How to be a Digital Nomad in Medellin, Colombia

How to be a Digital Nomad in Medellin, Colombia

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Medellin, Antioquia - Colombia. July 04, 202. The Streets Of The

A Digital Nomad Guide to Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is alluring to numerous expats with its incomparable vibes. So naturally, therefore, it’s reasonable to state that Medellin is a location for anybody going to Colombia.

Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia after its capital, Bogota. But, as opposed to Bogota, it’s not that far above the sea (1,495 m), which makes Medellin- “the city of everlasting spring.”

If Bogota has its business-oriented ambiance, Medellin can be, no doubt,– a hipster city. It’s artistic and laid back. There are stacks of locations to go: from a genuine cafe with coffee from the next-door neighbor hill to a substantial Botanic Garden with nonreligious ferns and 4500 kinds of flowers.

Another thing that the city takes pride in- industrialized transportation facilities. There is not simply a routine city system, “Metroplus,” but likewise connected to its system of cable cars, which can take you up the hill. The perk is that it protects you from taking a trip to the hill on foot since at its bottom, you see run-down neighborhoods of the city: numerous small one-or-two-floored structures, in some cases without any roofing systems.

Many anticipate the notorious city complete with narcos and bad guys waiting for them behind the corner. But, in truth, Medellin is a reasonably safe location.

The Cost Of Living In Medellin

It’s possible to live on really little, and throughout especially tight months, I’ve made it through on as little as $600. Lodging in Medellin is simple to come by, and there are loads of spending plan spaces readily available to lease on a month-by-month basis.

If you desire a bit more high-end, you can discover a space with a personal restroom in a shared home in a good place for around $350 monthly. On the other hand, if you’re a baller and nothing but a penthouse with several extra bedrooms and a killer balcony will do, you’re still not likely to pay more than $1,500 monthly. All of these costs are for supplies put on a month-to-month basis, by the way: if you’d choose an unfurnished location for a long-lasting lease, you’ll pay even less.

According to the research study, the typical month-to-month living expense in Medellin is roughly 3,090,000 Colombian pesos ($ 854 USD) for a single individual and roughly 6,650,000 Colombian pesos ($ 1836 USD) for a household of 4. Not simply the expense of living is inexpensive; the city centers are likewise extremely established and satisfy the requirements of the Western world.

The way of life you desire to keep in Medellin will considerably affect your month-to-month budget plan. $10-15 USD) or utilize and remain for totally free, go to regional lunchrooms ($ 5- 10 USD) or cook meals yourself, utilize the city ($ 0, 70 USD for a trip), or stroll.

For digital wanderers who have dedicated themselves to investing longer in Medellin, it is possible to pay from $300 as much as $1,300 each month for the lease of just the same kind of a typical apartment or condo. The factor is the community’s rank, and selecting the trendiest area can cost a pretty penny. Otherwise, food, transport, and home entertainment are rather inexpensive, and everybody can pay for something according to their financial resources.

Medellin, Antioquia. Colombia - September 17, 2021 - Panoramic of the city. It is a municipality of Colombia, capital of the department of Antioquia.

Finest Places to Live in Medellin.

  • El Poblado
  • Laureles
  • La Candelaria

Finest Neighbourhoods

As a digital wanderer, you most likely wish to live someplace lively and cultural at the same time. Therefore, all hours online need to be compensated with excellent outside and leisure. Otherwise, what is the point of being a wanderer if to hang out with your homework all day and do not try to find experience in a brand-new location?

Medellin is the best location for the experience! Here I will share the four most popular locations to live in Medellin.

El Poblado

The well-known El Poblado is an extremely popular location amongst ex-pats and visitors. El Poblado has a terrific place. Night Life in El Poblado is the finest!

El Poblado is a huge district so you can discover here elegant hotels and low-cost hostels depending on the subsections. Lower Poblado will be a less expensive choice and on a strolling range from the center of the community.


The 2nd finest comes Laureles, which is likewise a huge genuine community of the city. Although it is quieter than El Poblado, it still has its nightlife.

This location is thought about as the city’s downtown; nonetheless, it is huge, and there are great locations for lease. You still discover great dining establishments in El Dorado if you are going out.

La Candelaria

The last to discuss is La Candelaria, the center of Medellin. The finest part is that you live in the city’s historic heart. However, the center never is the best location in Colombia.

Colombia Visa

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA - APRIL 23, 2019: Interior of the the terminal building at Jose Maria Cordova International Airport, in Medellin, Antoioquia, Colombia

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Colombia is a nation with simple access to many worldwide visitors. However, be mindful that it is possible that one time will not be enough for checking out all the abundance of what Colombia has to provide to its visitors! I remained in Colombia for nearly a year, and my experience was not a novelty.

