7 Flexible Side Hustles for Moms | Earn as much as $50/Hour

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7 Flexible Side Hustles

7 Flexible Side Hustles for Moms | Earn as much as $50/Hour

Although we live in turbulent times, where the pandemic of the coronavirus monopolizes everything and causes millions of people to lose their jobs every day or that large companies in the world go bankrupt due to lack of liquidity and not having defined expectations for the future, there is still a small group of dreamers who do not give up: They are the entrepreneurs, the engine of the industry that does not stop growing and that every year adds more and more followers who believe that being your boss or start earning money from a side hustle is also a successful alternative.

And within this large labor group formed by the new entrepreneurs, the vast majority of whom are young, there is another large group of people who, after the strictest confinement of the pandemic and the global economic crisis that plagues the world, also needs to be recycled and feel useful again in society: the moms, more specifically the busy moms. Because if there is anyone who works day and night (most of the time without pay) and then is willing to take care of everyone to ensure their well-being, it is moms. However, moms also need to earn money and feel useful, which we will discuss in this post. Lash And Brow. Makeup Accessories. Tools For Care Of The Brows.

Home confinements, extreme security measures in practically the whole world, the economic crisis that has caused millions of people all over the world to become unemployed or have seen their working days reduced by half due to lack of activity, and the fear of contagion, are some of the many reasons that have caused the increase in demand for secondary jobs that are suitable to be done from home: tutorials on YouTube, being an English teacher at home, doing the accounting of a small company or a self-employed person, being a craftsman, etc.

The coronavirus crisis has put the imagination at the service of humanity, boosting the search for quick solutions that allow us to increase our weekly income without having to invest too much effort or money in it. Fortunately, the pandemic that has come to change our lives has done so at a time when technology is very advanced, being able to perform almost any secondary work through a computer with an Internet connection. And while the mothers of the world once seemed allergic to technology, today they all know how to operate a smartphone, a laptop and make a video call alone or in a group, the only tools needed to work from home.

However, is any kind of side hustle valid to start earning money quickly from home? Unfortunately not, because if it were, millions of people would have already chosen to quit their primary job and start living from the income provided by the little hobby that they do from the terrace of their house having an iced coffee. Not all the jobs that can be done through a computer will provide us with income, let alone allow us to live better thanks to their benefits. You have to know what kind of side jobs are profitable and which are not, and that is precisely what we will do through this article.

If you are a busy mom and you are looking for quick solutions for your life that will allow you to give your economy a break and start living in a more relaxed way, without being all day long thinking about whether the money you earn in your job will be enough to pay all the bills, while you gain experience in other work sectors that in the not too distant future could be of great help, read on because you are in the right place. Below we will explain four examples of successful side jobs with which you could put into practice what we have explained in the introduction of the article: increase your monthly income without neglecting your work as a mother and from the comfort of your home. Because it is precisely in times of greatest need when human ingenuity finds its best version, we are in the time of the brave. Are you going to miss it?

Let’s get started!

Seven flexible side hustles for moms that can help you earn as much as $50 per hour

1.Rent a space in your home

conference roomAre you a stressed-out mom with a spare room? Do you own a large family home and one of the rooms you use to store old stuff could serve as a storage room for someone else? Then don’t hesitate any longer and rent a home space to start making quick money online.

Maybe this side hustle option might seem a bit risky in this day and age. Am I letting a stranger into my home without knowing his or her health status? What if that person claims not to be infected by covid19 and to have the vaccine but is lying to me? Am I going to put my health and my children’s health at risk to earn extra money? All these questions are pretty reasonable, but do not despair because there are ways to rent a room safely.

One popular room and storage rental platform, such as Airbnb, is already common to find in the description of the ads safety conditions, such as only tenants who present their vaccination certificate or negative antigen test less than a month ago will be accepted. These security measures are valid given the health situation we live in; most companies request one of these two tests to hire a new employee, so it is not strange that you as a landlord also do it.

