How to be a Digital Nomad in Cangou, Bali

How to be a Digital Nomad in Cangou, Bali

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A Digital Nomad Guide to Bali, Indonesia

More than 6 million travelers check out Bali every year, revealing it is far from the unblemished paradise it was hailed to be. At more than 5,700 km ², the island is enormous, and they’re still many corners that crowds of travelers have not overrun. The much smaller neighboring islands Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and the Gili Islands have recently ended up being hot brand-new locations for travelers and digital wanderers alike.

Bali is not just understood for its first-rate beaches and beneficial environment. It likewise has a unique culture and history that is extremely different from the rest of Indonesia. Bali has a lot to use, consisting of extraordinary browse areas, lavish rice balconies, ancient temples, stunning landscapes, beautiful volcanos, therefore, a lot more. Its world-famous diving and snorkeling places bring countless travelers to the island every year. They have motivated numerous digital wanderers, business owners, and remote employees to make it their long-term house.

Bali has excellent mountains, thick jungles, and paradise-like beaches, which is why lots consider it the best island. Bali merely has something for everybody.

Bali depends on southern Indonesia in between the islands of Java and Lombok. It is considered the most famous traveler location globally and is particularly appealing for backpackers, spending plan tourists, and digital wanderers. Bali has a population of over 4 million individuals, which is mainly focused on the southern part of the island, while the central and northern parts are more rural.

Woman traveler at Bali Handara Gate in Bali, Indonesia in a sunny day


Before we delve into the very best locations to remain as an online woman manager– we should begin with the essentials, shall we?


Presently, 1 USD equates to 14,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), making Bali an excellent location to invest your United States currency. Listed below, we cover how to secure money from your checking account or charge card; however, bear in mind that in Canggu– money guidelines whatever.

Discover an Apartment Or Condo in Bali

In Bali, many people reside in vacation homes which can be either shared or personal. There is a massive choice of vacation homes of differing sizes on the marketplace, and most property owners are eager to lease them out for a longer time. You will be conserving a substantial quantity of cash if you lease a rental property for an entire year and even six months, not on a regular monthly or weekly basis.

Bali Bustle

Bali Bustle is a centrally situated, modern-day coworking area with fantastic features such as an internal fitness center. At 50-70 Mbps, the wifi at Bali Bustle may not be the fastest on this list; however, the area more than makes up for it.

Schedule an Airbnb or hotel for the very first couple of days, and then begin looking for something more irreversible when you get here. Use Facebook groups like Bali low-cost Home & Space Rental or Bali Real Estate and Lodging to assist you in discovering the finest vacation homes and thinking about working with a genuine estate representative to get the finest offer.

While some inexpensive western food alternatives are around, these can likewise be rather expensive, so eating at a warung will be your best option if you’re on a spending plan.

Many digital wanderers do the popular “visa run” every 60 days to get a brand-new visa; this can be tedious and pricey. To navigate the 60-day visa guideline, numerous request a Sosial Budaya Visa, which is implied for checking out Indonesian family and friends; however, it is released rather freely. With this visa, you get to remain in the nation for 60 days and can extend four more times for thirty days each, offering you an overall 180 days in Indonesia before your need to leave.

Hubud Coworking

Hubud is a direct partner of Dojo Bali, so they have many fantastic deals offered. Day passes start at 13$, and various per-hour bundles are likewise readily available.

Station Canggu.

With one coworking place in Canggu and 2 in Ubud, Station Bali is a big and interconnected coworking neighborhood. After a long day of working, you can reward yourself with a cold beverage while delighting in the gorgeous sundown from their big balcony.

Beef is not taken infrequently in the regional food, as it is thought about as spiritual in the Hindu religious beliefs. If you’re trying to find a juicy rump steak, you will discover one among many western dining establishments. These use top-quality foods from all over the world like pizza, hamburgers, or tacos.

Dojo Bali

They hold routine workshops and networking occasions, making Dojo a fantastic resource for digital wanderers. They consider themselves not just a coworking area but likewise a neighborhood of like-minded people from around the world.

A temple on rock in Tanah Lot Bali ** Note: Slight graininess, best at smaller sizes

Coliving Spaces

If you’re attempting to network and fulfill like-minded people in Bali, then you need to think about signing up with a coliving area. It can be truly handy to remain in a coliving area when you initially get here in Bali, where you’ll most likely satisfy others looking for long-term lodging.