Medellin Insurance and Medical Care

Nomadic life can be unforeseeable, and medical insurance highlights all travel issues.

Residing in Colombia is a fantastic experience and most immigrants, after the expiration of their worldwide insurance coverage, consider methods to protect their health on the spot. However, despite the credibility of the Third World nation, Colombia is ranked 22nd for the quality of health care system out of 191 nations, which sets it amongst the top in the medical market.

No surprise that recently, medical tourists have been expanding in the nation! Individuals from North America or Europe are eager to come for a medical treatment that can be 60-80 % more affordable than in their house area. Moreover, the quality of the service arrangement is by no method even worse.

There are numerous alternatives for immigrants to get offered medicare in Colombia: the first is an EPS strategy, and the 2nd– a Prepagada strategy.

The EPS strategy (Entidadas Promotoras de Salud) is compulsory insurance coverage for everybody who lawfully lives in the nation. To obtain it, immigrants must have a Colombian ID (cedula) released for those who are formally used or have other pertinent visa conditions. As a user of this strategy, you can depend on the main medical services and consultations in a public healthcare facility.

The Propaganda strategy is a personal preparation for somebody who wishes to have complete and fast access to all medical services. It is certainly more costly than the general public EPS, however at the same time, there is no requirement for a Colombian ID, a foreign passport will suffice.

Physical fitness and health

Having been seated through the day, working online as a digital wanderer can be exceptionally tiring for your body; however, thankfully, Colombia is the best location to preserve an active, healthy way of life. In addition, it is worth pointing out that the medical service here is much less expensive than in many Western nations.

If you exercise your body, you can discover whatever to please your physical fitness itch in Medellin: roomy fitness centers with various classes, complimentary calisthenic parks, and different yoga, and dance studios. In addition, numerous health clubs are simply behind the corner, as is the chain of Bodytech.

The federal government supplies complimentary physical fitness activities throughout the nation, which you can participate in. Apart from that, you can discover some calisthenic parks with weights and whatever you may require to work out if you do not desire to purchase a subscription in much physical fitness.

A diet plan is likewise not as difficult as it may appear at the very first glimpse. Yes, numerous high-calorie thrills make acquiring weight simple; however, there are many healthy natural foods in Colombia.

Coworking In Medellin.

Medellin, Antioquia / Colombia - August 03, 2017. Church of La Veracruz, unique church of colonial style that exists in the city.

Medellin’s business owners have clicked on the truth that there’s cash to be made from their city’s abrupt increase of digital wanderers. As such, there’s a growing variety of areas for coworking in Medellin.

La Casa Redonda lacks a doubt among the very best coworking areas in Medellin, and if you’re residing in Laureles, it’s ideal on your doorstep. Redonda has an incredible neighborhood ambiance, and their roof BBQs and dinners are best for satisfying other freelancers and remote employees.

If you’re residing in El Poblado, Selina is your finest choice (from my modest viewpoint). Selina is, in fact, a hostel; however, the on-site coworking area is incredibly cool and brings in a great range of individuals. Likewise, yoga classes are kept in the same structure, and there’s a huge bar downstairs for post-work cervezas with your brand-new coworking friends.

A few of my other favorites consist of NODO in Envigado, Coecoworking in La Floresta, and Atom House in El Poblado. Practically all of the alternatives I’ve recommended can be scheduled every day, weekly, and regularly.

For lodging, coworking area, food, brews, and whatever else you require under one roofing, Selina is a great beginning point, with a convenient El Poblado place. Another area with a strong neighborhood principle is Siembra Coworking/Ofizen in El Poblado, with routine tests, workshops, networking nights, and free beer Fridays. Wanderers with a strong service focus rate Tinkko, set on the 15th flooring of a high-rise in the business district; it’s an excellent location to deal with a view. There is an appertain conference room for start-ups that are going locations.

Web speeds

The typical download speed through wi-fi is 10 Mbps, which is slower than in some wanderer centers, however much faster connections are simple to discover. Likewise, Colombia has presented 4G protection for several years, with good gain access to in-city locations.

Finest wi-fi Spots & Cafes to Work in Medellin

Web connection is usually extremely strong around the city, and there’s regularly totally free wi-fi in the streets and parks. (But similar to any public network, take care utilizing it for anything individual).

Digital wanderers require to make sure there is quick and steady wi-fi for working. Here are my preferred coffee shops & areas to operate in Medellin.

Finest Time to Visit Medellin.

