How to be a Digital Nomad in Sao Paulo, Brazil

How to be a Digital Nomad in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Tall business buildings in Sao Paulo,Brazil.On May 03, 2015 Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A Digital Nomad Guide to São Paulo

Latin America is constantly worth a see. Each and every single nation in this part of the world has an extraordinary history, abundant culture, and awesome art. Brazil, however, takes whatever to the next level, and Sao Paulo completely encapsulates the spirit and the splendor of the nation.

Sao Paulo is a substantial, progressive, ingenious, and complex city, with a past made up of the union of more than 70 citizenships. However, to understand it much better, you require an open mind and adequate energy to take pleasure in the rhythm of this city that never sleeps.

The world of arts and home entertainment likewise boils in São Paulo with 101 museums, 282 cinemas, 146 libraries, 182 theaters, and around 40 cultural centers, in addition to the numerous popular celebrations and fairs that occur in its streets.

When it comes to gastronomy, Sao Paulo has a few of the very best dining establishments in Latin America and the world. In addition, it has nationwide and global choices and even one with Michelin stars.

Bringing together the most varied citizenships, cultures, and metropolitan people, São Paulo is likewise the biggest geek and geek website in the nation. For fans of that culture, the city is a paradise. Here it is possible to discover streets of innovation devices shops, stores of pop items, art galleries focused on drawing and illustration, interactive museums, thematic stores and bars, specialized book shops of comics and manga, and computer system mega occasions.

Sao Paulo may not be the most gorgeous city you check out, but you certainly will never get tired here.

São Paulo Visa

To get into the Brazilian area, it is needed to have a passport legitimate for at least six months. The visa for Brazil is authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can be asked for in the representations that Brazil has abroad (Embassies and Consulates).

For stays much shorter than 90 days, the residents of the list below nations do not require a traveler visa: Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland do not require a visa, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Mexico, Namibia, Holland, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Malta, Spain, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Vatican, and Venezuela.

The list of nations that need a travel visa to get in Brazil consists of Afghanistan, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Belize, Cameroon, Canada, Czech Republic, China, North Korea, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Kenya, Lithuania, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Niger, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Sudan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zambia.

Starting June 17, 2019, people of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and Japan will take a trip to Brazil without a visa. The effort likewise covers tourists transiting through Brazil.

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - MAY 9, 2019: Paulista Avenue at sunset, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The cost of living in São Paulo

As Brazil is traveling through a recession and its currency had a significant decline versus the United States dollar, the city became more cost-effective than in the past, specifically on an international level. However, even with a less expensive Brazilian real, living expenses are still equivalent to some European economic cities like Riga or Budapest.

The facilities in Sao Paulo are likewise among the very best in South America. That consists of a complex and cost-effective transportation network, high-quality medical centers, and excellent home entertainment choices.

A well-located house with a bedroom and a living room near public transport and downtown expenses are between 500 and 950 USD each month. The high-speed web will cost you around 21 USD monthly if you operate at house. The month-to-month public transportation ticket expense is around 46 USD.

If you are the physical fitness type, you will pay about 25 USD for a 1-month fitness center membership.

Relating to social life and heading out, one meal in a high-end dining establishment is 25-35 USD, while you can consume in a cheap restaurant for 5 USD. A coffee in a coffee shop expense around 1,35 USD and a huge pizza shipment 14 USD. If you like cooking in your home, 1 kilo of chicken is 2,04 USD, one kilo of tomatoes 1,55 USD, one liter of milk 0,83 USD, and one loaf of bread 1,47 USD.

Sao Paulo is the 3rd most pricey city in Brazil, behind Rio and Brasilia, so you must be cautious with your cents to make setting yourself up here as a digital nomad beneficial.

Finest Time to Visit São Paulo

Sao Paulo’s environment is subtropical. Consequently, winters are moderate and fairly dry, and summertimes are rainy with reasonably heats that increase due to the concentration of structures.

Typical optimum temperature levels vary from 28 ° C in February, the most popular month, to 21 ° C in June and July. Typical minimum temperature levels vary between 11 ° C in July, the coldest month, and 18 ° C in January, February, and March.

As Sao Paulo is close to the sea, it is damp due to the oceanic winds; however, they have a level of humidity that still enables you to take a trip to the city. On the other hand, from May to September, the absence of rains due to thermal inversion makes those months cold and dry.

The rains are plentiful; usually, there has to do with 1,400 mm of rain each year. It rains more between December and February, while the driest months are between June and August.

The most suggested month to take pleasure in is January, which reaches a typical temperature level of 21.1 ° C.

Best Places to Work in São Paulo

There have to do with 120 coworking areas in Sao Paulo, enough to invest some months searching for your ideal match.


