How to be a Digital Nomad in Prague, Czech Republic

How to be a Digital Nomad in Prague, Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic, likewise understood in its brief type as Czechia, was formed on January 1st, 1993, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and it is the 13th biggest nation in Europe. The main currency is the Czech koruna or Czech crown, and the main language is Czech.

Prague is the capital city of Czechia and is situated in the west of the nation. Prague has the world’s biggest castle, main Europe’s biggest club, and the world’s 2nd most unsightly structure!

The streets of the Old Town feel as if you have been placed in the scene of a fairy tale, with the romantic patched streets and lovely architecture. Czechia is understood for its hearty warm meals and distinct methods of serving beer, and you will get a taste of this in Prague. This distinct city is welcoming and friendly no matter what season you check out; you will discover a lot and bring in individuals from throughout the world.

Prague is ending up being a fantastic center for digital nomads because it lies in the heart of Europe, making gain access to really simple and budget-friendly. The city is well established with among Europe’s finest public transportation networks. It is inexpensive, and many coworking areas have been turning up, making it incredibly accommodating to digital nomads.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is no stranger to tourists and brings in countless visitors every year.

In the last few years, the city has ended up being a significant center for location-independent specialists thanks to its area in the heart of Europe, effective public transport, price, coworking centers, abundant history, and extraordinary architecture.

In this guide, you’ll discover practically whatever you require to understand living as a digital nomad in Prague. Let’s dive in.

Prague genuinely is one of the finest cities in the world for Digital Nomads. Prague was recently voted 2nd in a list of “Best Digital Nomad Destinations in the World” on the Nomad List, just behind Budapest. There is wifi in every bar, dining establishment, and coffee shop in Prague.

Prague is among Europe’s most substantial digital nomad hotspots. Moreover, it is among Europe’s most popular travel locations and gets over 20 million visitors annually.

Prague is popular for the unspoiled castles, exceptional nightlife, gothic castles, famous bridges, and unbelievable art scene.

Did you understand that Prague is house to the world’s most huge castle? The Prague castle is the biggest worldwide and covers over 18 acres.

The Charles Bridge has critical mathematical significance since the previous Czech king Charles IV put the first stone on the bridge at around 5.31 on July 9th, 1357. And the king was amazed by astrology; he selected this time because the date is composed like this: 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1.

There are many factors that digital nomads enjoy picking Prague as their house city. It has an exceptional living standard, is extremely economical, and the city is well-connected to Europe and beyond. In addition, Prague has some of the world’s most outstanding beer, and if you enjoy beer– Prague is a dream city.

Prague, Czechia - October 26, 2019: Aerial view of Old Town Square (Staromestske namesti or Staromak), historic square in the Old Town quarter of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague skyline

Prague Visa

Visas are likewise not needed from those from the Schengen location, suggesting they can remain for up to 90 days. If you are from a visa-exempt nation, you can remain for an optimum of 90 days, and if you require a visa, you need to get it before your arrival.

The very best method to learn if you require a visa is to ask your embassy in Czechia or talk with the closest Czech embassy in your nation. Then, you can discover the treatment you require to take to get your visa.

If you intend to operate in Prague and are not from the EU or do not deserve to work, you will require a work authorization before our arrival. This can be done using an embassy. Czechia uses some great work visas for business owners, so ensure to research study as there might be a more helpful method for you to remain.

Finest Time to Visit Prague

The weather condition in Prague differs year-round, with four specified seasons. However, it is typical for it to snow in Prague throughout the winter season, especially at the end of December.

The spring happens in March, April, and May, with May being the wettest month. Fall takes place in October and November time, and this is when you will see all the autumnal colors and the temperature level starts to drop. The days are primarily dry and cold as it enters the winter season.

Prague for Families

Prague is an excellent city for households as it has numerous benefits and centers and lots of home entertainment for kids all in one center. The International School of Prague is the finest recognized worldwide school, lodging around 60 various citizenships, and there are lots more throughout the city. Regarding understanding Prague before you get here and having things in location, the finest thing to do is browse and ask concerns on expat online forums such as households in Prague facebook group, expat.

There is a lot to do with children when it comes to home entertainment, from checking out and walking the Old Town and appreciating the old architecture to going to Prague Zoo or investing an afternoon in a park. Of course, if you exist throughout the summer season, there are lots of totally free things to do outside; however, you can still discover home entertainment using the museums and galleries in the winter season.

Prague Transportation

Prague has a fantastic choice of modes of public transportation, from cable cars to buses and rental bikes, and their public transportation systems are ranked as a few of the very best in Europe. The tickets likewise work throughout numerous kinds of transportation. For example, if you purchase a ticket for the cable car, you can likewise utilize it on the city and buses.


There are a variety of bus paths in Prague, and you will discover schedules and services online. The essential lines are 119, which links Prague airport to the nearby city line, and 112, which takes you to Prague zoo from the city.


Prague’s city system has four color-coded lines to make it relatively simple to browse. In addition, the tickets in Prague are extremely economical, and they have a range of tickets on sale. For example, you can get simply a 30-minute ticket, which enables you to ride as much as you like within the offered time frame, for simply $1.10 USD.

Cable car

Two tram lines are running in Prague with an overall track length of 500 km. The cable cars weave in and out of the city, implying they take travelers on the most hassle-free paths possible. The rate of the cable car is precisely the like the city.


The train is best utilized for longer journeys, such as going to other cities in Czechia and even surrounding nations. The trains can be a little costly if purchased on the day; nevertheless, if they are reserved beforehand, you can get a ticket for just $35 USD to take a trip to another city in Czechia. is the best site for discovering more affordable tickets and scheduling beforehand.


There are numerous bike leasing locations in Prague. However, one of the finest ranked is City Bike Prague. They likewise use directed city trips and more!

Electric Scooters

Businesses such as Lime have come to Prague and other cities in Czechia, providing low-cost, fast, simple transportation alternatives for anybody in significant cities. It is truly easy to utilize and an excellent method to tour.

Physical fitness and health

There is a fantastic choice of health clubs and physical fitness classes in Prague, so you will not need to stress over health when remaining there. Whether you wish to exercise, participate in a relaxing yoga class, or opt for a run, there are many alternatives.

R5 is a fantastic leisure center that uses a range of classes such as spinning and yoga and works as a regular fitness center. Their costs are fantastic, and it is centrally situated.

The kind factory is another fantastic physical fitness center, and single entry expenses are around $14 USD. Pro-One Fitness is $7 USD for a single entry, and if you bulk purchase, you can get a discount rate.

Xplore Fitness is another location with diverse classes and a fantastic choice of fitness center devices. It is among the more pricey health clubs because it is likewise a wellness center, using massages and individual fitness instructors. Entry expenses are around $13.50 USD for a single entry; however, they have many bundles and unique classes available.

Prague People

Individuals of Prague are really friendly and inviting towards any visitors, and they will make certain you have fun. The population is mainly Czech, with an extremely small portion being immigrants compared to the variety of residents.

