How Jeff Bezos Became the King of E-Commerce

How Jeff Bezos Became the King of E-Commerce

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Jeff Bezos Became the King of E-Commerce

How Jeff Bezos Became the King of E-Commerce

Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an American internet entrepreneur, industrialist, media proprietor, and investor. He is best known as the founder, CEO, and president of the multinational technology company Amazon.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was one of the first entrepreneurs to realize the potential of selling products on the internet. This Bloomberg Profile looks into how Bezos built Amazon inside his garage and now has his sights set well beyond online commerce.

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The company began as an Internet merchant of books and expanded to a wide variety of products and services, most recently video streaming and audio streaming. is currently the world’s largest Internet sales company on the World Wide Web, as well as the world’s largest provider of cloud infrastructure services, which is available through its Amazon Web Services arm. Bezos’ other diversified business interests include aerospace and newspapers.

He is the founder and manufacturer of Blue Origin (founded in 2000) with test flights to space which started in 2015, and plans for commercial suborbital human spaceflight beginning in 2018. In 2013, Bezos purchased The Washington Post newspaper. A number of other business investments are managed through Bezos Expeditions. 

When the financial markets opened on July 27, 2017, Bezos briefly surpassed Bill Gates to become the world’s richest person, with an estimated net worth of just over $90 billion. He lost the title later in the day when Amazon’s stock dropped, returning him to second place with a net worth just below $90 billion.


This Is How Jeff Bezos Became The Richest Man In The World

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is officially the richest man in the world and with a net worth of $159.2 Billion dollars, how he did it is truly unbelievable. Forget Bill Gates and forget Mark Zuckerberg, there’s a new king in town and his name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos. Jeff has a handful of successful ventures and companies under his name, across the media, technology, and space industries.

He’s the owner of The Washington Post as well as an aerospace company called Blue Origin that is creating a super-cool rocket for us regular folk to use. However, those companies, as impressive as they might be, are not why he makes it to the top of the world’s most wealthy list.

We all know Mr. Bezos for one thing and one thing only: Amazon! Bezos transformed Amazon from a small online book retailer that started in his Seattle garage into one of the world’s most powerful companies. It created an entirely new model of selling things on the world wide web and is the largest online retailer by a long way.

The 5 “New Rules” of 3PL e-Commerce Fulfillment

The founder of a little-known start-up called “” shipped their first order out of his suburban garage in Bellevue, Washington. Although he hardly realized it at the time, the act helped mark the dawn of the global industry we now call “e-Commerce Fulfillment.”Needless to say, from that moment forward, the growth of both – and eCommerce fulfillment itself – has skyrocketed beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

  • New Rule #1 – 3PLs Must Build Seamless Connections with Their Customers
  • New Rule #2 – 3PLs Must Help Customers Select the Right e-Commerce Engine
  • New Rule #3 – 3PLs Must Care for Their Customers’ Products as if They Were Their Own
  • New Rule #4 – 3PLs Must Have Strong Relationships with Their Delivery Partners
  • New Rule #5 – 3PLs Must Provide 24-7 Inventory and Order Shipment Visibility Worldwide


King of E-commerce

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