How to Find and Select a Legitimate Work from Home Career

How to Find and Select a Legitimate Work from Home Career

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Legitimate Work from Home Career

About five years ago, I found myself growing tired of my tedious 9 to 5 career, and I began to explore the option of working at home.

I looked at a variety of different career options that religiousness and paid well. I began to appreciate that only taking action he changing your life; unfortunately, many of the career options I stumbled across seem too good to be true. And in most cases, they were following months of frustration; I decided to take a different approach. I asked three questions of anyone offering me what they considered to be a legitimate work-from-home opportunity.

  • What exactly do you do?
  • How can I get started?
  • Can you tell me how much you earn?

Once I had asked these questions and got what appeared to be honest answers, I began to document my journey. I created a blog to help share my experiences with others who are in summer situations. I found thousands of people who felt the same as I did about 9 to 5 jobs, and we’re looking for legitimate work-from-home careers. Most of the similar mentality takes courage to make a change in one’s life and persistence and perseverance.

I started to build a strong following, many of whom logged onto my Instagram to get tips and tricks on creating a work-from-home opportunity while still balancing life as a mother. I found that disciplined in self-motivated people can quickly start a successful work-from-home career as they already have some of the core traits it takes to be successful.

My readers have deeply appreciated that I did much of the research for them and pointed out that some tried and tested work from home careers available.

Coming in to talk to different professionals in the industry, one of the first I interviewed was a man named John flick; he worked as a notary loan signing agent, and at the time, I was only working three to four days a week and comfortably earning $5000-$7,000 every month. This is just one example of a work-from-home career that allows you to live very comfortably.

Their disadvantages to being self-employed are that you lack any access to affordable health care. But let me tell you now, this is not why you shouldn’t seek self-employment as many legitimate work-from-home careers require no start-up fees and can easily be tested on a part-time basis.

For example, if you intend to start blogging or your own YouTube channel, this is something I have a lot of experience with. I had something easily manageable as it works from a home career; you can also gain additional income from Google ads as well as affiliate marketing, and this can all be done at no additional cost to yourself.

1. Online content creator

The Keys To Becoming An Entrepreneur In Pandemic TimesIf you have time for writing, you can make a significant amount of money as a content creator. One of my friends I made on my journey is Holly Johnson; she comfortably earns over $150,000 a year as a freelance writer. This is something I didn’t even know was possible. Every website that is launched in need of a professional writer.

Not only considers being one of the most legitimate work from home career opportunities for mothers because you can comfortably work it around your schedule want to ask Holly how much could I make writing she found it hard to believe that you would struggle to make less than $50,000 a year as a full-time writer.

Asking Holly how can I get started our secrets to success was when she started charging what she considered acceptable for her work; there are many websites or honey offers details on how she built our six-figure writing career from scratch.

If you’re genuinely interested in becoming an online content creator taking all these courses could help you get on the right path to success; she also offers many tips on getting the proper writing gigs.

2. Proofreading

If you enjoy reading, but you cringe whenever you stumble across grammar mistakes or find yourself looking for errors in any publication, you may have a hidden career as a proofreader. Proofreaders are sought after across the writing sphere. I spoke to Caitlin Pyle, who works part-time as a proofreader, and she makes over $40,000 a year others.

Many full-time proofreaders comfortably make four to six thousand dollars a month; when I asked Caitlin how to get started, she pointed out that her proofreading career started as a freelance writer, and she drifted into proofreading as a side hustle; there are numerous websites and offer free introductory workshops and how to start your work from a home career as a proofreader.

3. Bookkeeping virtually

All small business owners require bookkeeping skills to record their financial transactions effectively. Employing a full-time booking is often beyond the means of start-up businesses, and because of this, there are numerous work-from-home opportunities for virtual bookkeeping. I was amazed when I interviewed two moms who had started their careers with virtually no experience; one of them has six kids of whom she home schools, and while they are doing their project on homework, she comfortably makes a living as a part-time virtual bookkeeper Sharon’s over $2,000 a month and enjoys the freedom of being able to raise an educator child without ever leaving home.

She did have to take a bookkeeping course to get an accreditation, but from that point forward, she’s been charging 50 to $60 an hour; you can if you want to ensure more regular games work for a company, and they may pay you anything from $20 an hour.

If you have a head for figures, you can take numerous different courses, and once you feel. You’re ready to take the next step, either contact an online bookkeeping agency or look for freelance and gigs on a variety of different websites.

4. Virtual Assistants

Virtual Personal Assistant Woman Making Video Conference CallAnother work-from-home opportunity that I’d highly recommend is a virtual assistant who has admin writing, researching tutoring, design editing, social media management, and task-oriented skills to quickly become a virtual assistant. Depending on your experience, you can make anything from $25 to $100 an hour; during my research, I spoke to a lady named Gina hockey; she’s an experienced virtual assistant and makes six figures on an annual basis working for several different clients.

