Some Successful Shopify Store Examples

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successful and built on the SugarPop Shopify platform

Successful Shopify Store

I’m Matt. I hope you’re doing alright today, so Shopify now.

I don’t know whether to call this part of the Shopify video. I’m part four, and I don’t know, I don’t know whether it’s three or four is it to move. Some thank you sounds like given the online arbitrage thing.

Okay, so I’m not sure what part to call this but to be fair. I’m not sure; I’m even going to call it apart it’s basically. I just want to show you some kind of websites that are successful and built on the SugarPop Shopify platform. Okay, so it’s not really part of the course and how to do it, but I thought it might be interesting to some people that are looking to set up a Shopify store, so these are all successful Shopify stores now.

Tesla Gear

As you know, Elon Musk, my hero, is his company’s website, and that’s built on Shopify. So it’s proof that this software is heavier deep, heavy-duty enough. Even the big boys, the billionaire’s it’s got, and what I do want to show you in all these websites is there are common elements. How can you make your little one-man store that you start up yourself a one-woman store?

Sorry girls, you can act you can make your one-man store one-person store. Look just as big as the big boys real easy, so If you just look at this very simple design. You know this would be easy to get a template that looked very much like this. They’ve got a logo here. Which you’ll be you can easily do they’ve got a menu with some drop-down collections very easy to do a search bar already.

Built-in the cart stuff already built-in, and then they’ve just got obviously the product pages, and then they use your footer menu with a few bits and bobs. In fact, they’ve not got much of a footer menu to be there. This is probably one of the most simplistic kinds of e-commerce stores.

I’ve probably ever seen including all eCommerce stores; I mean, they’ve not got me unless I’ve missed something. I can’t see any privacy policy links or anything. You know it’s about as basic as it gets, which you know what they’ve probably done.

That on purpose to be a bit different knowing what Tesla-like so you know to be a minimalist and all that so I want to click around and product women’s athletic tank. They’ve got a product picture. They’ve got a product title price size to add to the cart, so I’m very, very simplistic writing. They don’t do much in the way of selling it, but this is the beauty of it you can you could.

You know you could make a big description there saying how another Garmin is double stitched to perfection and handcrafted in a factory in Michigan, Michigan in the USA.

Successful Shopify Store


I don’t know precisely engineered to blah blah you could do that or you could just do with what do. What they’ve done this athletic performance tank top is made from 92 per cent polyester and apes and spandex lady. They make no attempt to sell this product, but yeah, so as you can see, this is pretty much this is like Elon Musk has gone to his guys.

His web guys and said, can we just a website up, and they feel like yeah yeah, we can do that he’s like can we get up by tomorrow and be like. Yeah, we can do that, and then this is the result unless I’m missing something. This is a very, very simplistic add-to-cart. So yeah, it’s got basic car check out PayPal, that’s it.

So that’s Tesla massive, massive company, as you know, built on Shopify again this is another Web Store now. I’m not sure where I first about this. Maybe it’s in some kind of Youtube tutorials from someone else or something. I can’t remember the arts interesting. I’ve sold a product, and I mean these distrait from Aliexpress. This is a dropship in general Shopify store and until a few.

I don’t know if it’s a few weeks ago or a few days ago. I don’t know how recently this has changed, but this website looked terrible, like no offence through other websites. But it looked terrible, and I’m guessing they knew that because they’ve to update updated the graphics and the presentation that looks a lot better now.

But as far I’m aware, I can’t remember where who or how, or why I know this is a successful store. I’ve been told this is a successful store somewhere along the lines, so it’s got collections in here. This is all really easy today to do this is really easy, easy stuff, guys.

This is not beyond any of you. You know it’s got all the basic stuff in it. They’ve not even removed the power by Shopify thing, in fact. I don’t know if it’s an affiliate link, so maybe they’ve left it down there on purpose, but they’ve got an FAQ page that is not very long, you know.

a successful store somewhere


I mean, this, if not what I’m trying to show you, is like this is not beyond you there about was page is tiny. You know, to ship and return policy tiny everything’s tiny, but I mean it’s very much a product in from Aliexpress presumably a lot of these products on Aliexpress suck, and I only assume that they’re sourcing from Aliexpress.

You’ve got a glowingly there look 12 pounds 28 lets me get em if I get okay, so I’ve been looking at some watches on Aliexpress earlier, so if I type in glow in the dark lead, call it to leash in America. I think I might not find out on a lead, but um see if we could find it. It’s Charlie Sh.

The Dark leash, I’m struggling to find an exact product. But I’m sure I could find it give it a little bit more time I find it. As I said, a lot of the products are definitely on Aliexpress for CERN getting a Tesla. Okay, so you always start, any way you got your products, just load it up with a load of Express stuff real real real simple log you’ve just got logo again.

