How to be a Digital Nomad in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

How to be a Digital Nomad in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

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KOH PHANGAN, THAILAND - SEPTEMBER 2: Thong Nai Pan Noi beach on Koh Phangan, Thailand on September 2, 2013. This is one of the most developed beaches on eastern coast of the island.

A Digital Nomad Guide to Koh Phangan

It is surrounded by a little sibling Koh Tao in the north, and a huge sibling Koh Samui, which can be seen from Phangan’s southern coast. If you’ve heard of Koh Phangan previously, it is either for the famous, initial Full Moon Party or Koh Phangan’s quick look in Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Beach (2000 ).

Koh Phangan is fantastic for digital nomads, as it has a lot to check out for individuals with every interest. You’ll desire the time to see and do whatever so that you can live like a Phangan regional. Haad Rin dawn beach holds the greatest all-night beach celebration you can envision for beginners.

There are plenty of walkings up to Koh Phangan’s numerous peaks or stunning waterfalls. Constantly bring swimwear with you since you never understand when you’ll stumble upon a remote beach, a covert waterfall, or a beautiful swimming pool.

There are numerous fitness centers to practice Muay Thai, with the best situated in Thong Sala. Discover your preferred fitness instructor, and end up being a pro. Or enjoy the pros at battle night at one of the many areas around the island.

Activities and experiences in Koh Phangan do not stop there. Lease a moto for the day, strap on a helmet, and go check out all the beaches on every island’s edge.

With many gorgeous beaches and a lot more methods to loosen up, you make sure to fall for Koh Phangan for one factor or another. Here’s my guide to island life in Koh Phangan.

Night pier view in Koh Phangan Thailand

Thailand Visa

You can extend your stay by 30 days two different times (in overall a 90-day) by either checking out a provincial Thai migration workplace or a border migration workplace. Each extension will cost 1900 baht (57 USD). The closest migration workplaces to Koh Phangan are Koh Samui and Surat Thani, the closest mainland city.

Update February 2021: 30-day visa-exempt stamps encompassed 45 days through September 2021. Consult the Thai embassy in your nation for the most current updates.

To lawfully operate in Thailand, you require a Non-Immigrant Business Visa and a Work Permit. Business visa costs about 65 USD, and the work allows expenses about 100 USD. Both benefit approximately a year.

Immigrants are not enabled to remain longer than 90 days within a six-month duration without a more long-term visa type. If you prepare to work while in Thailand, get an organization visa. Otherwise, you are in danger of dealing with significant fines and possible prison time.

The cost of living on Koh Phangan

The expense of living in Koh Phangan truly differs by your choice of life. Or do you want to feel at Koh Phangan’s house and are ready to invest a lot for the best location?

Thai food is the more affordable choice where most meals are between 40 and 90 baht- all under 3 USD. On the other hand, western food, consisting of breakfast, is typically 100 baht to 250 baht (3- 6 USD). Therefore, strategy costs 10,000 baht (330 USD) on food each month, as you can constantly go under budget plan.

Taxi expense can vary from 100 baht to 500 baht (3 USD to 15 USD). Motorcycle leasings are typically 250 baht (8 USD) per day- do not pay more than 250 baht. Therefore, if you purchase a motorcycle, you will likely pay between 5,000 and 10,000 baht (175 to 330 USD).

There is a great deal of totally free activities for home entertainment like treking, beaches, and so on. However, huge celebrations can be pricey (25 USD) compared to the expense of whatever else. Understanding the expense of celebrations, boat trips, and other water sports activities, you will have the ability to plan and plan your pastime.

Best Places to Live in Koh Phangan.

When picking where to live in Koh Phangan, there are a couple of concerns you’ll desire to ask yourself. Do you desire to live in a jungle setting or on the beach? These concerns can help narrow down the real estate alternatives in Koh Phangan and assist you in choosing a location to live in.

Spending plan hostels can be as inexpensive as 5 USD a night, while some beach cottages go for 30-60 USD per night. There are plenty of “workaway” chances on Koh Phangan if you desire free lodging in exchange for part-time work. I still had plenty of time to go to the beach and delight in a delighted hour.

Thong Sala

Thong Sala is the greatest town and is the island’s business center. Thong Sala is no “tropical paradise,” however, you will discover yourself often visiting the town for the basics.

Baan Tai

Baan Tai is south of Thong Sala. You can unwind on the beach with a view of Koh Samui; however, much better swimming can be discovered somewhere else.

