially tends to cross their minds because Thai food is discovered in many cities worldwide, from Los Angeles to Georgia (nation). But, aside from that, Bangkok’s lively and varied culture includes a substantial aspect of the city, and similar to other huge cities on the planet, you’ll fulfill lots of intriguing characters.

Kissing in public is frowned upon due to Asian cultural worths; nevertheless, holding hands in public is typical.

Therefore, numerous nomads have chosen to call Thailand their brand-new house briefly and completely. Furthermore, the nation has an excellent balance between warm weather conditions, beaches, cold weather conditions listed below 0 degrees Celsius, jungles, hills, and city culture; these factors are huge contributing elements for nomads to transfer to this specific nation.

Bangkok Visa

However, there are visa choices; not all guidelines apply to all nationals due to Thailand’s relationship with your nation. Therefore, it’s extremely crucial to double-check with the Thai Embassy what visa alternatives they might supply you in your nation.

A few of my friends are independent scuba dive trainers and handle to reside in Thailand throughout the entire year without needing to depend on a business providing them work authorization and a visa. There are numerous covert guidelines about how visas work worldwide; I’m sure if you have the appropriate abilities and wits to wish to remain in Bangkok enough, you’ll discover a method.

Since journeys have become much harder in 2020, Thailand recently began a Special Tourist Visa program for those who can take a trip amid the pandemic. But, of course, you’ve got to be truly packed with cash.

The cost of living in Bangkok

Think it or not, the expense of living for the entire month in Thailand will most likely be less than your lease at a house. Like anywhere else, larger cities are more costly to live in than the surrounding borders and islands.

Bangkok,Thailand - Oct 30,2019 : Many tourists sightseeing inside Grand Palace of Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand on Oct 30,2019.

Finest Time to Visit Bangkok

Thailand has three seasons; however, the temperature level depends upon which area in the nation you’re in. Also, do not forget that the nation is near the equator, so the further south you go, the hotter it gets.

Winter season

Bangkok is in the center; however, it’s still normally truly warm and damp, other than in December when the city drops to 18 degrees Celsius at night. If you have not seen snow for a year, the weather condition can be cold for you here, as according to others who have not gone through the winter season for rather some time.

Suppose you believe Bangkok’s winter isn’t cold enough for you, or it still advises you of summertime in Europe. In that case, you can attempt outdoor camping out in the national forests around Northern Thailand or Northern, eastern Thailand– Chiang Mai, Pai, and Nan are well-recognized provinces in Northern Thailand that can drop to 0 degrees Celsius, they might get truly cold up until you can see your breath vaporizing into the air.


The summertime in Thailand begins in March, and April is the month of Thai New Year. Consequently, the nation’s preferred water wars are the most joyful occasions occurring around the nation– dates for this enjoyable occasion are 13th April to 15th April every year.

Bangkok constantly closes off Silom and Khao Sarn Rd for the insane water fest of Songkran. If you want to take pleasure in Songkran elsewhere, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket established foam celebrations with DJs showing the turntables.

On the other hand, this specific season in Bangkok is not quiet, and it gets extremely hot, particularly the reality that it’s not an actual green city and it’s complete of concrete. So when you stroll in shopping malls around the city, you might be stunned how much they blast the air conditioning.

Weather conditions in Bangkok

General Weather Condition in Bangkok

In Bangkok, the damp season is overbearing and overcast, the dry season is clammy and partially cloudy, and it is hot all year. Throughout the year, the temperature level usually differs from 71 ° F to 95 ° F and is hardly ever listed below 65 ° F or above 99 ° F. 

Best Time to go to Bangkok

The best time to check out Bangkok is from November to March when the heat and humidity are at their least expensive. Still, Thailand’s tropical environment might quickly bring temperature levels approximately 90 degrees on any provided day, despite the Time of year.

Metropolitan Bangkok City downtown cityscape urban skyline  Thailand - Cityscape Bangkok city Thailand

The Best Places to Live in Bangkok

A few of the best methods are to browse Facebook groups for ex-pats and residents who speak English. That’s where you might do some networking and collect some insights, so you’ll better understand how things work around here.

Some houses cost method more affordable than hostels; nevertheless, please remember that many houses and low-cost condos are trying to find occupants who want to devote themselves to a 6-month lease. Therefore, most of them have stringent guidelines that should be followed appropriately.

In this area, lists of locations and lodgings have currently been noted to your benefit.

