How to be a Digital Nomad in Madrid, Spain

How to be a Digital Nomad in Madrid, Spain

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A Digital Nomad Guide to Madrid

Madrid is the capital and most inhabited city of Spain; it is likewise the nation’s political, financial, and cultural center.

With a population of 3,334,730 million occupants (sense of the year 2021). It is the second-largest city in the European Union (EU), 2nd just to Berlin. The capital town covers around 604.3 km2 making it the second-largest in Europe, with Paris being the biggest.

Madrid is found on the banks of the Manzanares River in the center of the nation and the Community of Madrid, of which it is likewise the capital. As the capital of Spain, it is the seat of government and house of the Spanish king.

The city pile of Madrid has the third-largest GDP in the European Union, and its impact on politics, education, home entertainment, the environment, the media, style, science, culture, and the arts add to its status as one of the world’s leading international cities.

Madrid is thought of as the primary monetary and financial center of the Iberian Peninsula and southern Europe due to its financial efficiency, high standard of living, and market size. In addition, it houses the head office of the huge bulk of big Spanish business. According to the Monocle publication, Madrid is likewise the 8th most habitable city on the planet in its 2019 index.

Being among the most checked-out locations on the planet, and Spain the 2nd nation in the variety of yearly visitors, Madrid is the main head office of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

It has modern-day facilities, it has maintained the look of numerous of its historical areas, and streets, ivory white, its structures radiate sunshine providing us a visual phenomenon of its most impressive structures such as the Palace and the Cibeles Fountain, which have ended up being huge signs of the city, like the Metropolis structure.

In addition to them, amongst its primary structures and traveler destinations, we can highlight:

  • Main Square.
  • Madrid’s royal palace.
  • Royal Theater with its Opera.
  • Buen Retiro Park
  • Structure of the National Library of the XIX century.
  • Golden Triangle of Art.
  • Prado Museum
  • Reina Sofia Museum
  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Madrid Visa

Regarding visa concerns, Spain has a complicated system if you wish to settle in the nation.

You require an NIE: Work authorization for non-residents. This can be attained in 2 methods:

With an employment agreement.

Opening a regional checking account.

The issue here is inconsistent given that to open a checking account, you almost constantly require your own NIE, and to be able to have a work agreement, you likewise require this work authorization.

The hack is to discover a regional business that wants to offer you a pre-employment agreement, with which you can acquire a savings account and a pre-shift to get the NIE.

NIE shifts: In big cities, specifically in Madrid and Barcelona (the cases that I understand), it is difficult to ask for a shift at the regional cops to ask for the NIE; what the majority of them do is see how to get a pre-employment agreement in some neighboring town or city that has more schedule. In my case, I got tired of waiting and chose to leave Spain despite having a European Community passport. As I stated, it can be very irritating and complicated; once you get it, whatever is a lot easier.

Madrid Costs of Living

When you live where you work, your payment will be changed for your location. Digital nomads frequently earn money based on where their customers or company lie and not where they are.

This can be a true blessing or a curse and suggests the currency exchange rate and expense of living can be huge considering how comfy of a way of life the earnings can supply.

If you are thinking about a location with a high expense of living and a bad currency exchange rate with the currency you’re being paid in, then it will seem like you are taking a pay cut and might require to change your spending plan to show that.

Residing in the Spanish capital might cost roughly (thinking about a single person just): $1700 (EUR1450) to $2,066 (EUR1,742).

Let’s see why we consider this overall:

Lodging: A studio in the city costs you about $750 to $1000 each month! To this need to be included electrical power, water, and web: $160.

Work area: If you require a repaired location to work, coworking areas have an approximate rate of $ 80 to $ 100 each month (WeWork). As I pointed out at the start of the post, WeWork has a quarterly expense of $ 200, while in other areas, it’s roughly $160.

Daily commute: Monthly public transport pass: $65.

Month-to-month membership to a health club (every day): $58.

Food: This is where it will depend upon your expectations; if you wish to head out to consume every day, you will have an approximate cost of $500, as much as $ 750 each month!

If you purchase your items at the grocery store or food fairs, you conserve a lot of cash, and you will invest roughly $125 per month ($ 31.5 per week).

Leisure: Again, this product depends totally on you; an approximate expense that appears ideal to me is $300. Costs that are monthly heading out to bars or discos are incredibly low-cost, however as I stated, it depends upon you!