Haad Rin

This is the backpacker center of Koh Phangan. It has plenty of hostels, bars, and beaches. The town can be quite tranquil inbetween complete moon celebrations, and you can delight in the entire beach to yourself.


Chaloklum is found on the northern side of the island and house to the most slow-paced town you can discover while still taking pleasure in a web connection. After that, it is another 30 minute trip to Thong Sala on the huge highway throughout the island.


Srithanu is the huge town north of Thong Sala, where you can discover coworking areas, dining establishments, yoga centers, beaches, and more. It is a center for travelers and digital nomads looking for a relaxing or spiritual experience—less than a 20-minute flight to Thong Sala.

Hin Kong

Hin Kong lies between Thong Sala and Srithanu, so it is close to whatever you would require. This town has the very best views of sundown. It is less hectic and has more economical accommodation than its surrounding towns.

View of Haad Rin Beach before the full moon party on the island of Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand

The Best Apartments in Koh Phangan

This does take additional time and needs you to be on the island currently; however, it is the finest method to discover some of the finest offers on the island. If you are like me, you might like to have a location to remain (at least for a couple of days) before you get here.

Cottage in Jungle, Ko Pha Ngan

Start by browsing “Koh Phangan Houses for Rent” and discover a handful of various Facebook groups. You will discover plenty of real estate alternatives between 5,000 baht (less than 200USD) and 20,000 baht (less than 700USD). In addition, there are extremely good vacation homes for 60,000 baht to 80,000 baht per month (around 2500 USD).

Being customized to immigrants implies the lodging is perfect for digital nomads who do not desire to fret about providing a location. Discovering a location on a Facebook group is comparable to scheduling lodging on Airbnb. For finest rates, get to understand the residents and ask for suggestions.

Koh Phangan’s Cheapest Places to Stay.

Here are a few of the advised low budget plan lodging in Koh Phangan:

They have a sibling hotel, Lily, with great rates considering its place right on the beach. The special lodging choice they use is their cabins.

Goodtimes is situated in Thong Sala. Even if you do not remain here, I certainly suggest going to the celebrations.

Phangan Arena is another spending plan hostel situated in Baan Tai. It has budget plan dormitories and an enjoyable pool-side bar. One drawback here is that it lies right on a hectic roadway; however, I still believe it’s worth looking at.

Benjamin’s Hut in Srithanu uses Haad Yao beachfront and swimming pool to gain access. It is within strolling range to stores and a minimart. Using among the more economical beachfront cottages, Benjamin’s has both jungle and beach vibes.

Cookies’ Salad Resort on Salad Beach uses lodging varying from single spaces to waterside family-sized suites. It has Wi-Fi, a dining establishment, and a swimming pool.

Each hostel has a beach bar, swimming pool, and free beverages. It’s an ensured great time.

Finest Time to Visit Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is a stunning tropical environment. The weather condition and seasons resemble the rest of Southeast Asia; there is a damp and dry season instead of a cold and hot season in temperate environments.

Throughout these months, it will drizzle most days. May likewise gets a lot of rain, marking the start of the rain season. However, the rainstorms are primarily tropical thunderstorms, so they will not last all day; rather, they’re disposing of a lot of rain in a brief time.

February and March are the driest months. By the end of March, the waterfalls may begin to dry up, and they normally stay dry till a couple of months after the rain begins.

The most popular months are May and June, with the typical temperature level at 32 or 33 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit). However, it can get remarkably cold at night throughout the cold months.

Living in Koh Phangan

touring the island of ko pha-ngan by moped.

Koh Phangan Transportation

They have set rates for various towns in Koh Phangan. Depending on where you are going, moto-taxis can vary from 50 baht to 500 baht (1.60 to 16 USD). So it can be as inexpensive as 100 baht (3 USD) to go from Haad Rin to Thong Sala if it is complete.

They cost between 200 and 300 baht (6 to 9 USD) per day to lease. Fuel is between 40 and 60 baht (1.30 to 2 USD) per liter.

Remaining in Haad Rin, I just leased a motorcycle when I desired to check out the island or run errands in Thong Sala. I saw a motorcycle for sale for 5000 baht (175 USD). My pal cleaned out on a sandy roadway on a leased motorcycle and had to pay 5000 baht in repair work for the damaged mirror and scratches.

There are a couple of security advisories for you if you select to drive a motorcycle either one time just or daily. I understand it’s cool to have your hair blowing in the wind; however, I have seen many bad motorcycles crash to ride without. I had an old set of slip-on boat shoes that were my driving shoes.