The sensational weather condition of Medellin makes every traveler fall in love at first sight with the city! As discussed currently, Medellin is popular as the City of the Eternal Spring, and here’s why …

Medellin is located quite situated rather than the sea at the height of 1,500 meters in the Andes Range. But, on the other hand, Medellin is stably warm practically all the time and all year round.

The thermometer reveals something around 15-30 ° C (59 to 86 ° F) throughout the year. There are no seasons of the European requirement, like snowy winter seasons and golden falls, however rainy and dry seasons rather.

The subtropical Rainforest environment presumes a great deal of rainfall, so the rainy season occurs from April to May, October to November, and the dry season– is December to February and June to August.

I was fortunate adequate to go to Medellin just throughout the rainy season. It was indicated to be damp; however, remarkably, I was captured in the rain just as soon as it, and it was the most pleasantest rain that has ever taken place to me! I still have these memories of the great warm drizzle early in the early morning that made all nature around shine and filled the air with freshness.

Where To Stay In Medellin.

When it comes to where to remain in Medellin, many digital wanderers will suggest El Poblado. El Poblado is where the bulk of digital wanderers live, and the Paisa population of that location is relatively upscale.

If you prepare to be one of the Medellin digital wanderers that sticks around for a good length of time, I suggest examining this barrio as soon as you get ill of 24-hour enjoyment in El Poblado. Envigado is likewise popular with expats in Medellin, and it has an unwinded, upper-class feel that appeals to many digital wanderers.

Things to do in Medellin.

Medellin is fantastic throughout the year! Thankfully, the weather is really smooth and inviting here in any season; however, if you truly seem to overtake something uncommon and regional, my guidance is to come throughout Medellin’s Flower Festival, which happens in August.

What is Medellin’s Flower Festival?

Medellin, Antioquia - Colombia. July 04, 2021. LBGTI + community marched through the streets of the city.

It is a yearly event for ten days flooding the city with parades of flowers, cars and trucks, and individuals, tossing performances and good vibes. Individuals are dancing, singing, and drinking from the early morning to late during the night. It is a fantastic possibility to participate in something regional and vibrant.

If August is not the time of your checkout, there is another extremely advised celebration in December– The Medellin Christmas Lights. They are unique here and not simply popular amongst Colombians who take a trip with their households to Medellin from all over the nation simply to delight in the vacation environment but in the entire world! So, if there are no strategies for the next Christmas Eve yet, here is one– to see Medellin Christmas Lights.

Otherwise, there are a lot of locations to address whenever of the year:

Museo de Antioquia.

The museum of Antioquia is acknowledged due to the pictures of the popular Colombian artist Fernando Botero. It was contributed with around 100 Botero’s artwork and, likewise, has contemporary art and sculptures of other Colombian artists– a terrific discovery for art fans. The entryway is 18,000 pesos ($ 5 USD).

Plaza Botero.

Checking out the museum of Antioquia will be insufficient without seeing the Botero square right in front of the museum! The entryway is complimentary.

El Centro.

Some of the trips to the city center of Medellin are provided for totally free or for contributions and might be an ideal start to understanding the city. Apart from that, El Centro, likewise called La Candelaria, is extremely stunning and has numerous surprise gems worth finding.

Jardín Botánico.

There are no words to explain all the charm and wonder of the Botanical Garden of Medellin, and if you are a real fan of nature and plant variety thrills you as it does to me, you need to see it! The Botanical Garden is a big area of 14 hectares, where you can discover a tropical forest, a pond, a desert garden, a butterfly farm, and a lot of bird types. The entryway is free.

Transportation Options in Medellin.

MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA - MAY 03, 2021: Many taxis in Medellin are on a transport strike

Navigating the city is usually really simple and low-cost– either by taxi, city, or bus.

Regional taxis: There are a lot of taxis driving around the city; nevertheless, in some cases, it can be challenging to track them down. Typically they do not stop, despite relatively looking empty.

Uber: The guidelines on Uber are somewhat odd in Medellin. I’d advise taking the regional taxis– they are comparable in cost anyhow.

City: The basic expense of the city is 2,300 COP (approximately 80 cents) for basically all journeys (despite the range). It was constructed to make it possible for residents up in the borders to operate in the center– so it’s a fantastic choice to conserve cash.

The city station in Poblado is a little method out of the center, at the bottom of a hill. If you take the city to go to the center of Poblado, be prepared to stroll up Calle 10.

Bus: There are great deals on buses around the city, so you can quickly choose one up from the side of the roadway. There aren’t as numerous bus stops; however, they stop and choose you up as it drives along the path on the main road.

Culture and Food in Medellin

View of a paisa breakfast, scrambled egg, arepa with cheese and bread, Colombia

You remain in the best location to search for brand-new cultural and gastronomic experiences!