The best time to visit Madrid.

Personally, the very best time to go to Madrid remains in the spring, or the start of fall, considering that it hardly ever rains torrentially and its afternoons are typically extremely enjoyable, with a mild breeze taking the heat far from our bodies. Individuals tend to delight in the city’s tourist attractions in these months! There are typically numerous discount rates in the most acknowledged museums and traveler destinations.

In the summertime, it is normally too hot, and most of its occupants run away looking for beaches on neighboring coasts such as Valencia. Its temperature levels in the summer season typically reach 40 °. Undoubtedly, it is rather excruciating to check out the city as a traveler with these temperature levels!

The opposite takes place in the winter season; they are typically really cold months, where individuals tend to remain at their house instead of heading out to take pleasure in life in its parks or traveler destinations. However, they state that the city is worth going to at Christmas and New Year.

Let’s look at its weather condition by typical season:

Spring: With typical temperature levels between 12º and 21º, spring is really enjoyable in Madrid.

Summertime: Summer in Madrid is rather hot and dry. Typical temperature levels are normally 25º C, reaching optimums of as much as 40º C.

Autumn: During the fall, temperature levels normally change between 15º and 7º, with some rains in between.

Winter season: Average temperature levels can vary between 9º and 6º and often be around 0º. It is not extremely typical; some snowfall can fall from time to time and color the city even more white!

Work in Madrid.

Madrid has numerous coworking areas or coffee shops where digital nomads like you and me can work easily.

As in all of Europe and the United States, in Madrid you can calmly be in a coffee shop and invest hours working, its web is excellent in addition to its centers!

I’ll show you a list of the coffee shops that I have gone to and satisfy these attributes:

Coffice– Workplace.

Address: C. de Rodríguez San Pedro, 2.

Coffice: Workplace lay near where I was remaining; numerous times, I would go there straight instead of going to a coworking area. It is excellent, comfy, peaceful, roomy, and with good vibes!

Their coffee is rather abundant, and they have an excellent breakfast.

Nomade Cafe.

Address: Calle de Los Tres Pieces, 22.

You can have an extremely excellent time in the coffee shop! It is comfy; however, I would not select it if I were to work from another location, considering that there are normally sufficient individuals who can deconcentrate us.

Centro Cibeles Cafeteria.

Address: Plaza Cibeles, 1A.

A timeless snack bar has great areas to sit silently and work. It lies in the center of the city, so I suggest it if you are a traveler and require a location near the traveler’s destinations to go to.


All of us understand this snack bar, and we understand that it provides an outstanding choice (which never stops working) if we desire a coworking area for the day. I constantly select it in my journeys as it has essential areas around cities, stations, and airports.

The coworking areas in the capital city are extraordinary, offering us high-speed cordless connections and extremely comfy work areas according to the requirements we look for as digital nomads.

Top Places to Live in Madrid.

  • Chamberí.
  • Moncloa-Aravaca.
  • Chamartín.
  • Sanchinarro and Valdebebas.
  • Retiro.

Finest Neighbourhoods.

Doing a bit of google research study, I have discovered that the location I have remained in my months in Madrid was among the very best suburbs of the Spanish capital.

Before making a realty choice, you need to understand that Madrid is a huge city, along with its ranges. The rental rate differs substantially, worrying the range you have from the.

It depends on the requirements and way of life of each one, to assist you in the job I have chosen the five preferred locations to live in Madrid.


When you walk through its streets despite being extremely near to the historical center of Madrid, you can feel every day of individuals because in this area we can discover plentiful services such as schools, healthcare facilities, and stores, along with numerous leisure choices. Moreover, in its delimitations, we can discover a fantastic range of cultural deals, where the existence of several museums stands apart.

It is generally an area with a great deal of life; however, the unfavorable point is that it has a couple of green locations and sports centers: the Santander Park and the sports centers of the Canal de Isabel II stand apart. And I trained in the parks, and it was hard for me to discover a location to do it in this area.

Architecturally, it is a location defined by modernist, neo-Gothic, and neo-Mudejar structures, which deserve going to.


Let me inform you that it will be far away if you desire to understand the center of Madrid. In its delimitation is Puerta de Hierro, one of Madrid’s most special locations.


Found in the north of the city, Chamartín is among the best locations to live within the city of Madrid and likewise among the most in-demand. It is quieter than other stylish areas in Madrid, such as La Latina, and it likewise has the Chamartín train station that links the capital with the rest of Spain.