Slow down– you are on island time. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles beep to let you understand they are there, not because they are mad. Work together with other cars and trucks and motorcycles on the roadway, and attempt not to be in a rush.

Koh Phangan Insurance and Medical Care

These strategies can cost 5000 USD per year on average. If you currently have medical insurance coverage, see what worldwide or travel alternatives they might provide.

Koh Phangan has a handful of medical facilities you require to see a medical professional. In addition, the nearby island of Koh Samui might have extra centers if you require any treatments or services not used in one of the Koh Phangan centers.

There are several drug stores in each town for your benefit. For example, Koh Phangan’s drug stores are filled with treatments for typical conditions such as mosquito bites, sunburns, and skinned knees.

Rabies vaccination and malarial prophylaxis are advised if you prepare to invest a lot of time in the jungles (mainland Thailand) or work carefully with animals. These vaccinations are offered at some health focuses throughout Thailand.

Work in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan has a strong 4G information signal in all metropolitan. This implies you can choose to utilize your phone’s hotspot to work from any coffee shop or dining establishment regardless of the Wi-Fi speed.

Unrestricted information plans are extremely suggested, as they are cost-effective and more reputable than looking for a strong web connection. Sim cards can be bought at the airport or most corner stores, such as 7eleven or Family Mart. AIS is one popular network, and the endless information bundle can vary from 399 baht (13 USD) to 1699 baht (57 USD) monthly, based upon your requirements.

That being stated, my preferred off-the-grid work area is a deserted bar on Haad Rin beach. Regardless of how it sounds, it is not weird and has one of the finest views in Haad Rin. To get there, head to the north end of Haad Rin beach, and follow the actions up to the raised structure that looks out over the sand and sea.

A basic guideline is that any location in Haad Rin will be hectic and potentially loud throughout the moon week and peaceful and serene the remainder of the month. However, if you are trying to find a more official work area, here’s my list of locations with strong web ideal for digital nomads:

Finest Places to Work in Koh Phangan

Harbour Cafe

Harbour Cafe lies beside Haad Rin pier. It has a terrific coffee and beverage choice, scrumptious-looking pastries, a fantastic environment, and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Doppio Cafe

Doppio Cafe lies in Thong Sala. It typically does not get too hectic. It has quick Wi-Fi, A/C, an endless supply of coffee, and serves breakfast and lunch.

Dots Coffee

Dots Coffee is likewise found in Thong Sala. Meals are not served here; there is great coffee and plenty of outlets. This location can get quite hectic, so it is not perfect if you require solitude to remain focused.

Hundred Islands Coffee

Hundred Islands Coffee is simply a 5-minute motorcycle flight from Thong Sala. There is a quick web, an excellent breakfast, and great business.

Bubba’s Coffee Bar

Bubba’s Coffee Bar lies in Baan Tai and provides natural, sourced food and coffee in your area. The air-conditioned coffee shop uses quick Wi-Fi and complimentary drinking water.

Over the Moon Cafe

Over the Moon, Cafe is positioned among a coconut forest in the heart of Srithanu. It uses a fantastic environment and incredible coffee.


It is situated right on the beach. The subscription charges can be expensive (190 USD per month); however, depending on your work area requirements, it might be worth it.


Cospace is another coworking area that has two places in Koh Phangan. It uses quick web, printers, A/C, swimming pool and beach access, conference room, drinking water, and neighborhood occasions. Cospace subscriptions are more inexpensive at just 200 baht (6 USD) a day or 3000 baht (100 USD) a month.

Remote & Digital

Likewise, there is excellent food and coffee at the dining establishments on the website. Regular monthly rates are 3000 baht (100 USD).

Traditional thai street food from Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand

Culture and Food in Koh Phangan

If you have never done a Thai cooking class, I advise attempting it when you get to Ko Pha Ngan. You can get to understand the various tastes of curry– red, green, yellow, Panang, jungle– and select your favorite.

Pad Thai

Pad thai and other noodle meals vary from 30 baht (1 USD) to 70 baht (2.30 USD). My guideline of thumb: do not pay over 100 baht for pad thai.

Many coffee shops, dining establishments, and street stands deal with Thai iced tea and coffee, which is incredibly sweet and readily available. An excellent rate is 30 baht (1 USD).

When it concerns Thai dining establishments, I can not make suggestions for “the very best” since it is all great! However, many dining establishments have a menu by the door, so you can inspect if it is within your budget plan. Aside from that, I state we attempt them all!

