How to Implement an Email Marketing Strategy

How to Implement an Email Marketing Strategy

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How to Implement an Email Marketing Strategy

While social media and messengers are taking digital communication by storm, email marketing is still the top way to generate and nurture leads. However, email campaigns do fail to succeed sometimes. In 40% of cases, this happens due to a weak e-marketing strategy.

How to Implement an Email Marketing Strategy

In this article, we’ll unscramble the main steps towards a successful email marketing strategy that will help you grow your business and improve your revenue.

Why you need an email marketing strategy plan

An effective e-marketing strategy helps you to

  • direct your business. Although getting ready with an e-marketing strategy is a time-consuming process, it is always useful for defining what marketing to send and which audience to target.
  • choose the tactics to apply. Define your dream customers, choose how to address them, and think which offers may appeal to them. This way you’ll be able to decide how to run your email marketing campaign.
  • collect the data about your audience. Find out information about their age, gender, lifecycle stage, and their buying behavior to build up customer profiles.
  • determine the target audience. Figure out the interests of your audience, the reason why they subscribed to your content so that you can tailor the content you will send to their preferences.
  • identify the performance of your email campaigns. Are you sending out campaigns to escalate the number of opens and clicks or improve the revenue? No matter what goal your email has, make sure you’ve set the right KPI to track the effectiveness of your email campaign.

How to create an email marketing strategy

So, how to develop an effective email marketing strategy? Here’s a step by step guide from SendPulse.

1. Define your email marketing goals

How to Implement an Email Marketing Strategy

Before you start your email marketing campaign, you should understand why you’re sending it. In other words, figure out the goals of your campaign to see whom and what to send.

Whatever email campaign you are going to launch, make sure your goal is


Be as precise as possible while setting the goal for your campaign. Determine for whom you’re doing it, what you want the audience to do, what benefits it will bring to both of you after the intended action is taken.

Let’s say you’re going to create an abandoned cart email. Your goal here will be to bring the user back to the cart and receive 20% from additional sales.

An account of your budget, your resources, time, and skills.

E.g. You will account for $100 a month from your budget for this campaign.

Set the due date when you should complete your goal.

E.g. You’ll have two months to set the process up and check its efficiency.

Make sure you specify metrics that will help you achieve your goal and track the success of your campaign: the number of opens and click-throughs, forwards, spam complaints, or conversion rates.

E.g. The open rate of this campaign should comprise no less than 30%; otherwise you’ll need to analyze the results, revise the campaign, and come up with its makeover.

2. Build a quality mailing list

How to Implement an Email Marketing Strategy

Before sending an email campaign, you need to gather the list of contacts whom you will email. There are several ways you can collect email addresses for your database.

Some marketers go the easiest way and buy an email list. However, such an approach is no good for a high sender reputation — with a purchased contact list a sender gets recipients who never agreed to receive their emails, so the chances to hit the spam folders escalate.

However, by adding subscription forms to your website, you’ll be able to collect a quality list of subscribers who are eager to hear from you. Place it in high-traffic areas — a sidebar, at the end of a blog post, in the footer of your website — or integrate the signup form with your Facebook page.

Source: Send Pulse


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