Its cultural and leisure side consists of the National Music Auditorium, the Museum of Natural Sciences, and the Santiago Bernabéu arena.

Sanchinarro and Valdebebas.

Found in the northwest of Madrid, two domestic locations have been established in current years. We can discover lots of play areas, two medical facilities, several schools, and a big shopping.

They are far from the city center; they have great interaction. This area represents its distance to the Adolfo Suárez-Barajas airport.

Valdebebas has been set up as a sustainable location with many green locations and several kilometers of bike lanes.


Those who choose to reside in the center of Madrid can discover in the Retiro district the ideal place. Particularly to deal with kids, thanks to the Retiro Park, among the very best green lungs in the capital. The equivalent is that your houses are more costly the closer they are to the park, both for sale and lease.

Find an apartment in Madrid.

When searching for lodging monthly in Madrid, you can feel a bit overwhelmed due to the variety of choices that you will discover; from my perspective, you need to consider the following choices.

Leasing space in a shared house: (It was what I did) For trainees and young individuals, it is normally the main alternative given that you share all the expenses of water, electrical power, gas, and web, and their costs are normally rather budget-friendly to a total flooring. Moreover, you can discover flats to share with one individual or with lots!

It is likewise an extraordinary method to get in touch with various individuals, whether regional or not, which can reveal to you the fascinating locations in the city.

It must be kept in mind that this choice is excellent considering that, in Madrid, as in almost all of Spain, to be able to lease a house, you require an NIE (we will discuss this later), and its minimum stay is normally a minimum of 3 months (it is cataloged as a traveler stay in between 1 and 3 months, and their costs are normally higher than property two years). Therefore, this is the finest alternative if you believe in moving for a couple of months or a typical stay.

Space rates normally begin at $ 460 and reach around $ 950.

House leasing: In this city, you can discover a lot of apartments or condos for lease; however, you require to understand that leasing is not a simple job, its costs are generally extremely high (depending upon the location, however, the average is generally $ 1800). If we are fortunate, we can discover flats beginning at $ 1000; however, let’s not anticipate many conveniences.

The studios are around $ 1000 to $ 1500 each month. These are generally really little; however, they offer us our area without needing to share our “house” with anybody.

Depending upon the age of the structure, the location, and the interactions with public transportation.

Duplexes begin at $ 1,400 and reach outrageous rates ($ 2,500). The variables are generally the same for all the kinds of lodging we are trying to find.

It needs to be kept in mind that the expenditures that we can anticipate in the flats, despite whether they are shared or personal, have an approximate charge of $ 200 monthly and all the services that might be consisted of.

You will require numerous files when leasing your apartment or condo in Madrid (unless you are Spanish). NIE, checking account, and deposit of 2 months beforehand.

Cheap Places to Stay in Madrid.

As I discussed in the previous area, if what you are trying to find is a low-budget short-term lodging, you should consider the following variables.

The closer to the center, the more costly your lodging will be (not to mention the most affluent areas outside the city).

The more centers you have close by, the greater your cost (such as medical facilities, schools, parks, ways of public transportation, or exceptional traveler destinations).

If you are searching for a location to remain for a couple of days or weeks, you must attempt Couchsurfing or take a look at Facebook groups about lodging in Madrid.

In these groups, you can likewise call individuals who lease their apartment or condo straight, which will be less expensive, without going through a genuine estate firm. I advise you not to go into suspicious publications or extremely low rates for really glamorous houses.

Another alternative that you need to consider to begin is to remain in hostels, their costs begin at $ 15 and increase to $ 50 per night roughly, rationally the less expensive it is, the fewer advantages it will have, you can likewise discover excellent deals in low season or discount rate.

My suggestion is to browse the various websites for personal spaces in shared flats.

Culture and Food in Madrid.

Among my preferred subjects when blogging about these nomadic locations, without a doubt, is food!

We remain in a nation where the cooking culture thrills us with splendid meals worth attempting one by one!

Envision paellas, stews, tapas, potato and sausage tortillas, liqueurs, serrano hams …

It is understood that Madrid does not have its own cooking identity specified by its area; however, for many years, it was adjusting meals from various areas of the Iberian and North African peninsula, because being the capital of the Spanish kingdom, many individuals selected it to live, bringing with it its own food culture, the production of inns was essential to develop the pillars of Spanish food. And it is specifically for this reason that Madrid has turned into one of the wealthiest cooking areas in Spain and the world!