The Phangan Food Court and the Phantip Night Food Market happen daily; however, extra weekly markets around Thong Sala provide fresh fruit and vegetables. Throughout the complete moon celebrations, you can likewise discover these types of street market food in Haad Rin.

Koh Phangan is likewise understood for the vegan alternatives and dining establishments turning up, particularly in the Srithanu area. A few of the extremely suggested vegan dining establishments consist of, Eat. Co, Orion Healing Centre, and Pure Vegan Heaven.

Koh Phangan Nightlife

The repeating month-to-month celebrations consist of the complete moon celebration, two half-moon celebrations, and a brand-new moon celebration. The complete moon celebration is about 100 baht (3 USD) and is situated on Haad Rin beach.

The beach is nicknamed Sunrise beach. Around 6:30 in the early morning, the last hours of the celebration, the sun shines on the beach, and who is left, exposing empty bottles and tossed straws.

The other moon celebrations are 500 to 800 baht (16 to 27 USD) per ticket, situated inland, and need a taxi to get you there. I suggest purchasing the ticket through a hostel because they will organize the taxi for you and include it at the ticket rate.

Waterfall and jungle celebrations are comparable to the half-moon and brand-new moon celebrations. Therefore, I choose the beach celebrations; however, you can go and choose for yourself!

Garden of Eden is a celebration on Tuesdays and Saturdays (unless the full-moon celebration is that night). Head to Haad Rin beach to capture a taxi boat out the island hosting the celebration.

OXA beach is close to Haad Rin. They have routine celebrations that have excellent vibes and excellent techno music.

Moon celebration tattoos

For more insane all-night celebrations, get to understand residents and other immigrants. So many individuals on this island love to celebrate, so something happens every night if you understand where to discover it.

Things to do in Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan has an unlimited list of beaches. However, most beaches dealing with Koh Samui are shallower and, in some areas, a bit rocky. The following are my leading advised beaches.

Being on a peninsula, Haad Rin has three primary beaches. On the eastern side, the daybreak beach hosts the complete moon celebration. The regional federal government employs a hard-working tidy-up team to clean up the beach every early morning.

On the western side lies a shallow beach with a rocky coast. Although not perfect for swimming, it is an ideal area for a sundown walk or pleasant hour beverages. My individual favorite is Coral Bungalows which has terrific happy hour specials in the nick of time for sundown, the very best pizza on the island, and an incredible swimming pool celebration a couple of times a month.

There is a beach on the southwestern side of the peninsula which you can get to by following indications to Cocohut beach resort. The beach is normally filled with visitors from the surrounding beach resorts.

Haad Than Sadet Beach is a more remote beach that can have some good waves. Many of the beachgoers here remain at one of the cottages close by, so it never gets too crowded.

Bottle Beach is quite a popular beach to check out. Depending on how much energy you have, you may take a 100 baht (3 USD) taxi down to the beach or back up at the end of the day.

Malibu Beach is on the northern side of the island. Although fairly little, it can be a lot of enjoyable. There is typically volleyball and other video games, and it’s excellent for swimming, too!

Noticeable from Malibu Beach, Mae Haad Beach is much larger in contrast. The beach itself is great, and the water is warm and shallow.

Haad Yao is another shallow beach, permitting the water to get bathtub-level warm. There are likewise massages offered right on the beach.


If you are looking to experience some Thai culture, think about checking out some of the Buddhist temples of Koh Phangan. Many temples have either complimentary admission, or a charge is less than 2 USD.

There are numerous temples worth going to; here are my leading 3 in Koh Phangan. Wat Pho Chinese Temple Goddess of Mercy is the most popular temple in Koh Phangan. It is situated near the town of Chaloklum and expenses 40 baht (1.30 USD) per individual.


The most remarkable waterfalls have two areas: Phaeng Noi and Phaeng Yai. Like many waterfalls on the island, it can dry up towards the end of the dry season (around April).

Paradise waterfalls are found on the Chaloklum roadway. The primary swimming pool by the entryway is typically filled with swimmers; however, a 45-minute trek into the jungle will take you to the primary waterfall.

Because there are so lots of different swimming pools, it is never too crowded. These waterfalls can be accessed on the roadway leading to Haad Than Sadet Beach.

Angthong National Marine Park.

While plenty of boat trips around Koh Phangan will bring you to beaches just available by boat, the single must-do boat trip will take you to Angthong National Marine Park. A day trip will take you to see white sand beaches, caverns, lagoons, and limestone cliffs.


Weather in Koh Phangan

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