In Canggu, English is commonly talked about with a big Aussie and European impact, although it’s useful to discover some Bahasa Indonesia fundamentals. Bahasa Indonesia is among the simpler languages to find out, considering that verbs aren’t conjugated. Nevertheless, it prevails to hear numerous ex-pats speaking proficient Bahasa around town.

Bali Resident Food

If you desire the finest regional cooking experience, you need to go to a “warung.” The most popular ones are “Nasi Goreng” and “Mie Goreng,” tasty fried rice or noodles served with veggies or meat.

Tropical Wanderer Bali.

The area is modern-day and airy, with terrific features such as a high-speed web connection, ergonomic chairs, skype spaces, and an internal coffee shop. This area is focused on performance and getting work done with fewer occasions and less focus on constructing a neighborhood like Dojo Bali.

You can get a filling meal with a beverage at a warung for less than 3$. You will frequently stumble upon street stalls near the beach using fried buttery corn on the cob for just around 1.50$. This is a fantastic treat and will not spend a lot.

If you’re preparing to relocate to Bali as a digital nomad, you should not stress over scheduling lodging before your go. You will discover the very best offers on arrival when you get an opportunity to learn more about the location and choose what you desire. In addition, Bali is oversaturated with lodging alternatives, so you’ll hardly ever need to fret about having no place to remain.

Bali Nightlife

Bali is among the very best locations for nightlife in all of South-East-Asia. For many years Kuta’s Jalan Legian has ended up being a hotspot for big clubs, roof lounges, and bars with really cost-effective beverages. A popular location to enter Kuta is the all-you-can-eat-and-drink barbeque nights, where you pay a flat charge to have a scrumptious barbeque meal in addition to free-flow beverages.

Bali Visa

Many citizenships (over 160) do not technically require a visa to Bali. However, for digital wanderers who prepare to remain in Indonesia for more than 30 days, it might be a good idea to either get a 30-day visa on arrival, which can be extended for another 30 days or to use it for a 60-day visa before your go.

Things to do in Bali

Take part in a standard cooking class.

There are plenty of cooking schools to select from around the island, although some of the most popular ones are in Ubud. Before cooking, you’ll go to a conventional market such as the Jimbaran Fish Market to go shopping for your active ingredients.

See dolphins in Lovina.

Tourists looking for dolphins from boats at Lovina beach of Bali, Indonesia. Popular activities for visitors include early-morning boat trips to see dolphins

It is one of the finest areas to see dolphins in the wild which is an amazing experience. Many trips go out in the early mornings in time for dawn to identify dolphins close to the coast. Some trips likewise consist of a snorkeling area close by.

Check out deserted airplanes.

There are at least 4 (if not more) deserted airplanes spread around the island of Bali. One of the most available ones sits on an empty lot in the south of Kuta, best next to the primary roadway, while others are concealed even more in the jungle.

The Tanah Lot Temple is Bali’s most popular tourist attraction and an outright must-see. Found north of Canggu Tanah Lot is finest checked out in the night for sundown.

Drive to Uluwatu

Uluwatu rests on the southern pointer of Bali and is house to a few of the very best browse breaks on the island. Go to the popular Uluwatu Temple that rests on top of remarkable cliffs and see the popular Kecak fire dance reveals that make this location popular. Uluwatu is understood for its extraordinary beaches that tend to be less congested than those in Kuta or Seminyak.

Take surfing lessons

Bali is a terrific location for newbies to find out how to browse. Specifically, around Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu, the browse conditions are generally perfect for unskilled internet users, while the south of Bali is tougher.

Bali has a hot, tropical environment with a uniquely dry and damp season. As a result, the island is busiest throughout this time, and costs will be somewhat greater.

Go to the waterfalls.

Bali is understood for its numerous waterfalls, discovered in the thick jungle around the island. You can swim in the bulk of Bali’s waterfalls which is the best method to cool down after a long day in the sun.

Bali, Indonesia. Surfer with surfboard at ocean wave. Surfing in ocean at waves

Finest Time to Check Out Bali.

