Tips to Survive Affiliate Marketing Events

Tips to Survive Affiliate Marketing Events

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Starting Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice

Tips to Survive Affiliate Marketing Events

Tips to Survive Affiliate Marketing | Do you want to make more money promoting other people’s products? In this video, I’m going to give you 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks to help you increase affiliate sales.

What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice

This is an awesome video because I’m going to share with you some key points and tips in starting affiliate marketing. The process is simple, but getting what you want, such as financial freedom then it will be difficult.

Tips to Survive Affiliate Marketing Events

You’re packing your bags, making sure to not forget those awesome plane tickets which feel like the keys to freedom, and you’re on your way to one of the many affiliate marketing events.

1. Pack Lightly

Know those awfully sad people who get so busy packing up bags filled with clothes, and hygiene-related materials, in a


appropriate bunches of differently branded sun lotions, and facial creams?

Don’t be that person.

Affiliate marketing events don’t exactly mean you have to rough it up, becoming some sort of nineteenth-century survivalist.

However, you should only bring essentials with you.

You’ll have to board planes, run like Usain Bolt to catch another rusty plane, go through the interminable hassle of security checks, and produce documents, passports, identity devices, and whatnot.

2. Make Your To-Do List

Everyone says print media is dead. From The Guardian to The New York Times and yes, even the newspaper printed by your poor village in Eastern Kenya… Dead.

Tips to Survive Affiliate Marketing

Print media is going to slowly disappear into eternal oblivion.

However, when it comes to online marketing events, printing documents really helps.

Print documents, reservations, plane tickets, and exhibition tickets/passes.

Don’t forget about your business cards!

It’s essential to print important and not-so-important documents.

From flyers to brochures and even some special gifts for a client or partner you’ve been wanting to meet for ages.

3. Bring Food Packs

This is an affiliate marketing event, which means you’ll be covering more ground than the average British colonizer in 1769!

Since you’ll be all over the place during the trade show, don’t forget to take some sweet energy bars to give you that awesome sugar pump.

Or that piece of fruit that’ll help you keep on being yourself without risking slowly dying of unmitigated hunger.

Events tend to be stressful and tiresome.

affiliate marketing events


This means you also have to make sure you bring some SOS pills in case you’re feeling ill or have a painful headache. It’s all about being well-fed, and well-functioning. You need to be your best self!

4. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Water is your best friend, indeed! Communication is key when it comes to affiliate marketing events. Your day is basically gonna be a set of conversations. You’re gonna use your vocal cords more often than Beyoncé on a regular Sunday. Meaning? You’ve gotta stay hydrated. Drink plenty of salvaging fluids, and we guarantee you won’t lose your voice. Plus: You’ll be able to keep showcasing the same level of enthused commitment throughout the duration of the online marketing event.

5. Prepare Your Meetings Like a Pro

Meetings are key to a successful affiliate event.

The goal for affiliates?

To know which companies will be attending and plan to meet them, go through what these businesses have to offer, and ask polite and constructive questions. Ask about how fast the networks pay or about how many traffic sources are already integrated on networks A or B. Be precise and ask questions that matter to you as an affiliate.

6. Understand the Pros of Networking

Networking might be the best way to get to know new people and innovative companies.

While you’re talking to others, you can learn about their business needs and you can also better understand how you can help them succeed.

Trade shows tend to be the place where companies present the latest news about the industry and about themselves.

This means you’ll be at the forefront, witnessing all the innovations and creations that are being presented and which might revolutionize the industry.

Understand the Pros of Networking

7. Pick the Right Workshops and Conferences

Attending workshops and conferences.

That’s crucial for affiliate marketing trade show success!

It really is one of the best ways to learn and to make sure you keep up with all the industry’s innovations and improvements.

Before an event, define what are the topics you’re more interested in.

Moreover, understand which workshops or conferences seem to be the must-attend ones.

Bear your business needs in mind, of course.

Pick the Right Workshops and Conferences

8. Listen Up and Learn from Others

Zac Johnson is a super affiliate.

In case you’ve been asleep and have just woken up from a morose coma, please be so kind as to check this interview!


Because – by checking it out – you’ll find a tremendously useful piece of advice.

It’s really gonna help you out in these tough events.

You’re networking.

9. Attending Parties is a Smart Business Move

Where’s the best place to enjoy a drink while discussing the industry’s trends?


That’s right!

All events have parties so that attendees can relax and network in an informal ambiance.

Beware, though.

No one likes to be constantly bothered at any party.

10. A Smile Takes you Farther

Last but not least, smile!

People like to meet and talk to nice, happy people.

How do you prefer people to talk to you?

In a friendly way, right?

This is crucial!

A real key element.

You must keep this advice in mind at all times.

Be the person you want others to be when they come to meet you.

Be friendly, empathetic, talkative, engaging, engrossing, and fun!

Be friendly, empathetic, talkative, engaging, engrossing and fun


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“Your brand should feel like a personality. And that brand personality should be inviting. If your brand was a person, people should want to be friends with them.” – Jay Shetty.
“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” – Simon Sinek.
“Accuracy does not equal authority. You don’t have to be totally accurate to establish authority; in fact, you can be extremely vague and create more authority than when you were trying to be direct.” – Ryan Deiss.




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