Once you have well written your ad and decided the price, you will ask for the rent of that free space in your home; the only thing left to do is wait and negotiate with interested parties for the lease. The average amount of money that the most experienced Airbnb users earn per month for renting their spaces is around $500 per month. Not bad.

Being a mom can be very hard, and if you want to free up some space in your house and give it a profitable use, do not hesitate to follow our advice and launch into the adventure of renting online!

2.Taking pictures for newspapers or wedding reports

wedding photographerIndeed you think becoming a photographer means more losses than income at first since a professional camera and all the equipment needed to carry out quality sessions have a reasonably high cost (even if you buy it second-hand). Still, the truth is that after that period, the benefits that can be acquired by becoming a freelance photographer are many. In addition, there is also the possibility that you already have a quality camera because you have always liked photography and you are pretty good at it, which lowers the costs and will make it much easier for you to get started on this beautiful side hustle.

Currently, many women have ventured into the world of freelance photography, creating their online portfolio and sending them to local newspapers and magazines that are always looking for reporters who can give them quality photographs for their weekly articles in exchange for a modest salary. On the other hand, you can also create your wedding photography website and open a company profile on Instagram to promote your services. Millions of couples admit that they now prefer to search for their wedding photographer through that social network than through local ads in magazines, so you are sure to find job opportunities.

3.Teach English online

What has been one of the things that have suffered the most since the pandemic and are still difficult to do today? Education. Education as we knew it is disappearing, and although the coronavirus has brought forward many things that would indeed have happened in later generations due to the unstoppable advance of technology in the world of education, the use of computer resources to study is a must for any student today, whether a child, teenager or a qualified teacher.

However, although computers have helped a lot during home confinements, especially to be able to see our friends and family through video calls, there are still many people who have not been able to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Internet to study from a distance, or in our case to become private tutors from home to help others to strengthen their studies while protecting themselves from viruses and comply with the required security measures.

You have higher education in English, English is one of your native languages, you consider yourself a smart enough person in this language (despite not having any degree), or you are a part-time English teacher who needs to increase your income to be able to pay the rent of your house. Then it would be best if you bet on a side hustle of an online English teacher, in which you can become the tutor of whoever you want through your computer and your webcam. An alternative job that in recent years has not stopped growing and can generate a monthly income of over 1000 dollars. The key to achieving it? Perseverance and knowing how to choose the right client online.

Become a successful English teacher on YouTube Cute African Kid Child Girl Showing Homework Talking To Remote

Suppose you are an open, spontaneous person who is not afraid to show yourself talking in front of a camera. In that case, you should try to take your first steps in online tutoring through YouTube, the most famous online multimedia content platform of the last decade and accessed by students of all ages from all over the world. Did you know that more than half of university or high school students admit to looking for a video explaining their subjects to better prepare for exams? And that most people who are preparing for their official English exam turn to Youtube to review their syllabus?

The reason why they prefer to have someone explain the English lesson to them through a video and not in person during the traditional class is straightforward: in the video, the contents are usually better structured, you can watch it as many times as you want, repeat the most complicated parts and the images and music that usually accompany each lesson are infinitely more enjoyable than the monologue of our teacher. This is the reason why millions of people, especially young people or adults under 50 years of age, have embarked on the adventure of creating their online teaching channel and being the English teacher of millions of people at the same time.

The only drawback of this type of distance learning? The number of hours you will need to invest in creating each video and its difficulty will first reach a wider audience. Ten years ago, when Facebook and Youtube started to work, hardly any people were dedicated to filling the platforms with videos, which made them grow very fast and become very famous in a short time and with little effort. Now, all that has changed, the consumption of these social networks have become massive. The number of activated users trying to become famous has also increased, so the competition to stand out is enormous.

