Generating New Business Ideas: 6 Important Questions to Ask

Generating New Business Ideas: 6 Important Questions to Ask

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Generating New Business Ideas: 6 Important Questions to Ask. When the generations of Baby Boomers and Generation X talk about starting a business, they say they love to start a business but have no idea what to do. It is a surprising answer because the people who belong to the said generations are already in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. They have more experience, financial resources, and skills than the other age groups. With their decades of experience working in a company, they should spot the opportunities that come their way.

There must be something that holds them back from finding the business ideas to bring profits. What is it? These people believe that they need to develop novel business ideas that no one had ever thought of or tried before. They need something unique to present to the public and make sure that it will click.

The success stories of different businesses are portrayed on a TV show that unique businesses can succeed. It’s not surprising why many people would have such a feeling or thoughts when finding a business idea. The birth of Silicon Valley disrupted the existence of boring, old industries. Companies like Facebook, PayPal, eBay, and Uber are considered the quintessential models of successful start-up businesses.

The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of successful businesses will never turn into something like the next billion-dollar company, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Most people, especially those between the ages of 40s and 60s, are not looking forward to conquering the world but only want to gain control of their domain. Having good planning and organizational skills is vital in attaining successful business in the modern world.

The process of formulating a winning business scheme or plan is not as hard as it seems. However, it is only possible to develop a winning business plan when you abandon the idea that building something big is the only assurance to attain success.

Six questions can help anyone generate business ideas that can bring profits no matter their age. The first set of questions can help anyone identify his passions and skills, and the other set of questions can help an entrepreneur understand other people’s pains.

3 Questions to Help in Identifying the Passions and Skills

Answer the following questions with honesty to have a proper evaluation.

1. What business skills have you learned and obtained so far?

Generating New Business Ideas

One of the differences between starting a business at age 50 and starting one at age 20 is that the 50-year old business owner already has 30 years of experience as a backup. The 50-year old businessman has acquired sets of skills to help him succeed.

For older entrepreneurs, it is easy to recognize the opportunities that can help them achieve further improvement. On the other hand, college students often resort to developing radical ideas to compensate for their inadequate skills or experience. Dealing with customers had always been one of the most challenging tasks that everyone in the company, including the business owner, should learn to handle.

Things become even more challenging when the customer with a complicated request becomes a bit irritated when approaching or talking to you. Keeping a cool head when there’s a disagreement is a wise thing to do when that happens—in a professional setting, making the argument more intense than it already will invite more trouble and not solve anything.

In acquiring skills, start with tangible ones. Learning effective copywriting techniques, graphic design, or engineering can bring lots of advantages. Next, move on to learn other skills and develop other talents such as creative thinking or finding solutions to complex problems, and brainstorming skills.

2. What are the things you are passionate about doing?

Another way to ask this question is: What types of activities leave you feeling energized after taking part in them?

Heed this word of warning – don’t try to include your list of activities just because they seem fine. For some unexplained reason, people always tend to add one sport to their list of activities that they are passionate about doing. Many people in the same group regard their listed activity as a necessary evil.

Don’t throw yourself into this trap. List only the activities you are passionate about, regardless of what other people might think. Do you feel pumped up when you discuss politics? Are you having fun when creating websites? Do you love reading until the wee hours of the morning? Do you feel invigorated from helping people? Start listing down the things you are passionate about and refrain from caring about others’ opinions.

3. What types of support do your friends usually ask from you?

Create a business opportunity or ideas

It may seem like an odd question to ask, but it can help spark new business ideas. Someone who has talent at fixing any mechanical things, like computers and toasters, can put up a shop for fixing things. A person often asked to give a review can put up a review website. Create a business opportunity or ideas based on the things that your friends typically ask from you for help.

These people will not come looking for you now and then if you are of no help at all. Focus on the kind of assistance that you usually give to these people. List down the types of support that your friends want to solicit from you and draw a business idea from there.

Now, it’s time to discuss identifying fresh business ideas.

3 Questions that Can Help in Generating Fresh Business Ideas

Following the do-what-you-love concept in starting a business may result in killing the passion for business or having a crappy business venture.

Good business ideas may manifest at the point where passions and people’s pains intersect. In other words, think about the things that you can do that will bring great help to other people.

Here are three questions that can help turn passions into profits.

1. What are the struggles of the individuals who share the same passions you have?

Before starting any business venture, it is prudent to spend several months researching the potential target market. It is wise to participate in forums that have discussions about the new business venture. Attend conferences, go to meetups, and do everything you can to get the information you need and desire. Savoring the things you are doing and enjoying life and your passion are significant components of the experience.

Jot down each complaint that you hear and start creating a list of complaints. For example, someone who works as an assistant in a veterinary clinic may start thinking of putting up his/her own pet-related business. Where should he/she start?