Like with many nations, it is typical in Czechia to move to the capital city as this is where you are most likely to discover the finest tasks and make the most, for this reason, the largest inhabited city. However, after WW II, there were many impacts on the area and Prague.

You might not observe unless you speak Czech; you might not observe; however, there is a Prague accent. Prague locals have a unique accent within the nation, so it is simple to observe if you recognize it.

When you check out Prague, you will feel this energy and this hardworking ambiance in the city and organizational locations. As tourist grows and more younger generations find out other languages in school, there has been a minor boost in the number of bilinguals in Prague; nevertheless, this isn’t the case throughout the entire city.

Prague Insurance and Medical Care

The health care offered in Prague is of high quality, and there are numerous global health centers in the city, with physicians and nurses that are utilized to accommodate immigrants. The requirement of health care in Prague is high, so there is no requirement to stress if you have a medical emergency as you will get great care.

A medical professional’s go-to with health care insurance coverage will cost you around $37 USD. Likewise, many practices will take money payments, so get invoices if you get treatment and require claiming with your insurance coverage.

Prague is a safe city; it is constantly best to take out insurance coverage that covers your valuables and medical, as mishaps can occur anywhere. If you are bringing pricey devices, then make certain to cover your work products as some types of lodging that do not have safes or protected locker spaces might result in taken products.

Ensure you are completely covered by reading our complete Digital Nomad Travel Insurance guide.

Jobs in Prague

Discovering a task in Prague can be rather simple, depending upon your market. However, there is a substantial requirement for those who operate in tourist and Prague is the capital of Czechia, suggesting all significant companies’ headquarters are based there. This suggests that you will discover numerous chances that do not need you to speak Czech.

Keep in mind that wages in Prague are not the greatest in Europe, so anticipate t be making a little less than nations in Western Europe. But, on the other hand, it is typical to get terrific advantages with work such as long holiday time and versatile working hours.

The best method to discover a task is to browse online; sites such as,, and Linkedin are excellent methods to discover work before getting here. In this manner, your company can acquire a visa for you and have it all set for your arrival. Likewise, other methods of discovering tasks online are less trusted, like utilizing the Facebook market and Facebook groups for remote tasks.

Suppose you are a language instructor, particularly teaching English. In that case, this is another opportunity for work as discovering English is becoming more popular, and the need for English instructors is growing. Again, utilizing sites such as and the British Council are great ways of discovering tasks in particular cities.

You will likewise discover that tourism is a substantial sector in Prague, so you may discover when you show up that you can get casual work such as bar tasks, waitressing, or tasks dealing with trip firms. It deserves getting in touch with some locations before you show up if this seems like something you are interested in, and ensure to look at when their peak season is, as this is when they are probably to be working with.

Advantages of being a digital nomad in Prague.

Excellent area

Prague remains in the middle of Europe; however, can you think about a better place for somebody who enjoys taking a trip? You’ll be on a brief 3-6 bus flight from many neighboring cities like Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava, and many more.

Prague brings in countless travelers every year, and because of this, numerous affordable airliners pick to fly here. Popular airline companies consist of Ryanair, Easyjet, and Wizz Air, and you can discover very low-priced flights to all of Europe through these airliners. Therefore, Prague is maybe the very best area for a digital nomad!

Wonderful history

Prague has among Europe’s most affluent histories, and you’ll see amazing history all over you go. Whether you’re strolling through Charles Bridge or checking out Prague Castle, it is difficult to discover more outstanding gothic architecture in any city internationally.

Prague is a fantastic strolling city, and there is a range of totally free walking tours for digital nomads that provide an amazing, thorough understanding of the city’s history. In addition, numerous historical towns and towns in the nation are simply a brief flight away and quickly available by bus.

Extremely inexpensive

Prague is among Europe’s many budget-friendly cities for digital nomads and a visitor. The typical expense of a digital nomad monthly is around 2,200 USD, far less expensive than in numerous European countries.

You can discover coworking areas for an average of 188 USD per month. So whatever in Prague stays extremely cost-effective and competitive for a digital nomad.

A huge social scene

Prague has among Europe’s many flourishing social scenes because of the huge variety of travelers and expats that reside in the city. As a result, there is a huge range of bars and dining establishments throughout the city, and the nightlife is absolutely nothing exceptional.

Prague is next to substantial mountains and exceptional treking areas best for the summer season months. You can discover top-class biking areas, treking areas, or running tracks throughout the summertime. In addition, there are wonderful snowboarding changes around the city in the winter season months.

Public Transport is great.

Public transportation in Prague is great and a few of the very best in Europe. You choose month-to-month or longer passes that will cover you from any problems. Schedules are likewise really strictly followed so that you can anticipate navigating punctually.

The city has wonderful bike sharing, bus systems, and a taxi system in location, so you’ll never have any concerns getting around the city. However, something to keep an eye out for is Taxis that aren’t utilizing a taximeter, and the issue with that is some Prague cabby can rip off immigrants. So make sure you leap into a metered taxi or decide for an Uber.

Another aggravating concern for digital nomads is the trouble in getting a regional driving license within the city. You can continue driving without a regional license if you’re from an EU nation. However, those from non-EU nations will have to take driving lessons and a test before the authorities approve a regional driving license.

Outstanding and budget-friendly healthcare

Prague is housed in outstanding health care. Health care in Prague is westernized, and it is fairly budget-friendly compared to other European nations.

Not everybody in Prague’s healthcare facilities can speak English. Medical professionals tend to speak excellent English; however, Nurses often do not. Nevertheless, it stays a wonderful health care system and is terrific for a digital nomad.

Cons of being a digital nomad in Prague

It is packed

Prague is not a peaceful city. With countless travelers checking out monthly, you’re not going to remain in a location where travelers do not get into your method. However, you can get away from the travelers if you stay outside Old Prague.

If you pick the stay in the center of Prague, you’re not going to get away from the huge swathes of travelers taking hundreds of images on their electronic cameras. If you wish to select a quieter city, search for another European capital like Bratislava.

Federal government administration

If you’re running a company in the Czech Republic, there might be times when you need to handle the federal government. The federal government tends to be extremely administrative in the Czech Republic, and there is frequently a tonne of documents when you desire to get things arranged. As soon as you’ve finished all your files and visa applications, you need to get approval from the foreign cops once you get here in the nation.

The procedure can be tedious, and the authorities typically need you to complete files that you have currently finished. Therefore, it stays a discouraging procedure.


