How To Be Digital Nomad Montenegro?

How To Be Digital Nomad Montenegro?

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If you’re locating even more reasons that Montenegro is an excellent hub for electronic wanderers, then you get on the ideal page. There are, in fact, a great deal of great reasons that this country is the dreamland for remote employees, yet we’ll inform you of one of the essential ones. These are the reasons that will make you consider remaining here to start an electronic nomad life.

There Are Coworking Spaces

Digital Nomad Montenegro

It is necessary to recognize if the country you’re living in has sufficient coworking spaces for you to do your job successfully. As well as in Montenegro, coworking is a new concept; however, you can still find a couple of spaces for it. For example, on the Montenegro Shore, you’ll find six coworking rooms:

  • Playworking in Tivat

  • Kolektiv Novi in Herceg Novi

  • Hubrela in Budva

  • Kowork and Balkanoffice in Kotor

  • Innovation Center in Porto Montenegro

  • OK Koral Outdoor Club in Bar Municipality

If you’re in the city of Podgorica, the country’s capital, then you can find 4 coworking spaces:

  • MTEL Digital Factory
  • Work Hub

  • Nest

  • Donkey Farm

If you don’t seem like staying in a coworking space, it’s still feasible to operate in cafes. However, running in cafes is not usual in society in the nation. In Montenegro, cafes are seen just as a location for drinking coffee and speaking with your buddies. But given that there are plenty of coffee shops in the country, you can visit them as well as do your job there with your mobile hotspot. Since mobile internet in Montenegro is fast, this alternative is entirely practical.

In the world of freelancing, it is essential to be effective and have the capacity to divide your work from your free time. This is where this type of “office” becomes appropriate.

Fast And Cheap Internet

How To Be Digital Nomad, Montenegro?

The web link in Montenegro is rapid and also dependable. Average speeds can reach up to 50 Mbps. Besides, likewise cost-effective Telco Strategies or net plans you can take pleasure in; some even have wire consisted of.

On top of that, the mobile internet network in Montenegro is also incredible! A vacationer sim card is hugely economical with 100GB of information. Some strategies additionally provide 500GB for only around 10-15 EUR in one month! So currently, you won’t have a tough time calling or texting your friends or household while you’re far from home. Simply note your passport is required when acquiring a regional sim card.

Typically talking, bigger towns usually have a good net link. However, if you remain in the mountains or smaller-sized cities, you will likely experience either a good or non-existent web that is provided because you’re surrounded naturally.

Practical Information


Montenegro is not part of the Shengen EU, which means you can remain here without consuming days from your valuable 90 days Shengen visa. This makes it an excellent destination for when you need to reset your Shengen visa days.

If you are an American ticket owner, you are permitted to stay in Montenegro without officially making an application for any kind of visa for up to 90 days.

The Digital Nomad Visa

As of October 2021, Montenegro has announced the plan to roll out its electronic nomad visa in 2022. This action adheres to Croatia’s initiative to do the very same.

This is great news for electronic wanderers who like a more long-term home base and wish to invest even more time in Europe. This likewise has positive effects for the future, when Montenegro will undoubtedly belong to the EU and perhaps the Shengen Area.

If they do prosper in integrating, after that, electronic wanderers with a digital wanderer through in Montenegro may be able to take a trip within the Shengen location longer than the current 90-day restriction.

Digital Nomad Montenegro


The wifi in Montenegro is respectable. Since October 2021, mobile download speeds average 44 Mbps, as well as 60 Mbps on dealt with broadband according to Speed Examination.

My personal experience with wifi in Montenegro is that it’s generally offered, yet whether it functions refers to the location at best and occasionally luck. As an electronic nomad, I would extremely recommend acquiring a SIM card with a great deal of data for backup.

SIM Card

SIM cards for vacationers in Montenegro are convenient to have as well as elementary to acquire. You can buy a pre-paid SIM card at the airport or when you reach your location city.

For comfort, I’d proceed and buy it right from the airport, even if it costs a few dollars added. At Podgorica International Flight terminal, you’ll discover kiosks offering SIM cards for around 15 euros for 500 GB of data. This is certainly remarkably generous, but it will certainly cover all your bases as you travel around Montenegro and understand the taken care of broadband wifi doesn’t always function.

The very best SIM card to purchase in Montenegro is most likely Telekom, a widespread network, so you’ll be able to conveniently discover stores to top up later on in your remain.


Digital Nomad Montenegro


Summer is likely the ideal time to visit Montenegro if you can handle crowds and heat. While temperatures in Southern Europe are known to reach scorching levels, the heat is dry and perfect for days spent by the sea. Daytime temperatures now regularly reach 30 – 35 C. The days are long and the sun is strong, so it can be uncomfortable to explore the old towns and outdoors during midday. Plus, the crowds reach maximum Disneyland levels in towns like Kotor. For this reason, summer is only perfect for party lovers, the nocturnal and social digital nomad, or those who will spend ample time at the beach. Keep in mind fires are known to happen in summer which can affect air quality.