The first thing that he/she needs to do is to begin paying attention to the pet owners’ pains when dealing with their pets. Do the owners complain about cleaning after their cats? Are their pets displaying unruly behavior? Are their dogs too cold in the winter and too hot when summer comes? Any of these complaints could give a new business idea that may turn out to be profitable. Some may require product development, and some can render different pet services.

2. What problems have you always prayed that someone would find the fitting solutions to?

creates a clouded assumption that the particular service or product has high demands

It is quite dangerous to assume that everyone around you thinks the same way you do. When you think about your frustrations and presume that everyone thinks the same, it creates a clouded assumption that the particular service or product has high demands.

To prevent this, list your problems and frustrations, and then determine your target audience’s sentiments regarding the matter. Ask the people whether they encounter the same things in person or online.

Many people jot down the problems that they believe someone else should solve. Few people do their research to know whether someone has already solved them. Whatever the reason is, this is a sort of trap that you should avoid.

Understand that competition is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it shows that there’s a market for your potential service or product. The practical thing to do is know your competitors and find something that can make you outshine them.

3. What is the exact point where your passions and the people’s pains intersect?

Businesses make profits when they reduce, if not eliminate, the people’s pains – it’s as simple as that. Along the way, business owners capture some of the values that they develop by providing a better life to the people.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing that the new business ideas manifested from brainstorming can improve people’s lives using your passions and skills.

Take the veterinary assistant from before as an example. Maybe she studied engineering before deciding to work in a veterinary clinic. Could she design a device that can help clean the cat without so much fuss? She could if she would like to try.

Perhaps she has other things that can help the pet owners after knowing their pains. There are infinite opportunities, and she should not limit her skills to what she can only do to herself. If a person has a talent for coordinating, he/she should use it in forming a profitable business.

These questions can serve as a guide for creating new business ideas. You may employ other techniques along the way and generate business ideas that can bring profits. Only by taking action today can you make a difference. It takes courage, perseverance, and persistence to attain success.

10 Excellent Ways to Generate Service Concepts

Excellent company concepts are all around you. Chosen from marketing master Al Ries, chairman of Roswell, Georgia-based marketing method company Ries & Ries and co-author with Laura Ries of 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, and organization trendwatcher Perry Lowe, teacher of marketing at Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts, these can be the very first actions in your search for the company of your dreams.

1. Start with household.

Tapping household for excellent company concepts might not appear like an apparent very first action. Sure, you’ll strike them up for money when you’ve established your idea; however, what can your aging dad or cousin Margaret contribute this early in the procedure? Donald Trump wasn’t bashful about finding out the genuine estate company from his papa, Fred, who ran a successful actual estate advancement business, states Ries.

2. Get a little aid from your good friends.

Jobs had an eye for excellent service concepts and saw the marketing capacity for establishing a brand-new type of computer system. The essential lesson is to keep your antenna up at all times so you can obtain great concepts when you stumble throughout them. Ries insists you can make more cash acknowledging somebody else’s idea than producing one yourself.

Ries states you are seriously restricting yourself if you rely exclusively on your concepts- specifically when your innovative juices run dry. “This is factor enough to listen to concepts others might have,” he states. “If you have 15 or 20 pals, opportunities are a number of them have some amazing service concepts.”

3. Take a look at all the important things that bug you.

It might not sound extensive; however, Ries states this is fertile ground for terrific service concepts. For example, he points out how upset Kemmons Wilson remained in the 1950s when a motel owner wished to charge him an extra rate for each of his five kids. He was so checked off, he released Memphis, Tennessee-based Vacation Inn, today among the world’s biggest hotel chains.

If King C. Gillette had not been fed up with the laborious procedure of honing his straight-edge razor, he would not have established the enormous non-reusable razor market. When he took his concept for a portable razor with a blade that could be utilized several times to a research study university for support, engineers questioned his peace of mind. Nevertheless, Gillette followed his impulses, and the rest is history.

4. Tap your interests.

Thousands of creative individuals have taken up pastimes and turned them into effective service. For example, they produced a newsletter in which they asked their good friends to rank popular dining establishments in numerous classifications for enjoyment. “When you’re doing something you enjoy, it’s never about work,” states Ries.

5. Travel.

Beautiful mature woman and pet dogTaking a trip opens your eyes to a variety of prospective company concepts. Ries mentions Leopoldo Fernandez Pujals’ discovery of Domino’s Pizza on a journey to the United States from his native Spain.

6. Keep your eyes open.

The procedure of zeroing in on the concept typically generates essential specific niche markets. For example, “Hit Video’s specific niche is leasing videos, and Bulbs Unlimited’s specific niche is offering light bulbs,” states Ries. Get it?

