How to Make Money with Email Marketing – Full Tutorial

How to Make Money with Email Marketing – Full Tutorial

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Email Marketing – Full Tutorial

If you want to learn how to make money with email marketing then watch this full tutorial on I make money with email marketing.

I show you guys how to make money with email marketing. And what are we gonna do is actually through basically my entire funnel for email marketing, How I was making money with email marketing, but I wanna step you guys exactly thought, exactly how you guys can implement email marketing into your business, but before I do that, I really wanna you guys to understand.
When I walk on through, this comes into with an open mind because theirs a lot of different things theirs a lot of different strategies that you can implement with email marketing with different things that you can implement into your business.
It is not just about implementing this thing, but there one comes in things that I’m gonna show you. Here we go through this, and it really comes to this thing, and that is valued, and I know that you may be here, and there’s a lot in different videos.
Different people online but ultimately comes down to. It doesn’t matter what you are putting online; it doesn’t matter what your product is if you don’t come in a place that providing value really on the back, and you’re not gonna make any money.
So I will encourage you guys to come to a place in your business where your honestly taking a real look at yourself and your business and ask yourself if you might come to a place.
Where I honestly believe that I have valued, if not really get into a place is where you can provide some sort of value, and if you cannot provide value, lock arms with someone that can show you how.
Because once you can able to provide value to the marketplace are when you can do that is you gonna seeing the result in your business, that is when you gonna start being able to implement email marketing or other marketing strategies.
When you implement this kind of thing into your business and actually feel that value who are serving people, you feel that you are giving value to a marketplace, then you know your business gonna start seeing results, so with that being said, I’m gonna dive into this, and I know that you guys gonna get values from this.
And you know I hope you come away with something that you learned that you didn’t know before, so let’s dived into this. I’m gonna step you into this exactly how I have my email marketing stand up, and I hope you guys are able to implement this into your own business.
I’m gonna start over here, and this is with a landing page, so I’ll leave a couple of examples; these are the exact landing pages that I run online for the marketing businesses.
This is the affiant marketing business that I run on my website, my capture pages, so it happens is you go out online whether its social media, youtube just like I’m running here on Facebook or Instagram.
Where ever your doing here is actually happen, you have run traffic tiredly, so figure out who your avatar is, you need to get in front of them, you can do this through keyword research, you can do this in Instagram through hashtags, whatever the key is, maybe your gonna do that, your gonna get in front of your target market.
Once you do that, or you gonna paid ads, right so you can do it. However, you need to find the needs in front of the target market, and then your gonna put it in front of the capture page.
What happens here is your gonna get them in front of the capture page, and one thing that I forgot to do here once you start and come here on this capture page there gonna obtain, there gonna put a name on email in this obtain page is once you go through this capture page of this landing page is where gonna get email number 1.
Here’s typical do as I am going to give them or present my product to the right of them right away, but before you do that, I send them my product, I send them a video right here which is what I called a bridge video, and basically a bridge video is a gap between the product and the obtain page.



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How to Make Money with Email Marketing

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