Shoulder season is known to be a good alternative time to visit Montenegro. You’ll have thinner crowds and the heat of the summer will have died down, while still being warm enough to swim through October. As a country with many national parks, mountains and ample nature to be discovered, a visit in fall can be ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Daytime temperatures hover between 15 – 22 C, with plenty of sunshine, perfect for hiking. Plus the fall foliage is in full effect in Montenegro each fall making it a spectacular autumn destination


In the cities, the temperatures drop to 4 – 11 C. But the real downside is the moisture and wind. Generally, this is known as a miserable time of year to be in the cities. Many tourist hubs will shut down their hotels and restaurants for the season, and it can feel very quiet. But it’s an opportunity to beat the crowds and explore other aspects of this country. I think most of us don’t think of Montenegro as a winter destination, but it does get snow. As a country littered with mountain peaks, there are plenty of slopes and opportunities for winter sports and activities.


Early spring is still quite cold, and rain can still be persistent. The small period of time right before the summer warms up considerably, making it another good time to visit to enjoy fair weather without the massive crowds. The weather in May makes for great days by the sea, although the water is still likely too cold for swimming. As for hiking, it’s possible later in the season, although many trails will still have at least some snow present.

Cost of Living

Digital Nomad Montenegro
Spend a month living comfortably in Montenegro for $1800.
Montenegro is on the Euro currency, which has brought up the rates in recent years. It’s extra costly than nearby Balkan countries such as Bosnia & Herzegovina and also Albania. Yet still far less expensive than next-door Croatia, where costs have actually gone through the roof lately. My individual opinion? It’s just an issue of time up until Montenegro goes the same way. With its appeal enhancing, as well as an upcoming combination into the EU, it’s unavoidable for traveling costs to increase. So the price of living for electronic nomads will surely boost too. All the factor to see quicker than later on!


You can find an Airbnb apartment in a major city or vacationer center for $500– $800. If you prepare to remain in the capital city of Podgorica, there are much more choices offered at slightly lower prices. The most costly Airbnbs I located throughout my keep stayed in Kotor, not unusual considering its appeal and also just how limited areas are. If you intend to save money on lodging, you can stay in a much less preferred destination. For example, homes in Kotor can conveniently be $1000 a month or even more, yet simply a brief bus trip away in nearby communities around Kotor Bay, you could locate locations for virtually half the expense.


Digital Nomad Montenegro

Eating out in Montenegro will undoubtedly cost just as much as dining in Western European restaurants in many areas. This rings particularly real in vacationer centers like Kotor and Budva, where a typical dish costs 12– 30 euros. However, the high quality of food is fantastic and well worth it, so I plan to eat in restaurants several times. Mainly, the seafood recipes are noteworthy and also must not be missed.

A week well worth of grocery stores will cost $40– $50, and a container of good Montenegrin red wine will cost 10– 15 euros from the shop. As an electronic wanderer, you will likely invest around $500– $600 on food a month below, with a mix of food preparation and dining in a restaurant and drinking occasionally. If you love alcohol consumption and nightlife, clearly anticipate paying a great deal much more.


Navigating Montenegro is both irritating and also sensible. On the one hand, there aren’t any trains, and buses are typically very late. Nevertheless, the neighborhood buses are incredibly economical, convenient, and simple to browse. A 2 hr bus trip from Podgorica to Budva can be as low as 5 euros. A 10– to 20-minute taxi ride in Podgorica costs 2– 4 euros. For comfort or more liberty, you might pick to lease a car, which will cost a lot more. You can spend anywhere from $100– $300 a month on transport, depending on how many times you’ll rent out a car or take taxis.

Where to Stay

Montenegro is a small country, so it’s easy to get around no matter where you pick as your home base. Yet some cities are certainly much better for electronic wanderers due to the immediately readily available resources, like coffee shops, social scene, infrastructure, etc. So here are some ideal digital nomad cities in Montenegro.

Kotor Bay

Digital Nomad Montenegro

Kotor is a medieval Venetian port city. It’s stuffed packed with backpackers, party individuals, and family members fresh off the cruise liner in summer. It can be hectic, and things are certainly overpriced. However, it’s a lively and dynamic location to be in peak period, and also you’ll satisfy lots of people while right here. In the summertime, there is a celebration taking place every evening, and also you’ll listen to EDM shrieking in all edges of the old town from 6 pm every evening.

There aren’t numerous options on Airbnb in Kotor city, so you might have to Digital Nomad Montenegro look into staying elsewhere around Kotor Bay. However, it’s is an optimal base for those who enjoy the sea and want to invest their month in Montenegro treking, discovering historical, seaside towns, partying, soaking in the ocean, or doing water tasks in general.


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