1. Ekkamai

With its hipster ambiance and a myriad of dining and leisure alternatives, there’s so much to see, do, and indulge in here. The distinct mix of fashionable and conventional not just makes the location intriguing to live in but offers you plenty of real estate choices.

2. Thong Lo

Thong Lo is quickly one of the city’s trendiest areas as a stomping ground for the “hi-so” crowd (Thai high society) and upscale tourists and ex-pats. However, Thong Lo might be your preferred location if you have costly taste and a modern-day outlook.

3. Phrom Phong

In addition, it’s got a park, coffee stores, art galleries, and grocers that offer imported Asian food products. Phrom Phong is perfect for those who desire a taste of Japan while living in Bangkok with lots of Japanese dining establishments, shops, and citizens.

4. Sathorn

If you do not mind somewhat greater rental expenses and delight in being centrally situated, then Sathorn may be your location. Sathorn has plenty of high-end living choices, consisting of condos and homes with modern-day facilities.

5. Lat Phrao

Organization and leisure satisfy this part of Bangkok, which is like a focused, liveable variation of the city. Quickly available using BTS and MRT, Lat Phrao is near the Northern Bus Terminal, providing plenty of transport choices in and away from the city.

Bangkok/Thailand - 18 June 2020 : Unacquainted Thai People or Tourist in Bangkok China Town Thailand,China Town bangkok The famous Street Food in thailand

Coworking and Coliving areas in Bangkok

1. WOLF Co-Working Space

Place: 32, 6 Soi Surasak, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

WOLF Co-Working Space is a contemporary, intense, and extremely created coworking area situated in the Soi Surasak Road in Bangkok. It lies on five floorings of an imposing downtown structure, neglecting the city through its numerous glass walls. The very first flooring is a relaxation station providing a kitchen filled with many delicious treats and yummy coffee, a bathroom for when you require to refurbish, and an open deck for taking in some fresh air.

The 2nd flooring has a comfortable, roomy long-table working area that permits you to link and exchange concepts and motivation with other colleagues. The 3rd flooring showcases another long table ignoring the swimming pool, another Life Space for 15– 20 individuals, and a Camp Room for approximately six colleagues, with web television and a three-meter longboard perfect for conceptualizing.

The 4th flooring includes a coworking workstation with ergonomic chairs and Y-shaped tables with removable partitions. The 5th flooring includes a loft coworking area and a four-person personal workplace.

2. The Hive Prakanong

Place: 5th Floor, Chavanich Building, No 38 Soi Sukhumvit 69, Sukhumvit Road, Prakanong Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

It is certainly one of the very first locations a digital nomad would look for when checking out a brand-new city, and for a great factor. Another benefit is that when you sign up as a member, you are welcome to pop in any The Hive area in any nation you discover yourself!

The Hive is geared up with advanced innovation, steady Wi-Fi, and a range of conference rooms that can fit anywhere from 5 to 50 individuals. It is likewise well-known for hosting routine occasions for promoting network-building amongst its members. A few of the most frequented ones enjoy Hour, Member’s Lunch, and Try Out Mondays when you can go to the location and delight in complimentary coffee and tea, web, and hot desk, no strings connected!

Traveling in Bangkok

1. Strolling or Cycling

Navigating Bangkok on foot is possible, specifically if you’re remaining near Siam or Chit Lom, where raised skywalks make it simple to prevent the traffic. Unfortunately, the city’s pathways are not the friendliest, and you’ll require to view out for barriers.

Skywalks link the significant shopping center in Ratchaprasong, making it simple to receive from Siam to Chit Lom on foot. Likewise, there are raised sidewalks near Asoke station, linking the BTS to neighboring shopping centers and structures.

Navigating Bangkok on foot is an enjoyable method to experience the city; however, it’s not the simplest method to receive from one indicate another. Adhere to a taxi cab or the BTS and MRT for faraway travel and walk in your area.

Bangkok isn’t the world’s most bicycle-friendly city; however, it’s improving with Time as bikes become a more typical sight on the streets. If you’re brand-new to Bangkok, a bike trip is an excellent method to see the sights and discover the city’s design.

2. BTS Skytrain

The BTS Skytrain is the quickest and simplest method to navigate main Bangkok. It works on two lines– the Sukhumvit Line and Silom Line– connecting Bangkok’s main enterprise zone and covering almost all of the central city.

If you’re remaining in Sukhumvit or Silom, the BTS will assist you to prevent the city’s traffic congestion and receive from one indicate another rapidly at a low cost. Tickets begin with 15 baht a journey– inspect the BTS cost table to learn more.