  • ⭐️ Total score 90% 4.03/5 (Rank #40)% 90% 4.03/5 (Rank #40)%
  • 🛍️ Quality of life score Good% Good%
  • 👪 Family Friendly Score Good% Good%
  • 💰 Cost of Living 🙂 Okay: $2,775 / mo% 🙂 Okay: $2,775 / mo%
  • 🖥️ Internet 🏎 Fast: 23Mbps (avg)% 🏎 Fast: 23Mbps (avg)%
  • 👮‍♀️ Lack of crime* Great% Great%
  • ☀️ Temperature 🌞 Perfect: 23°C (feels 23°C)% 🌞 Perfect: 23°C (feels 23°C)%
🗺️ Continent Europe 🏳️‍🌈 Country Czechia
✈️ Average trip length 📅6 days 🖥️ Internet speed (avg) 🚀23 Mbps
☀️ Weather (now) 🌧 23°C + 😊 Comfy (81%) = feels 23°C 💨 Air quality (now) 👍 63 US AQI  🍃 OK
🔋 Power 230V 50Hz 🚖 Best taxi app* Liftago

Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Prague Czechia

In Prague, the summers are comfortable; the winters are very cold, snowy, and windy; and it is partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 26°F to 77°F and is rarely below 11°F or above 88°F.

Based on the tourism score, the best time of year to visit Prague for warm-weather activities is from mid June to early September.

Average Temperature in Prague
The warm season lasts for 3.4 months, from May 29 to September 9, with an average daily high temperature above 68°F. The hottest month of the year in Prague is July, with an average high of 75°F and low of 57°F.

The cold season lasts for 3.6 months, from November 17 to March 5, with an average daily high temperature below 44°F. The coldest month of the year in Prague is January, with an average low of 27°F and high of 36°F.

A wet day is one with at least 0.04 inches of liquid or liquid-equivalent precipitation. The chance of wet days in Prague varies throughout the year.

The wetter season lasts 4.0 months, from May 6 to September 6, with a greater than 25% chance of a given day being a wet day. The month with the most wet days in Prague is June, with an average of 9.7 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

The drier season lasts 8.0 months, from September 6 to May 6. The month with the fewest wet days in Prague is February, with an average of 4.8 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

Among wet days, we distinguish between those that experience rain alone, snow alone, or a mixture of the two. The month with the most days of rain alone in Prague is June, with an average of 9.7 days. Based on this categorization, the most common form of precipitation throughout the year is rain alone, with a peak probability of 33% on June 11.

To show variation within the months and not just the monthly totals, we show the rainfall accumulated over a sliding 31-day period centered around each day of the year. Prague experiences significant seasonal variation in monthly rainfall.

Rain falls throughout the year in Prague. The month with the most rain in Prague is July, with an average rainfall of 2.6 inches.

The month with the least rain in Prague is February, with an average rainfall of 0.6 inches.

As with rainfall, we consider the snowfall accumulated over a sliding 31-day period centered around each day of the year. Prague experiences some seasonal variation in monthly snowfall.

The snowy period of the year lasts for 3.4 months, from November 28 to March 9, with a sliding 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. The month with the most snow in Prague is January, with an average snowfall of 2.0 inches.

The snowless period of the year lasts for 8.6 months, from March 9 to November 28. The least snow falls around July 27, with an average total accumulation of 0.0 inches.

The length of the day in Prague varies extremely over the course of the year. In 2022, the shortest day is December 21, with 8 hours, 4 minutes of daylight; the longest day is June 21, with 16 hours, 23 minutes of daylight.

The earliest sunrise is at 4:52 AM on June 16, and the latest sunrise is 3 hours, 9 minutes later at 8:01 AM on December 31. The earliest sunset is at 3:59 PM on December 12, and the latest sunset is 5 hours, 16 minutes later at 9:16 PM on June 26.

Daylight saving time (DST) is observed in Prague during 2022, starting in the spring on March 27, lasting 7.1 months, and ending in the fall on October 30.

We base the humidity comfort level on the dew point, as it determines whether perspiration will evaporate from the skin, thereby cooling the body. Lower dew points feel drier and higher dew points feel more humid. Unlike temperature, which typically varies significantly between night and day, dew point tends to change more slowly, so while the temperature may drop at night, a muggy day is typically followed by a muggy night.

The perceived humidity level in Prague, as measured by the percentage of time in which the humidity comfort level is muggy, oppressive, or miserable, does not vary significantly over the course of the year, staying within 1% of 1% throughout.

This section discusses the wide-area hourly average wind vector (speed and direction) at 10 meters above the ground. The wind experienced at any given location is highly dependent on local topography and other factors, and instantaneous wind speed and direction vary more widely than hourly averages.

The average hourly wind speed in Prague experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the year.

The windier part of the year lasts for 5.6 months, from October 22 to April 8, with average wind speeds of more than 9.2 miles per hour. The windiest month of the year in Prague is January, with an average hourly wind speed of 10.9 miles per hour.

The calmer time of year lasts for 6.4 months, from April 8 to October 22. The calmest month of the year in Prague is August, with an average hourly wind speed of 7.7 miles per hour.

Best Time of Year to Visit
To characterize how pleasant the weather is in Prague throughout the year, we compute two travel scores.

The tourism score favors clear, rainless days with perceived temperatures between 65°F and 80°F. Based on this score, the best time of year to visit Prague for general outdoor tourist activities is from mid June to early September, with a peak score in the first week of August.

The beach/pool score favors clear, rainless days with perceived temperatures between 75°F and 90°F. Based on this score, the best time of year to visit Prague for hot-weather activities is from mid July to mid August, with a peak score in the first week of August.

Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha weather forecast hourly

💔 Not close to my parents+203% 🏉 Rugby+148% 👨 No beard+146% 💄 Makeup+116%
🟥 Red hair+111% 👴 Conservative politics+27% 🤖 Android+34% 🚬 Social smoker+34%
📱 Mobile Dev+35% 🏡 Homebody+40% 💬 WeChat+46% 🍖 Carnivore+53%
👗 Dress up+50% 🏐 Volleyball+49% ⚾️ Baseball+115% 🚜 Country music+72%

The Cost of Living in Prague

The anticipated living expense differs from person to person and will be extremely dependent on your requirements. Prague is still a city where you get terrific worth for cash; however, as it is becoming more popular with travelers, the expense of living is gradually beginning to increase.

On a low-end spending plan, you should anticipate paying around $1007 USD monthly. That would be $350 USD on lodging in the form of a studio apartment discovered on, $36 USD on WeWork coworking, and $31 USD on the month-to-month public transportation pass. An approximated $15 USD per day on food, which is $450 USD per month, $40 USD on physical fitness, in the type of some classes integrated with strolling and running, which are complimentary, and then around $100 USD for leisure.

You might invest less if you do not spend on any activities and maximize the free sights that you can see by walking. Street food likewise tends to be less expensive in addition to cooking in the house, so you may discover you might invest even less.

On a higher-end spending plan, taking advantage of the city and having your animal conveniences, you need to anticipate paying around $1524 USD each month. Broken down, that is $610 USD each month for a studio apartment in Fizz coliving, $36 USD monthly on WeWork coworking, $20 USD daily on food, so around $600 USD monthly. $47 USD on a fitness center subscription, $31 USD on public transportation, and around $200 USD on leisure.