In previous years Colombia has been affected by Spanish, African, Arab, and, in some ways, American cultures. It formed the cooking choices of Colombians and brought out an abundant savor-sweet-salty taste of food!

Before pertaining to the Antioquia area where Medellin is the capital, you would most likely become aware of Bandeja Paisa, a huge meal of red beans prepared with pork, white rice, carne molida (ground meat), and other mouthwatering side meals. It became so popular all over the nation that many individuals see it as a sign of all Colombia (abundance of whatever) and not simply of its initial Antioquia area. If you are not scared of blowing the budget plan in a couple of weeks, you ought to attempt all the conventional meals that Medellin needs to provide: Bandeja paisa, Sancocho soup, Pescado Frito (fried fish), Lechona, Ajiaco soup, and lots of others.

Colombia can quickly compete with some South Asian nations like Thailand or Vietnam for the very first location of budget-friendly and diverse street food thrills. Particularly in Medellin, you can attempt arepa de chócolo, arepa de queso, buñuelos, churros, milky juices, obleas, empanadas, patacones, and so on.

Antioquia is a traditional area where numerous Colombians use distinct white with black strip hats and honor their customs. But on the other hand, Medellin has been established as a center for youth subculture flowering with great deals of hipster coffee bars, elegant dining establishments, and various performance and imaginative areas. Due to the fact that of the strong facilities, the city is liked by business owners, and so Medellin vibes with youth, company, and credibility draw in thousands and thousands of travelers every year.

Medellin Nightlife

Do not miss out on the nightlife in Medellin! Sorry, however, it’s real; the nightlife is substantial in Colombia and Medellin particularly.

It will not be a huge surprise to state that Medellin La Zona Rosa is situated in the El Poblado area. Many immigrants discover their travel “dock” and invest days and nights without budging; however, it does not indicate that Colombians do not visit it. It is ideal for everybody and not simply for salsa fans: here you can discover electronic music, stylish roofs, and simply familiar with westerns clubs like Berlin Bar, Envy roof, La Octava bar, Woka Lounge. In the very same location, there might be discovered Provenza and Manila streets with some more alternatives if you are going to remain night through in EL Poblado.

For a more genuine experience, it is a great concept to go to Calle 70 in the Laureles community. More residents, loud salsa music, and dancing … are genuinely great for immersion in the Colombian ambiance. Take a look at some locations, like Cafe Cliché, Panorama Rooftop bar, La Abadia Gastropub, Del Patio Bar, Barrio Central.

It’s a long street with bars and clubs to fit every taste so it might be difficult to select one. In the meantime, It is extremely suggested to utilize Uber taxi or other apps to take a trip from one bar to another.

An extremely touristy method of investing the night would be a Chiva bus celebration. It is a popular tourist attraction that certainly becomes among the brightest memories. The good deal of it is that you have a trip to the very best celebration areas of the city and you do not require to rack your brain about where to go.

How to discover an Apartment

Medellin, Antioquia / Colombia - February 02, 2017. The Medellín tramway is a means of rail transportation, urban electric passenger and operates in the city of Medellín.

Discovering a location to reside in a brand-new city might be difficult, particularly if you do not speak the language and do not understand any residents!

We all understand that it is much better to book someplace to remain momentarily before you can discover a medium or long-lasting stay. It offered me some time to look for a location and likewise conserved my cash. The novelty was that I discovered a location where I consequently remained for 5-6 months simply by strolling in the street of the area I liked.

There is a more practical location to look for rather than strolling in the street. Typically, individuals do not accept long stays there; however, still, it may be an alternative if you are great at working out.

Whilst trying to find an excellent supplied home or space in Medellin, most likely you’ve encountered the Airbnb site as it is the most widely known server for leasing brief and long terms all over the world. It can often provide you with a discount rate if you remain longer than one month; however, it is still considered one of the most costly choices.

Another server typically utilized in Medellin is Vico. The site uses over 800 supplied spaces for lease, and the registration is free of charge. The prices are likewise extremely cost-effective, like 500,000 pesos ($ 140 USD) each month for the most inexpensive space and 800,000 pesos ($ 223 USD) monthly for a typical one.

Inexpensive Places to Stay in Medellin

Of course, one of the biggest expenditures is lodging while taking a trip. To decrease it and enjoy our life to the maximum, we can look at some low-budget lodgings that Medellin uses.

The low-budget locations to remain here are hostels, and they are plenty in El Poblado, La Candelaria, and some other communities. You can remain beginning from $6 USD up to $20 USD per night in dormitory space, and the much better are centers and places, the more pricey the hostel will be. An excellent site to look at the hostels in Colombia is





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