It’s essential to remember that the BTS does not cover the Rattanakosin location. So if you’re remaining around Khao San Road, you’ll require to take a taxi or boat to Saphan Taksin Station, where you can link to the BTS Silom Line and navigate the city.

Bangkok, Thailand - 30 Jul 2020, The Bangkok (Mass) Transit System train drives on the rail at the platform in midday, Bangkok, Thailand.

3. Bangkok MRT

Finished in 2004, the MRT is Bangkok’s 2nd public transportation system. It covers the northern area of Bangkok and gets in touch with the BTS at Asok (MRT: Sukhumvit), Sala Daeng (MRT: Si Lom), and Mo Chit (MRT: Chatuchak Park) stations.

The MRT is the most hassle-free transportation alternative if you’re remaining in the city’s northern area. It has a station inside Chatuchak Market (Kamphaeng Phet) and links to Bangkok’s main train station at Hua Lamphong.

Like the BTS, the MRT does not cover the Rattanakosin location. In addition, tickets for the MRT are offered individually from the BTS, so if you’re taking a trip utilizing a Rabbit Card, you’ll require to buy a different ticket from the MRT station.

4. Bike Taxis

Bike taxis are a fast and hassle-free choice for taking brief trip ranges in Bangkok. They’re generally found near BTS and MRT stations and outdoors shopping centers and tourist attractions– try to find individuals using orange, purple or green vests.

Bangkok’s bike taxis aren’t metered, so you’ll need to settle on a fare before leaving. Some motorbike taxi stations will have a fare board with locations and costs, although the majority will note locations in Thai.

If you require taking a trip more than one kilometer, a taxi will usually be more secure and cost-effective than a bike taxi. However, for brief ranges, bike taxis are quick, albeit possibly dangerous, a method to navigate the city.

5. Tuk Tuks

Bangkok’s tuk-tuks might be renowned; however, they’re typically best prevented unless you have no other alternatives. Loud, uneasy, and notorious for aggressive prices, they’re an enjoyable experience one or two times, however not a trustworthy transport alternative.

Tuk-tuks are notorious for pricing estimate enormously inflated costs, so ensure you’re conscious of how far you’re taking a trip and the comparable rate for a meter taxi if you select to take a tuk-tuk. Constantly work out the fare before you get in the tuk-tuk.

While riding in a tuk can be an enjoyable experience, they’re not considered Bangkok’s most dependable transportation alternative. Unless you have no other alternatives, it’s often more secure, affordable, and simpler to take a metered taxi.

6. Taxi cabs

Bangkok might be notorious for its traffic congestion; however, navigating by taxi can be a remarkably quick and inexpensive method to take a trip through the city, offering you select the correct time to take a trip.

Many cab drivers in Bangkok will not speak English, so ensure you jot down the name of your location (your hotel’s personnel can aid with this) before you go. Also, prevent taking the taxi throughout the early morning and night if you’re situated near the BTS.

Make certain your cabby accepts utilizing the meter– if he does not, it’s worth waiting on another taxi. Also, prevent utilizing taxis parked hotels and traveler destinations outdoors as they’ll frequently decline to switch on their meters and rather quote pumped up fares.

Bangkok taxis cabs start from 35 baht and are simple to discover throughout the city. If you’re situated in the central city, you can utilize GrabTaxi to call a public taxi or Uber to circumnavigate Bangkok in a personal vehicle.

7. River and Canal Boats

Bangkok has a comprehensive canal network that is among the quickest methods to navigate the city, although far from tidy. Boats run along the city’s significant canals and the Chao Phraya River, making it simple to prevent the city’s notorious traffic congestion.

If you’re checking out Wat Pho, the Grand Palace, or other riverside tourist attractions, action aboard the Chao Phraya Express Boats. Boats depart from Phra Arthit pier (closest to Khao San Road) and the main pier next to Saphan Taksin BTS Station.

If you’re taking a trip in a group, you can likewise employ a personal river taxi to take you along the Chao Phraya River. River taxis typically charge by the hour– accept a little fare initially and work out a per hour rate as soon as you’re on board to prevent paying additional.

The Saen Saep Canal (Khlong) is Bangkok’s busiest artificial waterway. If you’re remaining around Khao San Road, it’s a fast and practical method to enter the city without taking a taxi or linking to the BTS at Saphan Taksin.

