A good email marketing campaign will provide value to audience and build credibility.


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Like you, my email inbox is filled with email marketing newsletters, requests for information, spammy emails that managed to make it through my filter and the urgent things I actually need to respond to. Each day as I watch the number of unread emails grow, it takes more and more convincing for me to open the emails that do not come from people I know.

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In my role as the Director of Agency marketing for TopRank Marketing, I receive a steady influx of emails each day from sales reps at various companies trying to meet with me about how their solution will make me more effective at my job. Nine times out of ten, I have had no previous contact with these reps, nor have I signed up to receive emails from them.

So, why should sales emails be any different? If the average buyer gets over 100+ emails per day, opens 23% of them and clicks on just 2%, what can you do to make sure your emails don’t fall into the 77% of emails that end up in the inbox graveyard?

7 Ways Sales Emails Fail

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  1. They Are All Cold Emails

  2. There Is No Personalization

  3. There Is No Empathy For Pain Points

  4. Some Are Borderline Insulting

  5. There Is No Way to Find out More About the Company

  6. There is No Value Being Offered

  7. Harassing Prospects Doesn’t Work

7 Ways to Win


  1. Network & Connect With Prospects FIRST

  2. Personalize Your Approach

  3. Show That You Understand Their Pain Points

  4. Compliment & Flatter Your Prospects

  5. Ask for Permission, Don’t Assume

  6. Offer Proof of ConceptMake it Easy for Prospects to Research You


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