7. Analyze old mousetraps– then construct a much better one.

” If an item does not fulfill your high requirements, produce a much better one,” encourages company trendwatcher Perry Lowe. For example, ice cream enthusiasts Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield felt popular ice creams weren’t abundant and yummy enough for their cultivated tastes buds, so they developed their super-premium line of ice cream, which is a bestseller across the country.

8. Take it to the streets.

Lowe competes in no better place to lock into up-and-coming patterns than city streets. Street culture generated punk, hip-hop, grunge, and various other trends that quickly developed into multimillion-dollar services. “Excellent concepts can frequently be discovered by simply searching occurring urban areas in essentially any huge city in the United States,” states Lowe.

9. Sleep on it.

“You never understand; you may simply discover the bacterium of a terrific concept,” states Lowe. The hard part is crawling out of bed in the dead of night to write down those terrific concepts before them being forgotten.

10. Go on the internet.

Lowe backs web browsing as an enjoyable method to log on to prospective service concepts. “Make it an indicate take a look at different websites daily. It might activate a concept or principle you never thought about.”

Well- there might be, and it’s relatively easy, truly. These are a few of the keys on how to create service concepts:

1. All of it starts with a vision.

Produce a stock of your pastimes, things that stimulate your interest, and whatnot.

All effective business owners all began someplace– might it be from scratch, and so on.

What are business chances you could create out of something you enjoy or are enthusiastic about?

You have it in you; you’re an imaginative supernova.

It will not feel like work if you’re doing something you enjoy.

Follow your guts. Accept your concepts.

2. Believe outside package.

Successful Young Man Using Laptop Building Online BusinessStep outside that bubble zone you confide yourself in and begin checking out.

The great ole “believe outside package” technique.

If you seem like you’re stuck on the very same page of the book and simply having a recurring concept cycle– then you require something brand-new and fresh to motivate you. Check out various systems or entrepreneurial resources to assist you in discovering a brand-new knowing or work design.

3. Go and be online.

There’s no rejecting that we reside in a world where the digital age has actually taken control– and where whatever can be accessed online– from the secret Krabby patty dish to suggestions to the best pitch deck.

Utilize this to your complete benefit, and do not lose your time looking at charming panda videos online- I suggest they’re cute; however, you need to divert your attention and concentrate on your organization. Look for entrepreneurship, organization, and market-associated neighborhoods. Usage social networks channels and look for appropriate posts, tags, etc.

End up being a trainee of your market and business world before you take control.

4. Do marketing research.

Another fantastic alternative in regards to company intelligence software applications is DiscoverOrg.

One tool that might assist you in getting to appropriate details worrying rivals, markets, financiers, stakeholders, collaborations, or simply excellent service practices- is- ZoomInfo.

Apart from the normal search for posts, concepts and ideas– do your examination. Research study the market to see what’s out there and where your company concepts fit in with that formula.

5. See the world on your own.

Likewise, there are positions throughout the world that have concepts waiting to be introduced. Then, possibly, you might utilize that existing concept and advertise it to the marketplace.

The world is huge. And there’s an entire huge world out there of fantastic concepts that aren’t yet in your market.

Taking a trip can motivate you and provide you with a brand-new set of concepts that you can reclaim the house and offer a brand-new try that can potentially be valuable to cater or deal with your market or neighborhood requirements.

Frequently, looking into it is inadequate. Hence, taking a trip and seeing the world on your own and up-close might assist.

6. Mingle.

Go to networking and discovering occasions, organization conferences, and so on– not just will it assist your imaginative concept procedure; however, it will likewise assist broaden your networking channels and construct relationships.

You are wondering how to come up with a service concept? If you are interested in beginning a company, however, do not understand what item or service you may offer, checking out these methods of coming up with a company concept will assist you in picking.

Who understands you may come across a financier– or somebody that might assist you in affecting the business world. You’ll never understand.

One might never fail when it pertains to satisfying brand-new individuals.

Good Organization Concepts Are All Around You

1) Analyze your ability for company concepts.

work and travellingDo you have a skill or shown performance history that could end up being the basis of a successful organization?

To discover a practical company concept, ask yourself, “What valuable abilities and experience do I have? Will individuals want to spend for my service or products?”

Today he runs his own effective domestic and company cleansing service. And the examples of experts who have begun their own companies or seeking advice from service organizations are legion.

2) Stay up to date with present occasions and be ready to make the most of company chances.

If you enjoy the news routinely with the mindful intent of developing a service concept, you’ll be astonished at the number of service chances your brain produces. Moreover, staying up to date with existing occasions will assist you in determining market patterns, brand-new trends, market news – and often simply originalities that have organization possibilities.