The Saen Saep Express Boat ranges from Pampa Leelard pier to Bangkapi in Bangkok’s external, residential areas. In addition, secret stops consist of Pratunam pier (near Bangkok’s most significant wholesale clothing shopping district), Asoke-Petchaburi, and Thonglor pier.

KO PHA NGAN, THAILAND - FEBRUARY 7, 2016: Unidentified sellers of thai food. Street food is a quintessential part of the Thai experience.

Bangkok’s Best Drinks and Dishes

Thai food has gone far for itself worldwide– and regardless of any efforts to reproduce the detailed flavors or particular spices, the most genuine Thai food can just be discovered in Thailand.

While rural Thailand concentrates on more special and intriguing components, you’ll discover all the traditional Thai favorites on and off the streets of Bangkok. First, however, a word of alerting, as the Bangkok chefs are renowned for not keeping back on the spices. So, if you’re uncertain of how to browse the dining scene, here are the leading ten things to attempt in Bangkok, together with the very best stalls, dining establishments, and bars to attempt them in.

To understand more about the need to attempt standard foods, finest desserts, finest dining establishments, finest breakfast and breakfast area, finest regional fruits, finest regional beverages with nightlife and clubs in Bangkok, we have a separate and sophisticated short article to kindle your food lover dreams with mouthwatering meals.

What are the important things to do in Bangkok?

1. Check Out Wat Pho To See The Reclining Buddha

A check out to Wat Pho is a should for any tourist to Bangkok; it is the house to the Reclining Buddha, which stands at fifteen meters high and forty 6 meters long, the feet alone are determined at over 5 meters. The entire statue is covered in gold leaf and looks extraordinary when you get up close.

2. Go To the Grand Palace

Of all the locations to go to in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is the most popular tourist attraction. This is because the palace at one time was the king’s house and the location where the federal government of Thailand brought out their work.

3. Flight the Sky Train

There is just one method to get around Bangkok at any speed while keeping cool: to leap aboard one of the sky trains. With almost every part of Bangkok, you would desire to check out having a train station; travel might not be easier.

4. Drifting Markets- Glimpse Of The Bygone Era

Shopping in the drifting markets of Bangkok is an experience that you can not miss out on. These typically set up drifting markets in boats use a peek-a-boo into the regional method of life.

5. Travel around Chatuchak Market

With over 8000 stalls covering 27 acres of area, this is one of the biggest markets in the world. Open every Saturday and Sunday; it draws in almost 200,000 visitors a day; you will discover whatever you might ever picture for sale here and mainly at regional rates rather than traveler rates, it is worth selecting up a map before you go to prevent you being lost in the market for hours.

6. Asian Spa- Get Treated With Love

It must unquestionably be on the list of things to do in Bangkok, specifically for couples. The tranquil environment and the well-experienced Thai personnel assists you unwind and invigorating with your liked one.

7. Tiger Temple- Take A Tiger Selfie

Ever believed in taking a selfie with the huge feline? If this does not delight you enough, you can likewise go ahead and take a walk with the wild tigers. One of our preferred things to do in Thailand!

8. Take a Boat Trip along the Chao Phraya River

Some individuals describe Bangkok as the ‘Venice of the East’ because of the Chai Phraya River streaming through Bangkok and all of the little canals that feed off of it. The river is the lifeline of Bangkok; even today, 50,000 individuals still go to deal with among the many ferryboats that increase and down. Taking a boat trip down the river is remarkable as you will see high-rise condos and expensive hotels in one part while you will see wood shacks and kids playing in the water in other parts. Do not hesitate to get on and off at any of the ferryboats’ stops, even to check out the city.

9. Grand Pearl Cruise Dinner- Romance Calling

A concept of a candlelight supper by the river will lure you into reserving your tickets to Thailand. The supper cruise on the elegant Grand Pearly on the Chao Phraya River, while it goes by sights like the Grand Palace, ought to top your list of things to do in Bangkok. With a mixed drink in one hand, do not forget to relax your partner under the moonlit sky!

10. Check Out The Bangkok National Museum

The Bangkok National Museum is home to the biggest collection of artifacts and Thai art in Thailand. The museum was first opened by King Rama V to flaunt all the presents that his daddy had provided to him. There are many fascinating things to see in the museum, such as Chinese weapons, gemstones, puppets, clothes and fabrics, and Khon masks. If you go to the museum on a Thursday, you can be offered a trip in English to provide you with a higher understanding of whatever is in the museum.


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