The wet season in Bali starts in November and lasts until March. You can anticipate monsoon-like showers throughout this time which tend to occur daily. Some roadways can be blockaded due to flooding, which can decrease traffic significantly.

Temperature levels resemble those throughout the dry season; however, the humidity rises to practically 100%, which can feel unpleasant. Nevertheless, you can still have warm days in the damp season, and numerous travelers like to go throughout this time as lodging rates are more budget-friendly and the island is less crowded.

Something to note is that the ocean and beaches of Bali are at their most stunning throughout the dry season. The sea will be rougher in the damp season and tends to clean more garbage and particles ashore. Undersea exposure is typically bad, so it’s not the very best time to go snorkeling or diving.

See the daybreak at Mount Batur.

Mount Batur is the 2nd biggest volcano on the island of Bali. One of the finest methods to see the volcano is to climb up to the top in time for dawn. Working with a guide is obligatory, and it is not recommended to try the climb without one.

Physical fitness and Health

If you are interested in Yoga, then Bali is the location to go. Specifically, around the Ubud location, you’ll discover a few of the very best yoga schools around, with meditation retreats and everyday sessions being popular amongst digital wanderers.

Another terrific method of remaining fit is to attempt the Indonesian nationwide sport Pencak Silat. This is a special type of martial arts that focuses not just on the body but likewise includes aspects of meditation and spirituality. There is an excellent choice of martial arts schools in Bali, which likewise teach kickboxing or muay Thai.

There are personal and public health centers in Bali, the biggest in the south near Denpasar and Kuta. Treatment is generally fairly priced; nevertheless, you should constantly have medical insurance coverage when living abroad. If you’re a long-term digital nomad, you will likely have insurance coverage from your house nation, which is typically the most effective and perhaps even most economical technique (depending upon where you’re from).

A few of Bali’s most widely known fitness centers are the Body Factory, the Canggu Club, and Hammerhead Physical Fitness. Costs vary between 50$ and 150$ monthly depending upon whether you desire access to all classes and facilities or simply the health club. The majority likewise have day passes readily available.

If you need to check out a physician in Bali, you should constantly take your passport to recognize yourself. In addition, you will need to cover all expenses for your medical treatments in advance, which will, later on, be compensated by your insurer.

Surfing is one of the most popular methods of remaining fit on the island, and everybody must attempt it at least once. There is no better method to begin the day in Bali than with an early morning browse.

Bali Insurance Coverage and Healthcare

Wherever you go to live as a digital nomad, it is constantly excellent to have medical insurance coverage, and Bali is no exception. The bulk of medical personnel in Bali speak English and are utilized by travelers coming to them with typical issues such as injuries from scooter mishaps or stomach concerns.

If that is not the case, there are choices for getting insurance coverage in Bali. However, these are normally pricey, and the protection is restricted. Notifying yourself about insurance coverage alternatives before you show up is, for that reason, a much smarter move.

Cost of Living in Bali

Luxury hotel "Puri Bagus Lovina Villa Resort & Spa" territory with swimming pool on Bali island, Indonesia

Residing in Bali can be economical; nevertheless, you can likewise invest a great deal of cash if you’re not mindful of your spending plan. The sample expenditures listed below consist of the typical expenses for needs such as lodging, groceries, transportation, etc. If you’re attempting to conserve cash, you might, for instance, pick to remain in a guesthouse instead of a rental property which will lower your expenditures significantly.

There are lots of terrific alternatives for remaining fit in Bali. Most digital wanderers and ex-pats like to go to the many fitness centers around the Canggu and Kuta locations. Fitness center subscriptions are typically rather costly in Bali; nevertheless, they provide you with a fantastic choice of various features such as saunas, pools, or physical fitness classes.

Some ideas to conserve cash include:

  • Shopping at vegetables and fruit markets instead of grocery stores.
  • Eating at regional dining establishments (warungs).
  • Purchasing a surfboard instead of leasing one.
  • Selecting to remain at a guesthouse instead of a guesthouse vacation home.

All these ideas will help reduce your budget plan and make a living in Bali more inexpensive.

If your spending plan is more versatile, you need to look at the optional expenses that include things you may wish to invest cash on but do not need to. Once again, these numbers are just approximations and could be lower or greater depending on individual experience.

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