As the Czech capital ends up being increasingly more popular with travelers, living expenses are on the increase. However, you still get great worth for your cash in this city.

The expense of living in Prague differs from person to person, naturally. However, in basic, Prague is thought of as a reasonably budget-friendly European capital. According to Numbeo, the regular monthly expense for a bachelor is EUR598.27, not consisting of the lease.

Prague is popular for digital nomads since it is among the more affordable areas in Europe. Comparing Prague to western European cities like London, Amsterdam, Paris, or Berlin is more economical.

The Czech Republic has never formally signed up with the Euro currency. That is what makes Prague a less expensive location for digital nomads than other popular European areas.

The nation utilizes Czech Koruna, and 1 Czech Koruna = 0.47 USD.

One essential element of a digital nomad city choice is the spending plan and how costly things are. Let’s look at a few of your most substantial costs as a digital nomad.


💵 Cost of living for nomad $2,775 / month 💵 Cost of living for expat $2,131 / month
💵 Cost of living for family $3,088 / month 💵 Cost of living for local $882 / month
🏠 1br studio rent in center $688 / month 🏢 Coworking $173 / month
🏨 Hotel (median price) $1,085 / month 🏨 Hotel (median price) $51 / night
🏡 Airbnb (median from 1,001 listings) $4,685 / month 🏠 Airbnb (median price) $154 / night
🍺 Beer (0.5L) $1.73 🍛 Dinner $6.27

The Best Neighborhoods

Prague is a relatively big city, with some locations that are much better matched to travelers and others more localized. Here are a few of the best locations to remain as a digital nomad, with a mix of vibes and environments.

Malá Strana

Found on the west of the river that divides the city, Malá Strana is a fantastic location for nomads who aim to still be within strolling range of the center, however, in a somewhat quieter district. It is possible to discover spaces in shared apartments or condos, or little studio apartments on this district’s borders for around $500 USD monthly. However, in the center of Malá Strana, apartments or condos on Airbnb can be extremely costly as it is a good location.

New Town (Nové Město).

The New Town location is quite much in the center of Prague. Likewise, there is an excellent choice of locations to remain, from coliving penthouses from $400 USD per month to personal houses from $700 USD per month.


On the west of the river and somewhat south of the city is Smíchov, a terrific location to remain if you desire to have views of the stunning architecture of Prague. Lodging on Airbnb here begins at around $700 USD for one month.


Its terrific place appeals to those who work in the city or require fast, simple gain access. There are more options for lodging in the location, from flatshares to hostels and Airbnbs.


There is Žižkov which once again is situated quite centrally, ideally next to Old Town, and this is the location where you will discover numerous trainees and the youth of the city. It is a lively, dynamic part of Prague with lots going on, so if you are a little socialite, this is the location for you. Lodging here on Airbnb normally costs anything beginning with $800 USD monthly.

Find an apartment in Prague.

There are many methods to discover a home in Prague, and below are a few of the very best methods, from utilizing Airbnb to hostels and coliving areas. Of course, the rental cost will differ drastically depending upon the location that you lie in.


The typical expense of an Airbnb is among the most popular locations with digital nomads will be around $700 USD monthly for a one-bedroom apartment or condo. While this may look like a lot compared to other websites, you need to keep in mind that this consists of all expenses and Wi-Fi. Not all apartments or condos use Wi-Fi, so make certain to examine before reserving and request the web speed, too, especially if you intend to have some workdays from your lodging.

The Fizz Coliving.

Coliving places are gradually beginning to pop up in Prague, and this is one of the premier coliving areas. For around $610 USD per month, you can lease a completely geared-up studio in the coliving structure.

House to go.

Apartments or condos here vary considerably in expense, depending on where you desire to be in the city. However, most costs begin from around $800 USD per month. The excellent thing about utilizing websites such as house to go is that you will not have to pay a security deposit on most leasings for under six months.

Albertov Rental Apartments.

They provide houses to lease from as little as one month to 6 months. For example, if you schedule a one-bedroom home, it will cost anything from around $1250 USD for one month; however, if you schedule it for over three months, the month-to-month rate drops to $1130 USD.

Cheap Places to Stay in Prague.

Your best choice is to remain in hostels, guesthouses, or flatshares for low-budget lodging. There is a fantastic choice of hostels in Prague, providing a range of centers to match each requirement. Here are a few of the very best value-for-price hostels in Prague.

Hostel One Miru is an excellent hostel, centrally located and well geared up, costing $13 USD per night for a bed in a dormitory. The only drawback to remaining here is that you can remain for 14 days, which is typical with most hostels, so you might need to alter lodging midway through your stay. However, this small trouble can conserve you on lease cash as hostels are more affordable than leased lodging.

Other lower spending plan hostels with high scores are Hostel One Home which costs around $14 USD per night for a bed in a dormitory, and Hostel Rosemary, costing around $13 USD per night for a bed in a dormitory.

Suppose you are delighted to be situated simply outside the city center, however close to public transportation. In that case, Hostel Fontana is a fantastic alternative as a bed in a dormitory here costs $8 USD per night. A bed in a dormitory costs as little as $9 USD; however, they likewise use personal spaces.

Another choice for less expensive homes is utilizing search engines such as It is possible to discover apartments or condos here for as little as $350 USD per month.

✅ Pretty safe ✅ Roads are very safe
✅ Fast internet ✅ Great freedom of speech
✅ Lots of fun stuff to do ✅ Democratic
✅ Warm now ✅ People can speak basic English
✅ Good air quality on average ✅ Very safe for women
✅ Nomad List members liked going here a lot ✅ Family friendly
✅ Spacious and not crowded ✅ Very friendly to LGBTQ+
✅ Many Nomad List members here all year round ❌ Expensive
✅ Very easy to do business ❌ Gets cold in the winter
✅ High quality of education ❌ Difficult to make friends
✅ Great hospitals ❌ People smoking tobacco a lot

The Nightlife of Prague

Regardless of its fairly small size, the Czech capital of Prague is constantly loaded with spectacular sights, each endowed with a long and different history. If you are coming to take pleasure in the splendor of Prague nightlife, we have got you covered since every night and day in Prague serves an amazing range of activities that one can delight in to make the trip unforgettable.

While there aren’t any Nightlife-specific locations in Prague, there is an adequate quantity of hotels, bars, and nightclubs. So here we have assembled this list of what we think are the leading activities to do in Prague at night; examine our suggested choices here for the finest places offered in Prague, and all are prepared to make you delighted while you are enjoying your nightlife experience over there:

Prague National Theatre

Prague’s abundant, creative folklore is well-shown in every Czech opera efficiency produced in this Neo-Renaissance theater. Considering that creation has played a considerable function in advancing the Czech language, music, and the nation’s significant arts.

Dine and travel along River Vltava

Invest your night by having supper along River Vltava, the longest river in the Czech Republic, and take in the floodlit appeal of Prague by meandering along with the awesome views of the river. To begin a charming night, attempt to dine at one of the riverside dining establishments or pick a buffet of hot and cold meals on the boat while cruising.