I will begin going to oWork: a coworking and co-living area situated in Cidade Vargas, near the zoo and the conservatory. At oWork, you can discover standing desks, bean bags, ergonomic chairs, printing devices, offered PCs, phone booths, individual lockers, and impressive Wi-Fi to keep you encouraged.

They likewise come with a lounge location and a ping pong table to clear your mind from work. The rates for a desk in a shared table start at 39 USD and in personal desks at 120 USD per month.


Found in Pinheiros with plenty of dining establishments and coffee shops around, it provides exceptional Wi-Fi, ergonomic chairs, standing desks, totally free coffee, and printing devices. Costs per month starting at 121 USD.

Block time

At the same area, Block time offers high-speed Wi-Fi, ergonomic chairs, printers, projectors, microphones, Skype spaces, and individual lockers. Or you can likewise help at one of the workshops, occasions, and TEDx occasions arranged here. Costs per month starting at 93 USD.

Sharing EC.

Sharing EC, likewise, at Pinheiros district, supply ergonomic chairs, quick Wi-Fi, and a cooking area with a refrigerator and a microwave perfect if you wish to bring your lunch from the house. They likewise use complimentary coffee and a terrific range of teas that you can delight in at the big lounge location. Costs begin at 93 USD monthly.


They have a terrific lounge location for taking a break and a little library. Rates begin at 168 USD per month; however, the location is worth it.

Finest Places to Live in São Paulo

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - MAY 9, 2019: Patio do Colegio square in Sao Paulo downtown, Brazil

Finest Neighbourhoods

The city of Sao Paulo is divided into 31 subprefectures, each with distinct destinations. The districts with the finest transportation connections and great city lodging are: centro, Consolaçao, Pinheiros, Jardim Paulista, Moema, Ibirapuera, Brooklin, Itaim Bibi, Vila Madalena, Bela Vista and República.

Historical Center

The historical center is the earliest location of Sao Paulo. Here cultural areas, stores, and dining establishments are plentiful. Likewise, you will discover the Museo del Padre Anchieta, the Municipal Theater (1911 ), the Pinacoteca of the State of Sao Paulo, the Museum of the Portuguese Language, the Museum of Sacred Art the Banco de Brazil, and the historical Mercado de São Paulo.


This part of the city was the preferred one by the rich class given that the start of the 20th century, particularly due to the fact that of its relative height over the rest of the city and due to the fact that of the broad streets and opportunities. Consolaçao likewise uses numerous theaters, three shopping centers, and bus and city connections.


It is one of the most advanced locations of the city and has a large gastronomic deal. Here you can check out the environmental sanctuary Plaza de Victor Civita, Araca Cemetery, and São Paulo da Cruz neo-baroque Church. Forgoing shopping go to Shopping Iguatemi, which is the earliest in the city (1966 ), and Shopping Eldorado, one of the biggest shopping centers in the city.

Jardim Paulista

It is one of the best and most costly locations in Sao Paulo. It likewise has a city station: Trianon MASP (line 2, green).


Moema is a unique district situated in the south center of the capital. It is a location with high structures and apartment or condo blocks. Here, the Bicycle Park is perfect for biking.


Some emblematic locations to check out are its 158-hectare Ibirapuera park, Aristóteles Orsini planetarium, the Museum of Modern Art, and La Oca, an exhibit center in the shape of a white dome. A curious museum is the Afro Brasil, devoted to the African culture brought to Brazil by servants.


Brooklin has a vibrant nightlife and unique hotels in the city. It likewise has a train station (line 5).

Itaim Bibi

Itaim Bibi is the name provided to the part of the city of Sao Paulo, likewise called Brooklin Velho. It is an upper-middle-class domestic community with a wide variety of nightlife.

Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena is understood for its nightlife, cultural and bohemian custom, well-known alternative art galleries, and street graffiti. The bars, stores, and dining establishments have the same alternative design as the community.

Cheap Places to Stay in Sao Paulo

Long-term leasings are more affordable than short-term ones. As is typically the case when relocating to a brand-new city, much of the very best offers for leasings are found out about through word-of-mouth. I recommend you to start with personal leasing because owners tend to be more versatile than representatives and businesses, and they will be open for settlement.

Typically, tenants are anticipated to spend their energies, like electrical power and water. Depending upon the circumstance, you may likewise be anticipated to pay the condomínio, which is a cost for residing in a condominium.

Locations further from the town hall are frequently less costly to reside in; however, they have greater levels of violence and fewer mass transit choices. The 5 least costly communities in São Paulo are: Itaim Paulista, Jardim Aricanduva, São Mateus, São Miguel Paulista and Sapopemba.

Do not rely on impractical deals; frauds prevail in Brazil. To avoid fraud, you can employ a regional firm. Request for assistance from a relied on pal, talk with your possible brand-new next-door neighbors and check out thoroughly all of the files with the help of a Portuguese translator.