After same-sex marital relationships ended up legal in Canada, business owners started offering travel plans that consisted of a marital relationship event to same-sex couples from other nations. Would you have determined that service chance when you heard that the Canadian marital relationship laws had altered?

3) Develop brand-new products and services.

The secret to coming up with service concepts for a brand-new service or product is to recognize a market requirement that’s not being satisfied. For example, back in 2004, a Harvard University psychology trainee called Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged a requirement for a campus-wide social-networking site that would enable trainees and personnel to share individual profiles and other details. As a result, he established Facebook and turned into one of the youngest billionaires worldwide.

Focus on a specific target market and brainstorm concepts for services the group would be interested in. What items or services could you produce to allow them to garden longer and more quickly? Discovering a specific niche market and exploiting it is one of the finest courses to success in service.

The surge of mobile phones has produced a big need for mobile apps. For example, in 2008, a set of young business owners called Travis Kalanick, and Garrett Camp had a problem hailing a taxi in Paris. They chose that you need to have the ability to tap a button on your cellphone and get a trip, and as a result, went on to discover Uber.

4) Include worth to an existing item.

The distinction between raw wood and completed lumber is a fine example of putting an item through an extra procedure that increases its worth; however extra procedures are not the only method worth can be included. You may likewise include services or integrate the item with other items. For example, a regional farm that offers fruit and vegetables likewise provides a veggie shipment service; for a charge, customers can have a box of fresh veggies provided to their door each week.

What company concepts can you establish along these lines? Concentrate on what items you may purchase and what you may do to them or produce a successful organization.

5) Examine other markets.

Some service concepts aren’t matched to regional intake – however, they appeal significantly to a foreign market. For example, my little town is surrounded by acres of wild blueberries. For several years the bushes produced berries that generally fed bears and birds; B.C. has a growing blueberry market that does not leave space for a wild blueberry market.

One business owner recognized a high need for items such as these in Japan – and those very same wild blueberries are now being gathered and delivered. Discovering other cultures and examining other market chances is an exceptional method to discover service concepts.

6) Enhance existing services or products.

There are a couple of items (or services) that can’t be enhanced. Start creating service concepts by looking at the product or services you utilize and conceptualizing concepts regarding how they could be much better.

How did she come up with this concept? She believed hula hooping would be an enjoyable thing to do with her child; however, she discovered the commercially readily available item too lightweight.

7) Get on the bandwagon.

A “bandwagon impact” is likewise developed by bigger social patterns. For example, there is far more need for home-care services for the senior than is presently being provided. And the pattern for animals to be dealt with as relative continues, developing need for all sorts of pet-related services that didn’t exist years back.

Often markets rise for no evident factor; masses of individuals unexpectedly “desire” something, and the resulting need can’t be instantly satisfied. For example, throughout the SARS epidemic, there was a pressing need for facial masks in numerous nations – and numerous business owners capitalized on the need.

Take a look at existing services and the product or services they use and determine if there’s a requirement for more of those services or products. If there is, establish company concepts to fit the marketplace space.



“Don’t be afraid to take a big step. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.”  ~ David Lloyd George

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”  ~ Joe Sabah

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  ~ Wayne Gretzky 





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a guide for creating new business ideasEssential tips for having your own business

Top Tips You Need to Start Your Online Business

At this moment in time, Jeff Bezos remains the richest man in the world, with his net worth assessed at nearly $200 billion. There is one fact that you might not know, he did not start his empire in Silicon Valley, but rather in his basement. Grasping the importance of technological advances, businesses now shift their focus to e-commerce.

Online sales are no longer new, and they do make a good start.Word Art Crc

The competition is even more fierce, now that people need no brick-and-mortar store to sell, so you had better be well prepared.

If you try searching “how to start an online business successfully,” you will see hundreds of millions of Google results. Google’s algorithms certainly include a volume of irrelevant suggestions, but the first few pages already serve to answer your question.

Now, the main problem is, do you want to scrape through 50 or 60 web pages to do thorough research for useful information?

The common misconception we often have is that the top Google results are the most credible. That assumption is only partly true, as businesses utilize their blog posts to get money.

Therefore, they invest in their marketing strategies and search engine optimizations. Also, websites with higher traffic stand higher in search result pages. Popularity never stays equal to truth.

As you scroll up and down and read tons of new concepts and tips, you may get lost and unable to differentiate what is right or misleading. A lack of knowledge from the start guarantees a bitter end.

Hence, you should find a mentor or a trainer from the beginning to draw out the strategies for opening and managing your online business.

It takes effort to do online businesses, so do not let those “get rich fast” people waste your time and money. Conveniently, we have reduced the hard work for you by summarizing the prospects you need to head for.

The hardest part is always the start. With courage and perseverance, you will make the change in your life. Step up and take some action!

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