Acknowledged and mimicked for its stews, possibly the best-known meal is the “cocido madrileño”; Made with a base of chickpeas and veggies, the huge bulk include “salchichon” to it, making it among the preferred meals of all travelers.

Chorizo sausage might likewise be utilized. This is most likely the most acknowledged meal by the residents in the finest tapas bars.

” Las gambas al ajillo” is among the most popular tapas by immigrants checking out the capital and among the most traditional in the Madrid cookbook– although it does not draw in a lot preaching amongst the residents–. Its origin goes back to the Andalusian seaside towns; however, it was developed as a tapa in Madrid.

Another common part of the Madrid bars is the common “Chopitos.” It is made with the young of cuttlefish and squid. The crucial thing, in any case, is that they are crispy and not extremely oily, something that sadly does not occur in a lot of bars in the capital because they like to overdo it with the oil!

Castilian roasts and meats pave the way to the abundant culture; they are typically made in wood-fired ovens, providing an extremely specific taste and inflammation. The popular picture of a suckling pig being cut with a plate is well-known in these latitudes.

” La oreja a la plancha” is among the most normal parts of the bars of Madrid. Whether natural or marinaded, they are accompanied or not by salsa brava; it is among the “tapas” most demanded by travelers and residents, who appear to have developed a cult for it.

Individuals of Madrid are fantastic fans of fish despite living geographically really far from the sea; the city has among the biggest markets worldwide. Therefore, every early morning fresh fish shows up from the seaside areas of Spain to fill dining establishments and bars with a wide array of seafood.

Madrid Nightlife.

Without a doubt, Madrid’s nightlife has a specific beauty.

We will talk from the afternoon, go to the balconies that embellish the Gran Via, have a couple of beers enjoying the sundown, and DJs who put music to the best minute.

The majority of the balconies do not charge admission to visit them; however, it suffices to schedule a table; these usually have a stay of 2 hours, or an hour and a half, some all night. Given that the need, specifically in the summertime, is high!

In Madrid, there is far more to provide than the balconies; plenty of tapas bars, bars, cocktail bars, discos, bars, and auditoriums are readily available for you to check out.

Much of the night life in Madrid is focused in the locations of Huertas, Chueca, Malasaña, La Latina, Torre Europa, Argüelles and Moncloa. Each of them has its environment. Therefore, setting a clear design to determine it at will when you remain in the city.

Huertas: The large bulk of clubs and bars are focused on Calle Huertas, Calle Cruz, and Plaza Santa Ana; this is a popular location amongst travelers and trainees.

Chueca: The gay-friendly area par excellence in Madrid and focuses plenty of bars of all kinds targeted at the LGTB public. It is an excellent location to go out for a couple of beverages first thing at night and delight in the balconies.

La Latina: It is a location with numerous tapas bars, dining establishments, and bars, so it is perfect for supper or a couple of beers before leaping headfirst into the celebration.

Malasaña: It is defined by its bohemian and alternative environment. This is the location to head out if you wish to listen to rock, punk, metal, indie, or electronic music.

Things to do in Madrid.

Madrid is unquestionably among the most gone to cities on world earth! And personally, it has captivated me; from the treatment of its individuals to its architectural works, it is a great city, loaded with alternatives when it concerns heading out to find it! I hope that, like me, it leaves you astonished!

That is why it appears appropriate to make you a really quick travel guide so that you do not miss out on a minimum of the essentials of this gorgeous city that left me mesmerized!

What do you believe if I inform you of the 99 most checked-out locations in the city? It might be a difficult job, however, let’s try it!

  • Museo Nacional del Prado: World-class European art collection.
  • Royal Palace of Madrid: Regal 2,000-room palace, armory & garden.
  • El Retiro Park: Vast 19th-century park with water fountains.
  • Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía: 20th-century Spanish art work.
  • Plaza Mayor_Madrid’s lively primary square.
  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum: European art from 13th to 20th centuries.
  • Temple of Debod: Reconstructed ancient Egyptian temple.
  • Mercado de San Miguel: Stylish covered gastronomic market.
  • Puerta del Sol: Bustling square with a well-known clock.
  • Calle Gran Vía: Famed street for shopping & dining.
  • Catedral de la Almudena: Catholic cathedral with striking chapels.

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