You just got the standard Shopify stuff. This is just a normal theme. This is not beyond you you can do this guy’s now this is where they’ve got a bit more advanced than last time I don’t think they add these graphics here these are very, very very simple graphics you could pay someone very little money to create these.

If you can’t cram yourself, you could probably get someone on Fiverr to do something very, very similar for you if you wanted to for like Fiverr. But like I say, I’ve sold this product, so I know this is on Aliexpress for certain, so if I just copy that good Ally express Aliexpress a pop and just type in here, we are not she’s there so this.

I think there’s a lot of sellers selling this on Aliexpress. But as you can see this particular product is really easy to source and as you can see. The exact same product so we’re selling it for 20 pounds 46 great British pounds which are twenty-four ninety US dollars and then as you can see so 20 quid it’s five dollars seventy-eight to buy.

You can see they’re selling it many, many times more than they’re purchasing it for, which is what the business is all about. It’s really these have got a little bit more information in there than Tesla, and this is interesting. Please allow 21 to 45 days a ship in time for your delivery didn’t deliver your item.

Okay, so a lot of people have put off the idea of a dropship Shopify store from Aliexpress. Because of the shipping times but it doesn’t have to shop you as long as you tell the course tomorrow. That they’re going to be waiting for this kind of length of time, and they’ve made it in bold like so they’re not trying to hide it from anyone that made it.

The most prominent thing on this page other than the name of the product then customers are generally going to be with it.

the products are definitely on Aliexpress


They can’t moan about where is my products like tomorrow when it says so clearly on the website there’s going to be 21 45 days now, in my opinion. You should do your best to reduce shipping times. If you come one to do that is you can drop ship from eBay even if you’re inside the UK and you should sell in the US, you could drop ship from eBay. But you can use something called a packet, and it reduces the shipping times to more like.

More like 12 days 10 days that’s I think between seven days and two weeks or something like that depends, what it says, but so you could get this shipping time down, but as long as you tell people, it’s not the end of the world again these do not own this product it’s just dropship from Aliexpress.

It’s a beautiful thing, so in the next one, kay so this is called Ruby to perfection I left this up but when I was loading these websites earlier to show you. I left this up so you can see this is something a lot of people do and they do a little pop up to collect your email address so they can follow up and sell you more stuff as a customer sign up.

Today for a chance to win our most popular bracelets and rings value don’t hundred eighty-four dollars so potentially. If these don’t even give out a prize or they give out a prize once a year or something you know they’ve captured an email address five so that nothing. But a lot of people use the 10% of method so a pop-up will approach appear here and it will say to get 10% off your first order and to your email address.

Then just get a coupon ticket to get 10% off so that’s another way you can capture email addresses and follow up I’ve noticed a lot of stores do do do this and a lot of stores of start to do. This so it might be something worth considering again. it’s very easy to do on Shopify not essential but very easy so yeah so if have a look this is a Ruby to perfection.

I’m not sure if this is drop shipped or not but some look. I mean it’s a clean site look how to clean is it’s a really simple little logo here real simple kind of theme with oh yeah. Got but the whar’s it called I can’t remember what this app called but if you look down in this corner Yeah.

I like Timothy you can’t see that because it’s not quite on the page let me move the page across this is an app you can get for Shopify can’t remember. What it is called I have used it and it does it is quite good it basically creates social proof and kind of lets you know that somebody else has trusted this website.

So you should trust this website it is like one of these inbuilt psychological triggers that we have as humans that you kind of can’t combat. Here we go like it’s popping up I find them a little bit annoying but basically saying that about 43 mins ago somebody bought one of these you know and you can click on it as well so let’s see what they bought 43 mins ago.

Okay, I’ll scroll the page back over right so it’s a zodiac sized black golf stone or coarse stone leather bracelet crying sit where it went, oh you know where it is gone let’s click on something off is it here oh I think this sat at the side struggling to load. I Don’t know if they’ve got some dodgy little app on here that’s making it slow loading.

Yeah you know what it’ll be, I did it in one of my stores. I had and I don’t know if it’s for certain so if the app developer sees the video don’t jump down my throat. But did you see how long that took to that to load the image up in fact, I’m going to go back here? We go it’s loaded on that so this is that thing that someone’s bought 43 mins ago is quite a cool Sagittarius look.

This is what you’ll see later on it’s quite cool because you can target people. That has multiple interests and one of those interests might be that they are a Sagittarius so they’re like bracelets and the Sagittarius and I don’t know if this is a man’s thing.

Would you say this is a man’s product top? Yeah so could target a man between the age of I don’t know twenty and thirty or eighteen and thirty or something like that’s a Sagittarius and I’m not sure if you can actually target star signs on Facebook.