Ghost Tours

One of the interesting activities you can do in Prague at night is signing up with the ghost and vampire trips and finding the spooky side of the historic city. This trip focuses on the storytelling of ghosts, legends, and paranormal occasions while strolling with a group of secret hunters along the dark streets of Prague’s Old Town.

Royal Café Theatre

The movie theater is more of a supper theater, having unique style nights, making it so hectic with many schedules in line. So be sure to strike this location to understand the feel of this special principle in Prague city.

Best Bars in Prague

Prague might be understood for its happy beer culture; however, you can discover many white wine bars spread throughout the city. Prague is flooded with bars and bars, beer gardens, white wine stores, and mixed drink bars, all serving the tasty lager beers that the Czech Republic is popular for.

The list below is a collection of what we think about to be the very best bars in Prague; we’ve created a supreme guide here to the very best bars in Prague to assist you narrow, so go out with your pals and loved-one out there to have an unforgettable experience on your getaway at Prague:

Bad Flash

For all you beer and red wine lovers out there, Bad Flash is a bar in Prague you will not desire to miss out on. With two places, one in Vršovice and another in Karlín, they are one of the finest bars in Prague.

Black Angel’s Bar

Called among the leading four hotel bars on the planet at the prominent yearly spirit awards event, Tales of the Cocktail, Black Angel’s Bar is a must-visit for any cocktail-lover in Prague. Found in the remodeled Gothic-style cellar of the Hotel U Prince in Old Town Square, the bar’s environment pulsates with centuries-old energy despite its 1930s public-house style. Delight in history’s forgotten beverages, like the gin-based Corpse Reviver, as you unwind among the abundant red leather banquettes and delight in the luxury.

Café Bar Pilotů

This cocktail bar in the culturally lively Vršovice district provides excellent drinks in a friendly environment. The huge open space is embellished with a well-stocked bookshelf, which uses a whole wall, and easy wood tables and armchairs. Clients can delight in innovative twists on traditional mixed drinks, with everyone called after other neighborhood bars and businesses in the neighborhood.


Are you looking for a location to consume fresh, tasty Czech beer? With five places around Prague, it is simple to fit this location into your schedule no matter where in the city you end up. Lokál serves a range of Czech classics with a special twist, so you will get a genuinely genuine food and drink experience throughout your see.

Hemingway Bar

The bar has Cuban-inspired decoration with wood home furnishings and leather seats, a nod to Hemingway’s love of the island. Ernest Hemingway’s fondness for great rum is likewise commemorated here, with 200 kinds on a deal.


With two areas in the center, this hip white wine bar provides a huge choice of white wines from the well-known Moravian white wine area of Czechia and the Bohemian area and around the world. After sitting at your table, the bar personnel will bring you a tablet where you can search all of the red wines in their cellar and make your option.

The Golden Tiger

The historical Golden Tiger, understood in your area as U Zlatého Tygra uses a genuine Czech bar experience within the old touristic. At nights, the front benches are immediately booked for old-time regulars, who still come daily for the fresh Pilsner on tap. In addition, the bar is popular for being Czech author Bohumil Hrabal’s routine haunt. At the same time, other noteworthy customers consist of the very first president of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel, and previous American president Bill Clinton.

Pivo a park

A quality draught beer and a bite to eat are all you require for a strong bar night in Prague, as shown by this easygoing regional favorite. Places in the Vinohrady and Žižkov areas serve simply what the name guarantees, ‘beer and hotdogs’; however, they believe more in grilled sausages and bread than a doughy American bun. Delicately dressed beer fans line the bar tables and mellow outside gardens, where smoking cigarettes is still relatively typical.


This intimate Karlín red wine bar is not restricted to regional white wines; however, you will not discover any bottles that have crossed an ocean here. Instead, the everyday choice of natural vino put each night comes specifically from nations within the previous Austro-Hungarian Empire. The friendly, multilingual personnel enjoy talking about individual choices and cost points.


A favorite of residents and travelers alike, this fashionable bar in Prague can get quite crowded, particularly on unique nights! Every Tuesday is Ladies Night with complimentary pitchers of sangria, and every Sunday is Seven Crown Night, where you pay just seven crowns for a little draft beer. These offers and the quality of the mixed drinks make Bukowski’s one of the finest bars in Prague.

Bar Cobra.

The easily cool area near Letná Park fades from mellow table service through the afternoons and nights into a DJ-backed celebration from Thursday to Saturday. Simply a cable car flight throughout the river from Prague’s Old Town, residents sprawl throughout the window ledges on hot summer season days, making it simpler to find this discreetly significant bar lined with black awnings. Draught beer, champagne, and a seasonal mixed drink menu fuel the celebration into the early hours.

Beer Geek.

Your typical Czech club will provide one or two lagers from a single brand name and possibly a dark ale on draught. However, beer Geek breaks the ‘Pilsner is king’ custom with 32 microbrews on tap varying from sours to stouts, catering to worldwide customers in the Vinohrady area.

Best Nightclub in Prague.

The finest bars in Prague boast a night complete with glamour and beauty. It would be best to stop fretting because Prague’s clubs provide the best area for everybody. Examine our suggestions here, get a group of buddies or unique somebody and check out Prague’s attractive nightlife activities at the optimal finest nightclubs in Prague.

Karlovy Lazne.

The primary tourist attraction is that those five levels provide various music designs. So essentially, you get five music clubs for the rate of one admission cost. As a bonus offer, you can likewise discover the Ice Pub on the ground flooring, a distinct bar where definitely whatever is made of ice.

Lucerna Music Club.

Positioned in the instant area of Wenceslas Square, Lucerna Music Club uses a wide choice of music categories in a somewhat mellower environment. The club hosts a style night of sorts every Friday and Saturday, a celebration committed to the 80s & 90s. A big screen reveals initial music videos from the period and uses visitors something to look at while they take a break from the dance flooring.


SaSaZu is situated in Holesovice, a Prague area renowned as a celebration district. This is enough to fit around 2,000 individuals at complete capability and guarantee an environment reminiscent of a music celebration. The smooth interior brings in dance music, home, pop, ethnic, and funk fans.

M1 Lounge.

You can discover the M1 Lounge in Old Town Square, in the very center of Prague. The club is a premier place for hip hop and RnB music and is one of the trendiest locations in town.


In addition to music, it likewise has a theatre and an art gallery. You will have a hard time discovering a much better sound system in all of Prague, which is why live efficiencies are popular here.


If you are a fan of progressive dance music, then Roxy is your option. The location likewise hosts live shows.

Music Club Zlaty Strom.

A safe bet for any partier, Zlaty Strom is about as one-size-fits-all. Its area is one of the simplest to get to, ideal in between Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge, in the basement of the Golden Tree hotel.


