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There will be times when you are a bit bored at your desk and wonder if you actually dictate your own pace when it comes to working. When it comes to office work, nobody is safe because hundreds of people all over the world are losing their jobs. Thus, you can’t really predict what would come next and it would be better to switch over to an online job where you don’t have to be in contact with other people since you’re just at home. After all, being near other people could get you the virus.

The four best tips to turn into a fruitful independently employed business person

Find Something You’re Passionate About

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Do you like writing articles? Maybe you have a passion for editing videos. Whatever it is, your side hustle must be something that you are passionate about. The income won’t matter much if you don’t actually like what you are doing right now. It c

ould even be something you were really hoping of doing when you were a kid. Even if you are doing an office job you are not completely on board with, you can just try the side hustle and see if you can still go for it.

We all know how life is short and we must do things that we really like. If you do something that you don’t like and you’re just after the high income then you may lose interest in it soon. There are times when you should not focus too much on money and this is certainly one of them.

Do the Side Hustle with the Full-time Job

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It is never safe to immediately quit your full-time job and think that you will do well in your side hustle when you haven’t even tried it yet. You would not want to shock your bosses when you suddenly resign out of the blue. It would be better to do them both at the same time. Hence, better to do the side hustle during the time when you are not logged in at the office. Depending on the side hustle, it is possible that you can do it anywhere you would like. For example, if your side hustle is managing social media accounts then all you need is your smartphone then do it even while you are in transit. Better check with your full-time work if they allow side hustles.

There is a possibility they don’t really allow it and you can get into trouble when you get the side hustle without notifying the company first. There are companies that don’t allow this because they know it is a way for their employees to test if they like the side hustle so they would eventually resign from their post. They are actually right but if they don’t have any rules against it then they don’t really have any right to prohibit you from doing it.

As they say, it would be better to be safe than sorry so better check out with your HR office to see if there is anything up with that. Of course, it would be wise to not mention your name anytime you are asking it so the boss won’t put you in the spotlight in the next meetings. Also, you should have some sort of backup when it comes to income when you eventually quit your full-time job. Having no backup would be a huge risk when you quit your job. It is possible you will be left with no income for a few weeks or even months and you would have nobody to blame but yourself in this situation.

Analyze if Your Side Hustle Income is Enough

Businemman counting money and taking notes

Better bring out your calculator and compute all the things you spend for each month and find out if the salary you get from your side hustle would be enough to cover all of that. As a result, you should also look at all the people who are depending on you to feed them and pay the bills each day. Thus, you should not look at only yourself if your parents and children are living there with you. If your parents are pretty old, it would be impossible for them to work.

It would be alright to ask the opinions of the other people living in the house so that you can finally try the side hustle on a full-time basis. After all, they can feel a bit surprised when you tell them that you finally quit your day job. Not only should it be enough, but your side hustle income should be more than enough so you would have some budget buying things that would actually make you a bit happy.

Invest in a Workstation at Home

Working at home office

Be sure that the place where you are working at home would be somewhere where you will actually feel a bit comfortable. Add that to the fact that you must invest in stuff that will make everything worthwhile while you are doing it. Also, better let everyone in the house know that you are doing something really important. One way to do that would be to put a sign out the door so they would not even think of coming in. After all, a comfortable workplace at home would make you feel motivated to do more. We all know how you actually control your own time when it comes to your side hustle most of the time. That is one of the main reasons why you got out of your corporate job in the first place.

Now that you know how to turn your side hustle into a full-time job, you can say goodbye to needing to work long hours at the office. It is such a hassle to wake up early each and every single day just to get to the office at the earliest possible time. It is also a great way to say goodbye to office politics as you would be your own boss. Needless to say, you are going to look forward to working every single day of the week.

“Well begun is half done.”  ~ Aristotle

“Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.”  ~ Zig Ziglar

“Nothing happens until something moves.”  ~ Albert Einstein

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Beware Of “Get Rich Fast” Programs!

There is nothing like having your own online business. You make the decisions, and as one song says, you “win or learn.” However, creating your own company can be tricky, especially if you build from the ground up. There will be constant questions that must be answered, such as:

How will we consistently draw in customers? How will we stay up with trends? How will we do all of this and not break the bank? It quickly becomes obvious that one thing is needed above all else.

Information Is Needed

Word Art Crc

Without accurate facts and data, wrong decisions get made. When a fork in the road comes up, a turn can become a dead end.

What is the most common way to find information right now? If you said, “Google it!” you are right.

Unfortunately, Google isn’t an encyclopedia. It is a place where people upload information and sometimes that information isn’t as reliable as we would like it to be.

In fact, some people put false information online to see what effect it might have.

The Importance Of Straight Facts

But if you, as a new business owner, go to Google and receive false answers to your questions, you could lose your business. At the very least, you might lose money, time, or a good reputation.

One Type Of Scam

One of the most damaging falsehoods also known as a scam is the type that asks for people to “invest” in a company. Then, that company will help the person earn unbelievable amounts of money.

Go For Honest, Competent Mentors

It takes work to locate mentors and assistants who will help your business take off and do it without taking your shirt.

Our company has people like:

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Additional Bonus Resources

Now available for download is our Critical Constructs ebook Library of key resources available for download now, today -immediately.  These are books we produced for various training purposes over the years that we have now made available to you, all free to our readers, members and customers, as our mission is to provide you with the information you need to succeed in achieving your dreams.

You will not need all of these today, as you will most likely only need the ones related to the business model you decide on but you will have these handy should you need to use them to research specific areas that you need to understand.   So we don’t expect everyone to need these items all at once but it is important to have the library handy and available as you need it.

The following books are in the library as of this writing but we are adding more all the time so there may even be some new ones that you may not be listed here.

These are some of the bonus resources that will be downloadable that you receive after joining. You will be notified how to pick these up from a specific download location after signing up.

These include Special Reports, ebooks, Ultimate Guides, and checklists. They are usually in pdf format so that they can be viewed on any device.

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  • Essential Guide to Sales Funnels
  • Newbies Guide to Setting Up a Sales Funnel
  • The Quintessential Guide to Marketing Ads
  • 21 Income Streams
  • 99 New Small Business Ideas
  • 220 Success Principles

Lead Magnet Book

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