I think you can a picture you can I’ve not done it by that pretty sure you can so you target them saying the Sagittarius man Between the ages of eighteen and thirty or something like that boom. All of a sudden you’s knocked out anyone. That’s not much you’ve knocked out all the women you’ve knocked out anyone over thirty And anyone under 18 so you’ve gone from pretty much Advertising to the whole world.

Which you don’t want to do because like you can’t afford to do that really you need to put the right product in front. Anyway, what I was going to say is that don’t jump down my throat Shopify app developer. Something to do with this magnify app thing and I’m not sure what that magnify app called I have Used it. What it has to do but you clearly saw it was delaying the delay in the page loading.

This product might have clicked away too so you want to avoid that but at the same time. It’s very nice to able to zoom in. Search product but yeah it’s almost certainly like drop-shipped shut the fast store and miss interesting looks quite good to be fair its got load of random weird kind of things loaded up this. Got some pop here we’ve got pop-ups flying out around everywhere.

When you click on a product and you can select which type you want for the platinum-plated. It’s just standard price and something like 20% of this is will probably take you up on your offer. Based on this kind of thing so this person is just basically doubled near enough doubled their order value. If I just click Add to Cart boom when it loads okay so I’ve got loads up since third it’s yeah it’s interesting yeah 4921 lot boom.

So but when you in your buyer’s mind frame it’s like yeah go on then. I’ll do it a lot easier to upsell someone at this point which is why co-op sells all over the place in shopping carts and stuff and training products enough.

Magnify App

I think he’s pretty young and he made he started doing I think it was 13 and a half thousand dollars per month on this store or something like that don’t quote me on any of the figures. I’m just remembering it off my head off it’s up a mad but I mean it’s a pretty store. It’s got a simple logo again you could get that design on Fiverr for a probably Fiverr this is the Brooklyn theme in Shopify by the looks of it so it’s a free theme.

You don’t even need to pay anything to have your site look this good and all he’s done is it’s got some product photos maybe there are own product photos. I don’t know I mean these are almost certainly dropshipped products like that I found pretty sure there are dropships products. Maybe add a photo taken so he’s got is only unique kind of photos, but this is easy to load into the Brooklyn theme so you can have your own image back here which could be selling anything.

It’s just a drop-ship store in the Brooklyn theme so let’s click on one again this is not beyond anyone here and you could do this guy so if you’re looking at this and thinking.  While I can be too difficult next with Shopify. It’s really really really really easy and obviously, down below there’s a link for a 14-day free trial. If you want to use it and it’s an affiliate link um and if you keep it you actually pay for the thing after the free trial. Then I’ll get a small commission.

Why I promote violence don’t I promote these things you need a Shopify store. Whether you’re going to do this or not but yeah as you can see you’ve got a title here, you’ve got Add to Cart button this Is just copy and paste for Aliexpress. He’s not even roads his own kind of description all orders ship two to three days after their place so that’s done.

He’s making it sound like the kind of going to get them in two to three days or something. It means is literally this kind of I don’t know what they call it but they call it a decor a period of time. Whereby you’ve made your order on Aliexpress and then there’s a period of time before they send it I can’t my brother they call my mind’s gone blank. But basically and that’s what that is and then I’m guessing in his faq somewhere he likes how they explain that these things are going to take longer.

I  mean this guy’s success with this door, supposedly so this is not beyond anyone so that’s how long does ship antique right here. We go like please allow for up to one to three weeks for shipping up to three to four weeks of the order is international which probably if you’re in the US or the UK wherever and you are getting something from China.

It’s going to be an international order so I mean it’s a bit less obvious than I would like to make it. If I was him I’d put this on the actual product page Bob and I suppose you could say if any customers complain you can say like it’s clear? In my FAQ it’s three to four weeks. But I mean you don’t need to let that three to four-week things stop you or the two to three weeks or whatever ends up being you don’t need to let it stop.

It’s not stopping these people that’s why I’m trying to say to you so this is a very very very simplistic kind of not one-click. Install but it’s pretty much a one-click install of the Brooklyn theme on Shopify nice and easy really easy to build this.

This would be da door, not 10 minutes ba-da-da you can do it guys real easy free theme. Let’s move on a little bit quicker so and if you can see that but this is Beardbrand. Okay, so this is not a drop-ship thing this is more probably started off as a private label brand for this guy’s making big money. I mean as seen on Shark Tank Meg’s Men’s Journal New York Times and all that stuff.

So I mean he’s doing well with this but it’s built on Shopify by the looks of it and you know what I wanted to show you are again. You’ve got some beautiful high-quality product images on the background But you know this is just basically a theme anyone can have and then him again. Let’s have a look at the fan then you can plug your bits and bobs in.