For those looking for various scenes, the filthy, dimly-lit basement of Harley’s makes for a hazy environment for a hazy night. The large variety of rock music playing all night contrasts the common Prague clubs’ lineup of Top 40 hits, hypnotic trance, and EDM.


It is a beacon of nightlife in Prague. Duplex changes into the conclusive club, a dining establishment by day, which mainly plays home music.

Phenomenal Music Club.

Munch salted almonds or veggies chips, cleaned down by a big mug of Staropramen, brewed in Prague’s Smichov district close to Phenomen. If your Prague corresponds with an efficiency of an initial English Stand-up Comedy, be sure to get here early to protect an excellent location.

Ace Club.

Here, you can make a celebration of the finest R&B hits of all time all night long. Whether you are regional in Prague or simply checking out for the weekend, Ace Club is where you can’t miss out on.

Chapeau Rouge.

When your night has begun getting a bit fuzzy, Chapeau Rouge must be your go-to bar—listed below ground lie numerous stories of bars and dance floors.

Standard Czech Food in Prague


The indisputable king of the “treats that go well with beer” classification (see listed below), the steak tartare is a Czech traditional; you must not leave Prague without tasting it. It’s raw beef cut, scraped, or minced and served with dressings and either an egg on top or merely offered premixed.

How do you consume this thing? With toasted bread and a clove of garlic. We do not grow olives here, so we toast the bread on the Czech equivalent of olive oil: pork fat.

We have numerous favorites in Prague; however, we keep coming back for the beef steak tartare at Nase Maso or its sibling, Kantýna, in the New Town. The meat taken from dry-aged Czech found cows is premixed with onions, egg, oil, cream, fried capers, etc. Also, a glass of newly put Pilsner; however, you’ll get a pass from us if you take a disk of this meaty charm from Nase Maso and consume it with a glass of Czech red at the Bokovka red wine bar next door.


As Mr. Sahajdak, the Executive Chef at La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise, stated in our interview, Czech food is all about soups and sauces. And if there is one conventional Czech soup, it should be the Kulajda (pronounced “Ku-lay-dah”): a velvety potato soup with mushrooms, dill, vinegar, and a poached egg on top. However, a dish by Mr. Stift, a previous judge in the first series of Czech Masterchef, has become a staple on the Lounge and Terrace all-day menu of the otherwise Asian-focused Spices dining establishment.


The Czechs like sausages and consume them as quick food for breakfast (the first time Jan saw cornflakes was when he was a 16yo foreign exchange trainee in the United States) and as the ideal strong buddy to beer. We go to the Nase Maso butcher store for the finest Wieners in Prague. More frequently than we’d like, we tend to purchase the “variance”: one classic, one beef, and one Debrecener sausage, all on a paper plate with a bit of mustard and bread, the method these must be consumed.


Explaining the dish for svickova is a minefield: everyone concurs that the veggie sauce with cream includes carrots, celery, and parsley root, that it includes a piece of beef pierced with speck, and that it is served with bread dumplings. Yes, the svickova, a traditional Czech meal made for wedding events or Sunday household lunches, is an extremely individual, intimate affair connected to the household dish. Your granny’s the finest.

I ended up with cranberry compote; this meal is a real staple of conventional Czech food. Check out the Next Door dining establishment and purchase their variation. What sets it apart from other variations is the quality of the meat: While the sauce is almost constantly good, the Next Door variation’s meat towers above the rest.


There are not lots of Czech conventional meals that would be based around chicken; however, duck? Set that delicious, juicy, and tender confit with sauerkraut and dumplings. You’ve got a staple that is an important part of numerous Czech Sunday lunches consumed in the household circle.

Much like schnitzel, duck can be discovered on the menu of lots of dining establishments; however, we go to U Bansethu in the Nusle district for our individual favorite, albeit a distinctive variation: the duck is packed with a mix of dumplings and sauerkraut (both usually acted as a side), and you merely get a quarter of the whole thing. Integrate with fresh Pilsner for whatever combination: abundant, sweet, tasty, salted, and bitter in every bite and gulp. At CZK 130 a pop, this is a take.

Another terrific variation of duck is served at Ossegg in the Vinohrady district. Again, we’d combine it with the tasting board of the craft beers made in the basement. The only thing that keeps us from advising it more is that it tends to be quite touristy.


Mercilessly tortured for ages by the school snack bar, the dill sauce is one the most cherished – and disliked – meals in the collection of Czech food. However, when done effectively, it is a wonderful buddy to either slow-cooked beef or poached or prepared egg (yes, the dill sauce is among the very best Czech vegetarian meals, too) and is generally served with potatoes. It has constantly been the most significant surprise of our Prague food trips whenever served.

Chef Bycek serves a fine-tuned variation of the classic that has all the deep, a little sweet and sour tastes of the initial, without the heft. Another terrific variation can be served at Kuchyn in the Prague Castle district; however, the reality is that the dining establishment principle relies on regular modifications in the menu, so you can never understand if they will have it.


Conventional Czech food is Central European food, and the schnitzel is the best example. Declared by the Viennese, the Wiener schnitzel is veal, the Czech and German variations are primarily pork, and the Cotoletta Alla Milanese from Milan, Italy, is veal once again. The standard Czech variation is a mix of potatoes, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, onions, pickles, mayo, mustard, salt water from the pickles, and salt and pepper.

The finest variation in Prague? Served with cranberries, too, this is our go-to when we return from a long getaway and require us to recalibrate our taste buds to Czech food once again.

Kantýna serves the finest schnitzel (sans the potato salad). It is a particular variation: a thick piece of pork neck, the fattiest of cuts utilized for schnitzel, it is reminiscent of Japanese tonkatsu and takes almost half an hour to fry and bake. But, next to the carpaccio and the dry-aged beef hamburger, it’s the finest thing Kantýna serves.


It informs you something about the predicament of vegetarians here in the Czech Republic when the traditional Czech vegetarian meal includes absolutely no veggies, is fried, and defies any concept of seasonality. Many Czechs would argue that “fried cheese,” i.e., a piece of fried, breaded Eidam cheese, is a gooey, tacky, abundant, soothing, and entirely tasty piece of food that never stops working to please.

Their cheese is aged at home for six weeks and pan-fried in butter. In Dlouhá street Lokál, one of the five chefs in the cooking area is accountable entirely and solely for breading and frying cheese: they can offer around 500 a day. And it is something Jan’s Slovak cousins constantly firmly insist on tasting the very first minute they get here in Prague.


The Czech variation is a thicker stew, normally utilizes a less expensive cut of beef (in some cases pork, too), and is served with dumplings. Goulash is an excellent safe bet: when you stroll into a Czech dining establishment, and the menu appears to do not have focus, goulash is something that you can constantly rely on, as a lot of dining establishments will serve a good variation.

For a great goulash in the center of Prague, we’d check out the Mincovna dining establishment in the Old Town Square or the KATR dining establishment close by (popular amongst previous Czech hockey and football gamers). Both serve fresh Pilsner, the best pairing.