Food & Drink Expenses

There are many dining establishments in Sao Paulo, and you can discover a great meal at a deal rate if you are looking. However, you do require to forget numerous golden guidelines about dining establishments, such as preventing locations with images of their food on the menu. Do not ask, a there will be a temptation to direct you towards a more pricey dining establishment.

If you desire to treat yourself to a meal at a better dining establishment, you can anticipate paying around USD15 per individual. If the bottle does not come out white-cooled, send it back and ask for one “bem gelada.”

Groceries are fairly economical in Sao Paulo by global requirements, specifically if you purchase your fruit and vegetables from numerous street sellers. They do not have licenses or properties overheads to stress about. That stated, progressively increasing gas costs indicate that food costs have increased.

The finest dining establishments in São Paulo contend with those of any world cooking capital. Amongst its excellent gastronomic variety is the Mercadão, as the regional individuals call the São Paulo Market.

For enthusiasts of premium gastronomy, chef Alex Atala blends modernist gastronomy with standard Brazilian components in DOM. As a result, it is among the very best dining establishments on the planet, according to Pellegrino, World’s 50 Best Restaurants. In addition, DOM has a Michelin star and serves genuine green tomato jelly with edible flowers.

Another fantastic food experience with a Brazilian taste is Maní, which the Brazilian Indians call cassava. Here the popular chef Helena Rizzo, who has held a Michelin star in 2015, develops a menu changing conventional dishes into a delicate understanding of tastes and textures.

Skye, the roof restaurant bar of the fashionable Hotel Unique, likewise has an enthusiastic menu. Again, french-born head chef Emmanuel Bassoleil prepared a comprehensive menu with seafood supremacy. But, again, the bloody mary ceviche sticks out, which is combined with a mixed drink beverage.

São Paulo is the biggest Japanese city after Tokyo, and for that reason, a should look for sushi enthusiasts. The most popular dining establishments are Nagayama for sushi and Kinoshita for a total variation of Japanese food in a more intimate setting.

water fountain in the Ibirapuera park, sao paulo , Brazil

São Paulo Nightlife

Sao Paulo is one of the couple of cities where you can attend celebrations until 4 in the afternoon. But, of course, the city is not low-cost.

To experience standard Brazilian locations, you need to go to a boteca or a balada. Bar Astor in Vila Madalena serves a cold and velvety chopp while Veloso is the perfect boteca for caipirinhas.

Rua Augusta is the center of nightlife in the town hall with bars, dining establishments, sex stores, strip clubs, and several little bars. Pinheros likewise has samba places and craft beer places like Emporio Alto dos Pinheiros and Cervejaria Dogma.

D-Edge is thought of as one of the finest electronic music clubs in South America. Hip hop, funk, and soul head to Lions Nightclub in the Republica community for EDM. At the same time, for flashback celebrations of the eighties and nineties in an underground environment, the finest location is Milo Garage. Finally, for high-end clubs, you must go to Itaim Bibi and Vila Olímpia, two abundant districts to the south.

São Paulo Transportation

Sao Paulo is a city where the automobile is the method of transportation par quality. Owning a car is an indication of financial power in São Paulo society.

São Paulo has about 7.000 city bus lines. It is one of many cities with a GPS tracking and synchronization system, which helps the user validate all the info about stops and transportation schedules. The issue is the heavy traffic in the city. In current years particular lanes have been set up for buses, and the quality of service has enhanced substantially; moving by bus through the main locations of São Paulo is still sluggish and even rather dangerous due to the high rate of break-ins.

The Sao Paulo Metro has five lines and ranges from 04:40 to 00:00 am. Walking around the city by city is among the very best choices, given that São Paulo’s stations are modern-day and the network works outstandingly. The rate is likewise three reals.

The city train service supervises 93 stations and six various lines, covering 339.3 kilometers. The Metropolitan Trains not just cover the city of Sao Paulo but also cities within the city.

The taxi, like the bus, is a sluggish and costly choice to navigate the city. There are several types: typical, unique, radio-taxis, and high-end ones. They charge a set quantity at the start plus the journey’s mileage.

Navigating Sao Paulo is fairly simple thanks to the exceptional train system, though it can be a crush throughout heavy traffic. Six lines cover 80km, and a one-way ticket will cost you about USD1.

If you are looking to get someplace off the Metro track or take a trip at night, it is more secure to get an Uber. But unfortunately, getting an Uber from the regional grocery store is hard.

When you do get an Uber, make certain that you validate that the motorist in the vehicle is the same as the profile on the app. Goons are not unidentified to mug Uber motorists, take their cars and trucks, and utilize them to discover brand-new targets to rob.

São Paulo Insurance and Medical Care

According to the constitution, the public health system in Brazil, called Sistema Único de Saude (SUS), is free for nationals and immigrants. The issue of SUS is not the quality of care itself however access to care and essential materials. For example, some health centers do not have personnel or air conditioning, which is essential due to the temperature levels throughout the summertime.