5. Buy or sell real estate

When I first spoke to Danielle Pierce, a lady who flips real estate without ever leaving her home, I was amazed to learn that she makes over $300,000 a year; her company is called property preservation, and she only does admin work as she outsources all of the aspects of her business. When she purchases, a home was allowed to make at least $100,000 profit within 18 months when flipping it. This is something she’s been doing year and year for the last ten years.

6. Blogging

Blocking is a career that I love, and I was going to put it number one on the list, but I do appreciate it’s not a career that suits everybody. I make a large portion of my income on an annual basis, possibly through my blog, and at this point, I’d like to thank you for reading this article as you have helped me earn an extra couple of dollars; let me assure you that I didn’t write this article yesterday I’ve had this on my blog for several years, but I continue to update us and keep it relevant because of this it’s been earning me money for the last three years.

Blocking is not something that becomes an overnight success, but if you stick with it and become a recognized expert in your field, you can make a significant income by working less than 10 hours a week. Initially, blocking takes a lot of time and effort, but once you put in the long hours and build your reputation, you can slowly start to outsource your content creation and set back and edit and proofread what comes through. I know many bloggers who make $500,000 a month; check out the step-by-step guys available online on how to start and build a blog from scratch.

7. Customer Service Representative

Ass a customer service representative, Parolee will need to provide product and service information to your client’s customers. More and more companies are hiring remote customer service representatives. They will require you to do some initial training so you can be up to date at one informed about the company’s products and services; it’s vital that you answer any questions that come your way both professionally and efficiently to get started most will only require a high school diploma, but some do require some level of experience here are some of the most popular companies employing people right now Amazon pay $11 an hour Apple pay $13 to $19 an hour, and Hilton offer 10 to $21 an hour also you could check out of work or Flexi jobs and any of the other online job boards to see open remote customer service positions.

8. Source and Resell items online

Proven Home Business IdeasIf shopping is your thing and finding a good deal makes you happy, you may want to check out Amazon’s FBA program; if you can source a good deal either online or a brick and mortar store, you can then resell it on Amazon for a higher value some Amazon FBA affiliates don’t even hold the profits themselves they use Amazon shipping service and also take advantage of the fact that Amazon will provide customer service for you to this job is pretty close to home for me as my brother uses it as a side gig and makes over $2,000 a month depending on how much work you’re willing to put in some people I know I’ve been doing this for years and comfortably make $50,000 every year getting started isn’t too tricky all the information you need is available on Their customer service team will answer any additional questions you may have.

9. Flip items you buy at thrift shops

So many people sell items either at a yard sale on the flea market at severely undervalued prices; if you know what you’re looking at, there’s a significant income to be made by flipping items you purchase, and thrift stores are flea markets if you master this some people I know are making over $50 $100,000 a year just on a part-time basis. They spend their Saturdays going from flea market to flea market on thrift store to a thrift store and then sell any items they know are in good condition and aren’t in demand on online stores such as eBay. You don’t need a lot of start-up capital if you have a budget of $100, you could quickly turn this into $300; getting started isn’t too tricky either there are many workshops available either on YouTube or another website that will explain to you precisely what to look for in your local flea market or thrift store you can be up and running as little as two weeks.

10. Selling printables on Etsy

Another legitimate work-from-home career that I never knew existed was the concept of making and selling printables on a website called Etsy. This is a rather than you Market, but once you create the printable and put it online, they’ll continue to generate income for you forever. Talking to some people who do this regularly, the best advice they can give you it’s that you should know your niche as much as possible if you want to make a living selling printables to get started; there are numerous different guides available online many of them will teach you how to make up to $1,000 a month comfortably as a passive income.

11. Taking surveys

This is an option if you are looking to make a few extra dollars every month; how many brands, products, and services are you looking for for your opinion on a variety of different matters? Some will pay you in cash others will pay you to gift cards; if you have time on your hands, you could easily make $100 a month by taking numerous different surveys; while this isn’t going to help you retire early, it might help you pay a bill or to you, just Google getting paid for surveys and you’ll stumble across many different websites such as price rebel, Swagbucks and survey junkie from experience one of my friends recommends that you should open a separate email account if you intend to sign up for these surveys as you will start to get blasted by emails many of which will be unmanageable on your standard account.

12. Life Coaching

Suppose you have a passion for helping other people and have a knowledge of personal development. In that case, life coaching is undoubtedly a career, and that you should pursue an acquaintance of mine not to bacon has been life coaching for several years. She considers it’s a comfortable way to make a six-figure income; she’s not expanding her business to the stage where she expects to turn it into seven-figure income within the next few years. I asked her how much she can expect to earn as a life coach, and she explained that she starts off earning $45 an hour, but now she can comfortably charge $300 an hour to some of her regular clients. She has gravitated from one-to-one coaching to group coaching, which allowed her to dramatically increase her income by taking a beginner life coaching course. She continued to increase her qualifications to the stage where she now has a master’s in psychology.