You might not desire to; however, you certainly need to attempt carp in Prague. Imported from China in the Middle Ages and now representing 9 out of 10 fish farmed in the Czech Republic, it is the number 1 fish in the nation by a broad margin, generally due to the reality that carp schnitzel with potato salad is the traditional Christmas Eve meal here.

It’s an upgraded variation of a timeless beer treat served in many clubs, and it is tasty. U Mateje serves kapri hranolky, or carp french fries. Served as schnitzel with potato salad, it is tasty.


Standard Czech food integrates a particular type of meal: the primary sweet meal. And the fruit dumplings are the outright timeless agent of that classification: dumplings filled with fruit and served in a much deeper meal with melted butter, sugar, and other sweet dressings. While Café Savoy serves killer strawberry and apricot dumplings with butter and cheese curds, our heart belongs to the fruit dumplings at Krystal restaurant in the Karlin district.


When it concerns kolaches, a couple of things are indisputable.

They originate from the Czech Republic, not Texas or Brooklyn.

The conventional Czech kolache – little round yeast dough deals with – included sweet fillings, not the jalapeño sausage fillings like in Texas.

The very best kolache on the planet originated from the kitchen area of Zuzi’s grandmother in Moravia.

Suppose you desire to get as near as it gets to the excellence. In that case, we call Zuzi’s grandmother’s kolache (or their local variation called “vdolecky”) and head over to Moravské kolácky Dolezal in the Vrsovice district. Then, integrate that with coffee by Café Jen around the corner and consume them in the park above the Grébovka vineyard, neglecting the southern slopes of Prague. Cukrár Skála serves strong poppy seed and cherry kolache.


Buchty, sweet yeast dough buns, are something the heroes of Czech fairy tales would load to go when they were about to embark on a journey. And for a factor: they are complete of energy, tasty and completely Czech.

We consume our buns at EMA Espresso Bar, one of our preferred coffee stores in Prague. ESKA, the hip dining establishment in the Karlin district, is another fantastic location to have buchtas – they utilize a sourdough base (and you can taste the tartness a bit); however, their fillings – plum jam, farmers’ cheese, poppy seeds or nuts – are of excellent quality. Finally, for a sit-down dessert variation of buchtas, head over to the just recently opened U Mateje in the Hanspaulka district: they are warm, served with melted butter and melting ice cream, and simply sinfully tasty.

PS: Please see our post about Prague bakery for conventional Czech pastries. Thank you.


We might dispute thoroughly whether chlebicek, the Czech open-faced sandwich, is solely Czech. Still, Czech or not, the Czechs like the chlebicek: a piece of baguette-like bread or toast bread with mouth-watering garnishes; it is a jack of lots of trades.

For the finest contemporary variation, head over to the Sisters restaurant, where Hana Michopulu, a huge character of the Czech food scene, attempted to transform the entire idea by merging the Czech custom with some Scandinavian impacts. Finally, for an extremely genuine, old-school variation of the very same, you should go to the Zlaty Kriz deli, a location where time stopped in the late 1970s and where starving residents leave the last bits of any efforts for a much healthier way of life at the door and feast on the chlebiceks so complete of mayo.


To accompany it, go for Czech beer treats. While Czech food might be a bit light on appetizers, it more than compensates for it by a particular classification of foods: “beer treats” or “treats that go well with beer.” Yes, Czechs like to combine food with the common Czech beer, not the other.

Things to do in Prague

Prague is a city abundant in history, and this is best translucent its architecture and amazing structures. In addition, Prague is known for its huge clock, tasty street food, special beer, museums, galleries, and an unbelievable nightlife scene. It is a fantastic city if you enjoy architecture, history, and art as there are numerous complimentary things to do in the city to accommodate these interests.

Check Out Old Town.

The Old Town is what Prague is well-known for; its patched streets and old structures produce the ideal setting for an afternoon walk in what seems like a fairy tale city. Many strolling trips and free city guides will reveal to you the very best structures and special architectural functions.

Huge Clock.

This is one of Prague’s most well-known things to see as it is simply wonderful. The huge clock is located in the Old Town, and it is unique since it was set up in 1410, making it the third-oldest huge clock in the world that is still running.

Beer Spa.

This has ended up being an alternative destination to Prague, and it matches all beer fans. In addition, numerous beer medical spas are popping up over Prague, and they differ in costs depending on the plan you desire.


Depending on what you desire to see, here are some of Prague’s leading museums to check out. If you are a history enthusiast, these museums might be of interest; Museum of Communism, which costs around $7 USD entryway, Jewish Museum in Prague, costing $20 USD entryway; and Speculum Alchemiae, which uses a window into the science of the middle ages.

Art Galleries.

There is a fantastic choice of art galleries in Prague. Here are simply a few of the best; Museum of Decorative Arts, Illusion Art Museum, Czech Museum of Music, Lobkowicz Palace, and Central Gallery. All have a range of entry expenses, and many cans are discovered online to view their sites.

Charles Bridge.

This is most likely among the most renowned things to see in Prague. The popular bridge was integrated into the 14th century, and it is popular with travelers, particularly for photo opportunities. In addition, it is free to stroll throughout.

Lennon Wall

Anybody who is a fan of the Beatles or John Lennon ought to certainly check out the Lennon wall. It is far from the band’s house; it is one of the world’s biggest homage walls with graffiti of tune lyrics and Lennon himself. It is free to check out.

Prague Castle.

Another historic monolith in Prague is the castle, located on the west of the river, and it is a popular location to check out in Prague. The castle was house to the nation’s rulers, and even today, it is house to the president. You can walk the gardens and premises of the castle free of charge and the entryway to get in expenses around $16 USD for a basic ticket.

The Old Jewish Quarter.

Understood as Josefov, the Old Jewish quarter is between the Old Town and the Vltava River. The location was as soon a house for the Jews that were eliminated from residing in the town hall, and numerous banished Jews from surrounding European nations ran away here. The little district has six synagogues, and although numerous structures were ruined for many years, some stay.

St Vitus Cathedral.

Found on the castle’s grounds is a bonanza of artifacts that lie inside the St Vitus Cathedral. Inside you will see a few of the most distinct and earliest stained glass windows, along with the burial place of St John of Nepomuk. You can take combined trips to the cathedral and the castle.

Sedlec Ossuary.

Found a brief drive out of the city in a little town called Kutna Hora is one of Czechia’s the majority of intriguing churches. Sedlec Ossuary is in some cases referred to as the ‘bone church,’ and you have most likely seen it on Instagram as it is a popular area for pictures.

Speculum Alchemiae.

If you enjoy secrets, you should go to the speculum alchemiae, the alchemy museum. The museum is house to a secret underground potions laboratory that was developed for Emperor Rudolf II and, at the time, was an act of breaking the church. This mystical museum entryway expenses around $32 USD, and the trip takes you on a journey beneath Prague.

