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Are you using email to grow your business? If not, you’re missing out. I’ve used email marketing to grow multiple businesses — including as employee #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint, and now my 8-figure business Sumo and AppSumo.

Today, I’m going to show you my advanced email marketing tips for 2017. Use these tips to grow your own business. No matter if you’re just starting out or a multi-million dollar company, these email tips will help you out.

Aloha friends today I’m going to talk about advanced email marketing strategies in the past ten years I’ve been running businesses email marketing has been one of the key things that are helped us gain a lot of success and I’m going to show you seven things that you should be doing to grow your email list.

In advanced style numero uno prune your list remove everyone who hasn’t opened an email or clicked on an email for you in the past twelve months well no I need to show that I have a really big list if you know what I mean before it sounds really good but what actually it’s hurting you so when you send an email to Gmail and you moan like man none of these people are opening it Gmail in starts D prioritizing your emails for the other people.

So when you actually, get a higher opening meaning when you send it and only the right people are opening it you look like man these emails are the love we want to send more of these in so go and prune your email list.

I saw a 30% increase in my open rate and just a great experience because I like my monoprints are better than just people that care are on my email list number two go review individually your new email subscribers open rates and activity I started doing this and it blew my mind right.

So I actually went for 30 days and looked at every single person and what they did and what it told me is that my autoresponder that email that comes automatically is sending too many times the other thing is that show me that certain advertising that I was doing was a complete waste because the people weren’t opening or clicking on anything the third thing is showing me is that my demographic is not winning it was all men.

description for Facebook audience insight FAI

Because I saw that the emails were like baby girl 15 and they weren’t doing anything when like you know Jared Jenning which is an awesome guy Bank was opening and doing something so go and actually manual review your individual subscriber’s number three there’s going to be a link here or in the description for Facebook audience insight FAI.

This is insanely powerful and no one’s talking about it what you can do is take your email list you upload them to Facebook and what Facebook does that they will tell you who is on your email list they want to do that because they want to show you so you can advertise but what you can use it for is like is it male or female where they geographically located.

What else do they like if you want to do advertising or partnerships that are a great way the amount of insights you can learn from it is invaluable so I took the people who opened the most of my team uploaded there and found most of them are 25 to 44 old dies they’re based in America they like Tim Ferriss they like Noah Kagan and I was like well I should really target my ads and everything around that as well as much of my content and a bunch of other things check it out.

So it’s number four review how aggressive you are in collecting email now let’s say someone comes to your site and they have a pop-up and a collection here and collect here and collect it’s like that IRS all they want is your money and the thing is that people are like dude I want to get a taste of the restaurant.

I want to see if I like it so what I found out as an advanced ready is actually reduced the amount of collection you still need to ask them because email marketing is really powerful in communicating with your customer but if you are super aggressive people are going to just put in you at no accommodation or whatever but if you actually make it. 

A little less aggressive and you ask a little bit later or a little less annoying you’ll actually get more people doing it and higher quality people number 5 test another email provider so if you’ve been with a weber or MailChimp or Constant Contact or whatever vertical response.

Take a sample of your email if 2,000 people are what I did and send them the same email on another provider and see if the open rates or click-through rates are going to be different I was testing Aweber and MailChimp to see if there was a big difference and there was so gone and check that out you’ll actually find something surprising.

Maybe your providers doing better than you think or worse number 6 I love using litmus calm or mail tester to see if my emails are going to spam and it’s so important if you’re spending all this time you have 10,000 people on your mailing list or a thousand or a hundred thousand if you work so hard to get them and you send an email.

email marketing is really powerful in communicating

Oh my god please check this email please you got to read this and it doesn’t get to your inbox then what’s the point you’ve wasted all this time and money so what you got to do is use litmus or mail tester and it’ll tell you there are some problems with your email as well if you want to even get more professional.

Going have email boxes opened in Gmail Hotmail Yahoo involve off and send it yourself do it manually or hire someone fiber and that is an amazing way you can make sure when you’re sending emails that you work so hard on are actually going to get into people’s inboxes number seven go sign up for your autoresponder what the hell is an auto-runner when you sign up for an email address.

I was just doing a bunny rabbit thing I don’t know it’s an automatic email series that happens once you join someone’s newsletter so I actually signed up for mine and I found it really annoying because I had a welcome email today’s letter another email three days letter another email four days later another and I thought it was like oh we’ll keep were going to get my best content.

I should send it right away no it actually turns out it was super annoying and I didn’t even enjoy it as the owner of the website so go sign up for that autoresponder or even better with your own business go sign up as a new customer and P with that experience is like and I promise you you will find at least one thing that you’ll want to change that so those are my seven things to do for advanced email marketing today


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“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” -Henry David Thoreau
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