Does that mean that it is impossible to make money from YouTube nowadays? No, you will have to try harder and be a little more patient. In addition, there is also the possibility of linking your channel and your videos with other social networks like Instagram, which will allow you to make beneficial small advertising campaigns that will make you rise in popularity in a short time. If your Instagram account on learning English is perfectly structured, linking it to your YouTube channel will double the visibility of both social networks, and you will soon get excellent results. It’s all a matter of planning and consistency; that’s all there is to it.

Some of the YouTube channels about online tutoring help students prepare for important exams such as the university entrance exam, compulsory secondary education certificate, or official language exams. If you decide to go for any of these topics, you will indeed become popular in no time, so don’t hesitate to give it a try and take advantage of all your knowledge!

Private English teacher

Do you consider yourself an old-school teacher? You have no idea how to manage social networks, let alone editing videos on the Internet? Are you looking for an alternative way to have your students at a distance without having to be connected to any social network? Don’t worry because it is also possible; millions of people have become virtual English teachers from their homes and have made teaching one of the most profitable side hustles of the moment.

To do this, you will only need a computer with an internet connection and an integrated webcam of medium quality, a good resume where you make clear your teaching skills, the age of the students you are looking for, the number of hours per day you can offer to teach and your fees (which can be fixed or negotiable). Once you have all this clear, the next thing you can do is to opt for two ways to find students: word of mouth, i.e., go talking to people you know and let them know your intention to teach so that they inform other parents or interested students, or register in one of the many portals of school reinforcement open on the Internet.

While it is true, at the beginning of starting to give classes, you will not find it easy, and you may feel a little self-conscious for not being familiar with the format, nor with the students, but nothing that can not be improved with the passage of time and practice. On the other hand, the fees for online teachers are not exactly very high (at the beginning), so do not be discouraged if during your first months in this side hustle you do not get to earn the amount of money you wanted.

When working in a side hustle, especially when we do not have much experience, money is not exactly the most positive aspect. It is necessary to be constant and not stop looking for new contacts that increase our rates (as long as we are good teachers and our students share their recommendations publicly). There are many known success stories in which the teacher started earning 10 dollars per hour of class during his first year. The following year, he doubled or even tripled his earnings by working in prestigious online teaching agencies.

The teaching of languages, especially English which is the most spoken language in the world, is a fundamental right that the pandemic has endangered in many parts of the world, especially among those families with fewer resources who have not been able to access the Internet to continue with their distance learning, so betting on becoming a part-time teacher as your successful side hustle will always be a good idea. Since you will be benefiting yourself economically, you will be helping other people continue their education and become more educated and with a significant number of opportunities for their future careers.

What could be nicer than that? Bet on teaching as your main side hustle and start earning extra money every month doing what you like the most: teaching and helping others to acquire more knowledge.

4. Become the virtual assistant of a company or do the accounts for a small business owner

Virtual assistantHave you always been good at math? Do you love planning and performing organizational and content management tasks? Did you do homework for all your friends in exchange for movie tickets or just for friendship? Did you study economics but never worked as an economist because life took you in other directions? Do you have a good command of social networks and online resources currently available to work from home? Have you been retired from your regular assistant position for a year but would like to earn a little extra money from home to be more relaxed every month? If you find yourself in any of these cases, you are in luck because being the virtual assistant of a startup is the second best-paid side hustle currently and will help you earn easy money in just a few months.

Did you know that a virtual assistant can earn an average of $24 per hour? According to the Bureau of Wage Statistics statistics, a freelance content manager can start earning around $18 per hour and quickly reach a higher rate after several jobs that have given him more experience and credibility in front of other potential clients of greater importance. This makes this side hustle a great work alternative, especially if we are unemployed or have many free hours a day to invest in it. With only five hours of efficient work a day, we can double our monthly income comfortably.

You don’t need to have an official qualification to prove your skills.

Although the position of virtual assistant in a company is significant and it may seem that only highly qualified people with a diploma under their arm can do it, the reality is that the Internet has made it so that it is no longer necessary to present all our credentials to win a good job managing the accounts and business management of others; you need to know how to do it and prove it.