Check out the middle ages streets in the daytime, meander down the riverside at night, and if all of the sightseeing ends up being too strenuous, you can constantly unwind with some hearty Czech food and an option of the finest lagers worldwide.

From jazz music, puppet shows, and pork knuckles to a huge clock and a mind labyrinth, without additional ado, here is our list of the very best things to do in Prague.

See the Infant Jesus of Prague.

Found in the Mala Strana in the city’s heart, the Infant Jesus of Prague (likewise referred to as the Child of Prague) is a Roman Catholic statue of Jesus Christ as a baby. Daily numerous followers visit this shrine to hope, bow and make desires hoping that they will come to life. The statue itself is framed in an elaborate gilded shrine, and while the figure’s origin is unidentified, it has been back to the 16th century.

Enjoy the Astronomical Clock Strike an Hour.

While in the Old Town Square, time your check out to the Old Town Hall to see the phenomenon of the mechanical clock marking the turn of an hour. The clock itself is on the south face of the town hall and is the pride of Prague.

Consume a Pork Knuckle.

This meat fans dish, likewise called Koleno, is a rather big chunk of pork knee and is preferred in Czech (and likewise German) food. Anticipate the meat to be marinated in beer and served with pickled veggies and dark Czech bread. Consuming such a big piece of meat can bring the attention of many observers; however, the mix of fragrant tender pork and crispy skin renders the meal well worth consuming despite the audience.

Examine the KGB Museum.

This little museum was developed by a Russian lover and homes a wide range of souvenirs associated with the secret authorities of the Soviet Union. You might well be shown around by the collector himself, and you can anticipate discovering a selection of spy video cameras, ace in the holes, and interrogation devices. Another intriguing exhibition within the museum is the pictures of Prague taken by a KGB officer in 1968, in which the streets of the city appear strangely empty.

Identify a Seven Foot Tall Sigmund Freud.

Stroll through the superb metropolitan location of Stare Mesto within the Old Town of Prague and look to the sky. The uncommon artwork has shown so popularly that it has been displayed in cities worldwide consisting, including Chicago, London, and Berlin.

Appreciate the Lennon Wall.

Prague is a long method from Liverpool, the birthplace of the Beatles; fans must inspect this shrine to one of the most well-known bands of all time. The wall has been covered in John Lennon, and The Beatles graffiti, lyrics, and quotes are given from the 1980s and is popular amongst travelers and young fans wanting to admire the group.

Invest some Koruna at the Farmer’s Market

Mix in with the residents as you experience some of the finest food (and sights) that the city has to provide. So enjoy your bounty while sitting by the riverside and seeing the individuals of Prague go about their Saturdays.

See a Puppet Show.

It will not take you long to recognize that the people of Prague are enthusiastic about their puppets. The finest locations to capture a puppet program in Prague are the National Marionette Theatre and Theatre Spejbla & Hurvinek, which use popular efficiencies.

Take a Cruise on the Vltava.

Seeing Prague from the river Vltava is a special experience and provides a method to see the many historic structures and monoliths from various viewpoints. Cruises within the city are competitively priced and typically consist of lunch or supper, depending upon the time of day you select to embark. Selecting a cruise with a period of 2 hours or more will make sure that you are aboard enough time to leave the stress of Prague town hall and enable you to delight in the peacefulness of a few of the quieter riverbanks on the Vltava river.

Stroll the backstreets of Mala Strana

Throughout the river from the Old Town are the baroque backstreets of Mala Strana (the Lesser quarter), integrated into the 17th and 18th centuries by triumphant Catholic clerics and noblemen on the structures of their Protestant predecessor’s Renaissance palaces. At its heart are the baroque square, which uses little stores to search, conventional Czech clubs and dining establishments, and some great river views.

View the Changing of the Guard

Get to the castle before midday to make sure a great view and see the ritualistic altering of the guard consisting of an excitement and flag event. The guards technically serve just the president of the Czech Republic and have some rather stringent recruiting requirements consisting of the spec that a guard should be between 1.78 and 1.88 meters high to serve. The uniforms used by the guards are distinct from the castle guards and are light blue in the summertime and dark blue in the winter season.

Climb up 299 Steps to Petrin Hill

Petrin is a hill on the left bank of the Vltava River; it provides terrific views of the city and is one of the greenest areas in Prague. It is an enjoyable walk to the top of the hill, and there are plenty of benches to rest your legs on while appreciating the view on the method up. At the top, you will discover a mini variation of the Eiffel Tower, landscaped gardens, and the uncommon Church of St Michael, a wood structure moved from Ukraine.

Test yourself at the Mind Maze

Motivated by the legends of alchemists, the mind labyrinth in Prague is an intriguing and remarkable difficulty. Take a buddy as groups are enabled, and two heads are much better than one!

athens greece

Prague is super awesome, it’s a very beautiful city. However, I have learned two things about Prague which I want to share with future travelers and nomads, they are:

– Only use ATMs that has the word “Bankomat” on it, all the other ATMs have really high fees or commission and may even in some cases support organized crime.

– if you need to call the police for some reason, because of e.g. robbery or physical injury, make sure to call the state police or ask for the state police and not the municipal police. The municipal police can be very corrupt and in some cases support organized crime.

That’s my advice, take care.

Mai Truong

My husband and I spent about 6 weeks testing Prague in Nov-Dec 2018 as we were considering it as a semi-permanent base of operations for the next year or two. Honestly it was great and we plan on leaving Malta where we have been for the past year. Pluses – transportation is very good and quite cheap, tons of restaurants, lots to do. People are more reserved, perhaps even a bit suspicious, so I would not say it was an OVERLY welcoming vibe, however there are a lot of expats from the US, CA, UK and more, so I did meet some very nice people and there is a good Expat network there. Not very racially diverse, I noticed this very quickly. Language is somewhat of an issue – unlike say France or Spain where you can figure out some words – in Czech you won’t have a clue. Overall though – 2 thumbs up for us!

Charles Hub

I visited Prague on more than one occasion and tried something new each time. I really wanted to enjoy it, but unfortunately it turned out to be one of my least favourite cities. Perhaps it was just me, but there was an overwhelming sense of distrust and dislike towards foreigners, you have to try pretty hard to blend in if you want to experience the life of a local & avoid the tourism.
I met some wonderful people and and there’s some cool communities to be part of, but another extended stay just isn’t for me.


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Goa is one of India's southern states, with shorelines extending along the Arabian Sea. As one of the extremely few Indian states that weren't dead through the COVID-19 lockdown, several digital nomads from throughout the world have gathered here, and for excellent...

How to be a Digital Nomad in Montpellier, France

How to be a Digital Nomad in Montpellier, France

Typically referred to as the Cultural Gem of Southern France, Montpellier is located near the Mediterranean coast with gorgeous historical structures. Some refer to Montpellier as a cuter and smaller-sized variation of Paris, as it's absolutely nothing brief of a...

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