Email Marketing Tutorial For Beginners – Get Your First 5,000 Sub

Email Marketing Tutorial For Beginners – Get Your First 5,000 Sub

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Email Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

Follow this proven email marketing strategy for growing your email list to 5,000 subscribers and beyond. Using a free software you can create lead magnets, automated sequences, and landing pages to quickly grow your email list.

Email Marketing Tutorial For Beginners – Get Your First 5,000 Sub (Free Software + Templates)

Having a rock-solid email marketing strategy is the first step to setting an email campaign. In this email marketing guide, you’re going to get a complete done for you email marketing automation and template that you can copy for yourself. We will also be using a free tool called MailerLite.

Email marketing is still the most effective way to build trust and relationship with your audience and leads. This is a personal way of reaching to your prospects and your customers.

If you have an online business, having an email marketing campaign should be part of your overall marketing strategy and business plan. Though this you can get people to become customers and advocates of your business.

There are a lot of email marketing tools out there, but MailerLite is an email marketing software that we can highly recommend. The good thing about MailerLite is that you can actually set up all the automations you need with your free plan.

We’re going to go through a click-by-click tutorial with MailerLite as well as all the strategies and automations we will set up in this email marketing 101 video in order to be successful with your email marketing.

We’re going to discuss with you email marketing basics and our growth framework: Collect Emails, Sales Sequence, Evergreen Sequence, Customer Sequence.

We will also share with you how to make money online with email marketing and how to get email clicks to help you grow your online business. Of course, the very first step in your email marketing is learning how to build an email list fast – this is making sure that someone is actually entering their name and email in the first place.

To do this, you’re going to follow a proven Conversion Plan which we will share with you in this video. This is converting all of your audience members and prospects into leads and email subscribers. You need to offer something of value in exchange for contact information, and the best way to do this is using a lead magnet.

You will also need your landing page – this is where people enter their contact information. This is part of your email list building strategies and this is what we’re going to build using MailerLite.

So watch this email marketing tutorial if you want to know what is email marketing and how does it work to increase ecommerce sales for your business. This is even a great email marketing for beginners to increase sales.

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