The quality of care in private healthcare facilities is equivalent to or perhaps higher than the European or North American requirement. In addition, the best healthcare facilities are acknowledged worldwide, with the best devices and extremely certified medical professionals, typically qualified abroad.

Today, about 25% of the Brazilian population has personal medical insurance. I suggest you work with medical insurance to utilize the personal system that uses high-quality care, although at high rates. A professional medical go generally costs between 50 and 100 USD, a dental practitioner assessment around 50 USD, and a basic surgery can cost as much as 5.000 USD.

In Brazil, international medical insurance is typically a much better alternative for expats than regional health insurance. This is because it provides you the liberty to pick medical professionals’ health centers and the possibility of having worldwide protection. However, your medical insurance must abide by regional legislation.

Things to do in São Paulo

Sao Paulo is a city of organizational tourists, so it is more to reside in than to check out. However, there are some locations that you can go to in addition to experiencing its nightlife and music.

Avenida Paulista

Avenida Paulista, 2.7 kilometers long, is an unmissable opportunity through the heart of Sao Paulo. Along with the opportunity, you will see the primary business structures and cultural organizations of Sao Paulo, hotels, dining establishments, and attractive stores. Its interests include the Itaú and Sesi Cultural Centers, the Sao Paulo Art Museum, and the National Complex where the popular Cultural Library lies, thought about the biggest book shop in Latin America.

Sao Paulo Museum of Art

If you like museums, you can stop at the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, which houses indispensable art collections and is among the most essential in Latin America. Its primary collections consist of European paintings and sculptures from the 13th century to today, with artists such as Rafael Sanzio, Botticelli, Nicolas Poussin, and a set of 73 bronze sculptures by Edgar Degas.

Brazilian Museum of Sculpture

Another crucial museum is the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture. Its entryway is complimentary, and it lies inside an amazing architectural operation in strengthened concrete with water ponds and gardens.

Pinacoteca del Estado

Another choice is the Pinacoteca del Estado. Found in the Jardin de la Luz location in an 1897 structure of Italian eclecticism. It represents among the essential art museums in Brazil, real estate, a collection of about 6 thousand works that tell the history of Brazilian painting amongst the 19th and 20th centuries.

Soccer Museum

If you choose a more popular museum, the Soccer Museum lies in the Pacaembú Stadium. Seventeen spaces house more than 1.500 images and 6 hours of video, which remember the essential occasions in the history of this sport in Brazil, with an enormous collection of prizes.

Outdoor patio del Colegio

Among the historic structures is the Patio del Colegio, the first building integrated into Sao Paulo throughout the 16th century by the Jesuits as a center to catechize the native individuals. Today, brought back in 1979, it houses a museum with more than 600 testimonial pieces of that time, such as altars, colonial paintings, Jesuit iconography, and old files.

Copan Building

You can likewise check out the Copan Building, which needs architecture fans. It is the biggest concrete structure in Brazil and the biggest domestic structure in Latin America. It was developed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1954 and is a skillful example of the experimentation of a vertical city with 140 meters high, 37 floorings, 1,160 houses, and 5,000 citizens, along with a shopping mall with 72 shops and an evangelical church.

Local Market

Inaugurated in 1933, it corresponds to a substantial structure in a diverse design, embellished with a collection of 32 stained glass windows made by the Russian artist Conrado Sorgenicht Filho representing different phases of food production. There are likewise several locations that use cold food and beer at budget-friendly costs and premium dining establishments.

Physical fitness and Health

Brazilian fitness center market is the 2nd biggest in the entire world. Brazilians are understood for taking fantastic care of their physical look, and a huge part of that is getting to the fitness center frequently. There is an abundance of fitness centers and physical fitness classes to check out in São Paulo, from full-service health clubs to spinning studios or Bootcamp.

High-End Gyms and physical fitness clubs consist of your individualized subscription assessment with a fitness instructor, swimming pool, various classes like cross fit, martial arts, yoga, Bootcamp, and more. They likewise normally use massage and physical treatment. The very best ones in the city are BodyTech, Bio Ritmo, and Reebok Sports Club.

The most special by far is the Iguatemi Shopping Mall on Faria Lima Avenue area, thought about by numerous to be the most high-end health club in the nation. Bio Ritmo is the second-largest high-end health club chain in Brazil, with a more unwinded feel than Bodytech. Reebok has 2 places in São Paulo: Vila Olimpia and Morumbi.

Choosing a trip or a run among São Paulo’s parks is an excellent option if you desire a little workout. There are normally many rental choices for bicyclists at Parque Ibirapuera and Parque Villa-Lobos.

Brazilians likewise enjoy volleyball, both the standard kind and the beach variation. The nation has top-class nationwide competitors and hosts routine worldwide matches.





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