You can start selling like this guy is you know and you can have your own brand or your own product selling. Very easily so anyone from Tesla to beard products to jewelry to Watchers pretty much anything. So I’ll close that one off so these are a little bit these are pretty much successful sites. But again the one thing in common. It’s just a simple theme with a little logo again it’s just basically running on Shopify.

These are easy to put in there very simple everything is very simple you don’t need to get bogged down in the details and these are probably the better-looking sites. That I’ve seen some really really ugly sites running on Shopify like really ugly size and then the people are doing really well with them.

The simplest of sites and they’re making good money on them. I’ll click on a random product so yeah, It is what it is you see another one pure cycles this is called pure cycles so again something.I wanted to point out is very much black and white kind of writing seems to sell well.

It seems to be what a lot of them end up doing yeah, they just sell cycles. I think these are proper you know they’ve made them themselves they’re not some kind of dropship thing. But here we go what’s this it’s some kind of exit pop-up exit intent pop-up or something since I see I spin the wheel to win this of a lot.

Free Shipping

What do I win free shipping yes I’ll make it oh I’ve got sent it to my email. Oh darn it, yeah so yeah I mean that’s interesting oh hang on you win free shipping on any order over $100 deer love it okay. I’m going to close that on next.

Sorry I keep them in to drag this in mark walk mark when so these are these are Chris grow up show my recording screen is not big enough.  Wow, I don’t even know this might be the worst Oh sharp there we go because in fact let me scroll so you can see.

I looked at this and I honestly didn’t know what to click to be able to buy these products and I’m sure they’ve done that intentionally. but I think it sucks but again they probably making an absolute fortune from this site.

Who am I to say what works and whatnot, But I wouldn’t have found that an easy buying experience. When I sold out and them as well so I sold out on them too while who am I to say sold out everything sold out I need to get some more stocked any guys. But yeah that’s at another site try out your now we’re talking girls now. We’re talking so triangle girls oh I’ve already clicked on triangle girls look book you go.

This is obviously this is their own branded stuff this does not a drop-ship store. But new arrivals just showing you again a very simple logo very simple black-and-white kind of theme very minimalist, very kind of clean, very easy to look at here. We go they’ve got plenty of product images you select your size.

I Will go fir I’ve not got my size in triple XL so I’ll go for XL adds to the bag there we go. This is again this is just a different variation of I mean I’ve not seen this particular theme. In action before but it’s just another variation of the standard stuff so brimming again another one do another load bring em up Bri Montcalm Bremen on these sell the true stuff bit too slow loading for me.

I’m going to try to speed this along again black and white theme just a little logo there you know real simple and these are selling. I think this is a coffee subscription now I really like the idea of this, I don’t drink coffee I can’t stand the smell or the taste but a six-month Coffee subscription or call wider shop have a look so $2 priority shipping and free shipping over $20 well.

That’s good because you’re going to just do your best to spend over $20 it’s not a big stretch. Then you get free shipping which is great so that’s another one is skinny tea calm you selling skinny tea again.A nice simple black and white mostly. If it’s not black and white it’s a bit colourful to be fair I think I’ve got some Instagram action going on here.

Which is interesting next one master and dynamic. It’s just off the page a little bit but the looks like these do the headphones again, this is the thing. I’m trying to show you in this video really guys probably didn’t need to be as long as it is to show you this.

I’m just trying to show you how to trying to give you some inspiration maybe. Because of the look and feel of the websites of your Shopify stores. But again it’s pretty much a black and white theme again this is a running reoccurring theme. Isn’t it black and white I’ve got some nice product images?

It’s a nice clean-looking store run as well yes nice this the pull artwork into that.  I like Tesla’s 10 minutes job this one is a temporary tattoo Shopify store. I think I don’t know if this is a dropshipping store maybe this is a dropshipping store not sure but yeah. I’m pretty sure this is a pretty successful store as well again I don’t have the figures in front of me I should have really got more you can search for this stuff.

But I mean look tightly runs on Shopify boom bless you that’s the right thing to say know. What I say then what okay so another one nerd wax black or white again watch out food fitters we’re back to the beginning so that’s it, real guys.

I just wanted to show you a few stores that give you a bit of inspiration just to commit to you as well. There is this you can do this absolutely it’s not beyond year a lot of the sores have just basically got logo designed and that’s very cheap to do and you can start off with the text logo.

If you want to you know just loading free themes up with images clicking a few buttons and they’re up and running.  Hopefully, you can see that this is easy enough to do and I’m going to show you exactly. How to do it in the next video. Stay tuned guys thanks for watching this has been the secret wealth project.

I’m matt hope you enjoyed the video. I  speak too soon Cheers!

Matt Secret Wealth Project (Full disclosure: links above may be affiliate links)


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