13. A Virtual Receptionist

A Virtual ReceptionistThis role differs from being a virtual assistant; your job will be to take calls from prospective customers and field questions about your client’s business products and services; expect this to be a fast-paced environment as you may work for clients all over the world in the vast majority of cases they look for people who are based in Canada or the US. Still, you can work seven days a week, 24 hours a day, if you want to set either a part-time or a full-time schedule. Adam and the expected their virtual receptionists to be available for hours a day, five days a week; they want you to commit to a minimum of 20 hours. It’s pretty straightforward to work up that 40 hour week; depending on where you’re based, you may be asked to work 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. eastern time or 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. central Time 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. mountain time or 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Pacific time means that you have a level of flexibility and the ability to run this as a home-based business. Virtual receptionists usually earn about $10 an hour, but if you speak more than one language and prove your longevity and high performance within the company, expect to earn additional benefits, including weekly pay cash bonuses, retirement plans, and vision insurance, dental and medical.

14. Start Affiliate Marketing

Address the fact that it’s become one of my primary sources of income over the years I spent creating my blog and writing content that people enjoy reading in the last few years, I’ve been able to monetize on all my hard work. This concept is pretty straightforward; when I put an affiliate marketing link on my website, I recommend that my reader consider purchasing the product that I have reviewed when you do this. I got a percentage of the sale.

Here are the primary reasons why I became an affiliate marketer

1. Completely Passive income.

In the past few years, as my readership increased, by began to notice that I have people from all over the world regularly visit my blog when I start to explain the idea of affiliate marketing, assuming began to understand that it will allow me to earn money 24/7 even when sleeping. I did have to invest a specific amount of time and a little bit of money and setting up my campaign. Still, since then, I’ve seen continuous returns that have grown every month over the last few years; long after some of my articles were finalized, I continue to get readers. Many of them take advantage of the Protestant services that I recommend offering me a steady flow of income without ever having to turn on my computer.

2. I don’t have to communicate with my customers

Once one of my readers clicks on an affiliate marketing link, they then become customers of a different company whoever they purchase the products or service from is responsible for the customer service on their end; this is one of the things I love most about the affiliate marketing structure is that I don’t have to worry about customer satisfaction or customer support occasionally I will get a discount customer emailing me about a link that they clicked on but usually, I read right the customer complaint back to the website.

3.The perfect work from home gig

As soon as I realized that if you do nothing different tomorrow than you did today, nothing will change, I knew I had to quit my 9-5 job once I am happy going to hate going to the office, I began looking for a solution that would allow me to work from home on a full-time basis. Once you launch her affiliate marketing campaign and successfully redirect purchasers to a seller’s website, you will get paid for any product that they purchase without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

4. Low start-up costs

Obviously, I’ve been blocking for some time before I ever started affiliate marketing, so estimating how much time I put into my project before I start running an income is quite tricky, but if you’re starting from scratch, you don’t really have to worry about high start-up costs because affiliate marketing is very cost-effective you can start slowly and do so we would learn a hustle most affiliate programs don’t charge a fee. You don’t have to worry about the design or the concept phase of creating a product; you’re recommending it to people who already trust you and getting paid to do so

5. Set your hours

I forget marketing is not maintenance free however it is pretty convenient; once you partner with the Wright brothers and services, it’s one of the best ways to work towards financial independence choose a niche that you’re interested in and what is your happy with time and effort into the developing. Once you have done the hard work, it gets easier as long as you don’t get complacent and you continue to diversify your portfolio and provide relevant content to your readers; affiliate marketing campaigns are straightforward as we mentioned previously, you’re working with an already loyal customer base.

6. The harder you work, the more you make

One of the most significant aspects of affiliate marketing is that, unlike most other salaried jobs, if you work 80 hours a week, you learn more money, which is not the case in many other chosen careers. The better you perform in affiliate marketing, the higher your income will be. The more engaging your campaigns, the more customer-focused they are. The more your loyal customer base will be willing to pay for your recommendations.

7. Use the power of SEO

Woman hand typing keyboard with VR screen seo iconEven though I already have thousands of loyal customers, I continue to use search engine optimization to draw more loyal readers to my websites. I understand that the cheats used to be able to work on Google are no longer valid. I focus on providing valuable and insightful content for my visitors. My customers are looking for accurate information, and once I provide this using some specific keyword research, I can build links to any website, and most of them rank highly.

One last tip if you’re genuinely looking for a work-from-home gig, I recommend you check out Upwork as they have a wide variety of work options that could suit your needs. Over the years, I’ve learned to only apply for projects put up by clients who already have good reviews.

  • Here is the process that I follow
  • I only work with 5 to 10 proposals at a time
  • I never apply for a job unless my prospective client is a blue verified payment.
  • Never apply to apply for work that doesn’t fit your skillset
  • When pitching your first job, it’s okay to work for free for a few hours
  • But once your customer is satisfied with your work, start charging what you believe is a fair price


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The competition is even more fierce, now that people need no brick-and-mortar store to sell, so you had better be well prepared.

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Therefore, they invest in their marketing strategies and search engine optimizations.

Also, websites with higher traffic stand higher in search result pages. Popularity never stays equal to truth.

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