And how can I get a remote job to manage other people’s day-to-day business without having a degree to prove it? Through the Internet and its many freelance work platforms that offer thousands of job opportunities every day for people who want to start earning money on their own from anywhere on the planet. The most famous platforms of the moment and with which you will indeed find some exciting job opportunities are Fiverr and Upwork, among many others.

To register among its long list of users, you will only have to enter your data (nothing compromising, they only do it to check that you are a natural person and resident in a country), choose the themes of work in which you are interested, and your fixed or variable fees. On the other hand, they will also ask you to add an official resume so that the companies can check it and see carefully all your training (if you have any); otherwise, you can add all your previous work experiences and some references from other clients who were satisfied with you.

It is not necessary to add an official document that proves everything you have done. Still, for future hiring, companies like to see that a candidate has taken some trouble to present himself as a professional, regardless of what your training or experience is. Including your photo will also earn you points, as it will add credibility to your entire profile and make anyone feel more confident about contacting someone they can put a face to.

Don’t forget, investing time in your presentation will always increase your chances of success later on, especially if you are trying to find a job remotely where there is no possibility of interviewing the person. Go for your skills and show them to the world in an intelligent way, that’s all.

You can take a crash course in content management online.

Do you want to start your virtual assistant side hustle with every guarantee of success? Have you always been good at doing math? And math was no problem for you when you were a student, but you moved on to something else? Then you could think about taking a course in content management and online startups. These are very famous courses nowadays that will help you to become an expert in managing online startups: social networks, creating publishing calendars, managing conferences through video calls, etc.

All these courses are short and are based on elementary and low-cost training that will serve you to have an essential knowledge base to perform your new job as a freelance assistant. So if you want to learn the keys to this job, signing up for one of these courses will help you increase your level and be a new title to add to your resume, significantly increasing your chances of finding a job quickly.

5.Write for blogs or branding campaigns

wordpress writingHave you always been good at writing? Were you the best in your class at writing papers, and your classmates always asked you for help to improve their papers before submitting them to the teacher? Then you are interested in the side hustle of copywriting. From writing blog content for large companies to being in charge of personally writing all the advertising campaigns for prestigious brands, writing online is one of the most sought-after side hustles in the world today and will earn you well over $50 an hour.

Register in freelance job portals

To start earning money as a copywriter, you will have to follow the same steps as with the previous point that we have explained, register in one of the many freelance work platforms that are on the Internet, enter all your credentials, and start looking for potential clients who might be interested in your profile.

However, unlike working as an accountant, to prove the quality of your writing and so that all companies or individuals can quickly check that what it says in your profile is true, it is recommended to upload some previous work where your writing skills can be appreciated: CV’s, journalism articles or even your blog post. This will give clients a more realistic view of your work, and they will contact you more quickly. So now you know, if you have saved your old work on your computer or you are the owner of an online content column, upload it to the system. It will be a great help to you.

6.Be an online consultant

How to Make Money at HomeDo you consider yourself an expert in any subject? Do you like to help others and have been wanting to become a consultant for a long time? Then do not hesitate to start earning money from home with your online marketing consulting. Whether through a freelance platform like Fiverr or your professional profile on LinkedIn, creating your consultancy (on any subject) will open many doors to the online market and make you earn a lot of money quickly. Because helping others can also be a profitable side hustle, do not hesitate to try it!

7. Being a multitasking mom also makes money: assembling furniture, planting plants, or making home deliveries

Nowadays, it is also possible to start earning extra money doing what you probably had to do when you were young to earn your first salary when you were still a child: carrying shopping bags to a neighbor, walking dogs in the park, or even being a gardener for a few hours a week. Through portals such as TaskRabbit, all these mini-tasks will be rewarded, and you can earn $18 for being a private gardener, more than $50 for assembling furniture, and $50 for delivering packages to your home. Quick and easy, this side hustle will never let you down, Mom!    


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