The 10 Best Email Marketing Services

The 10 Best Email Marketing Services

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Steps to Starting An Email Marketing Business

What are the best email marketing services out there? I have been using these services since 2006 and done a lot of research. Here is my list of the 10 best email marketing services available today.

I’ve been doing email marketing for almost 10 years now across a bunch of different websites and have a list of over 13,000 email subscribers. So, I’ve done a lot of research on all of the email marketing services out there. Today, I want to share with you the 10 best email marketing services that are available right now.

I’m going to assume that you’re an internet marketer, a small business, a medium business, or an e-commerce store. If you are a super large business, Fortune 500 company, then you may want to go with something that you need a sales consultant in order to buy. But I’m going to assume that most of us are small fish in a very big sea and we just want something to be able to send out emails to people.

Maybe do some automation or if you’re an e-commerce store, you may want to do some automation based on the different types of products people view or based on their checkout pages. If they don’t buy, you might want to send them a reminder that they can check out. They’re the assumptions that we’re going run with.

Also, I want to throw out a disclaimer that I am an affiliate for most of these products. However, I’m not really biased to one or the other except based on what I actually think is the best. Because they all basically offer the same sort of thing – they’re all are similar-priced, same sort of percentage.

So, I want to give an honest review. But just know that I’m an affiliate for most of these products. And a note before we get into it is that no service is absolutely perfect. And so, you need to find what’s right for you. A great thing about a lot of these products is that there are some free trials or they have money-back guarantees for the first 2 weeks or whatever it may be.


Best Email Marketing Platform for 2021 And BEYOND!

Today we’re talking about email automation software and my favorite one Active Campaign! I’ve been through the wringer and decided that it’s definitely the best. What really sets it apart is automation. Active Campaign can do everything Infusionsoft can do but it’s a lot simpler and a lot easier to use!

One of the great things about Active Campaign is the visuality it gives you. You get to see what’s happening and how the sequence works and how to conditions work. You can do if and then statements and easily visualize how it works. Additionally, you can easily see who’s where just by clicking on a part of your sequence.

You can see your contacts and their history like things they’ve clicked on, things they’ve been sent, things they’ve been tagged in, and more. You can send out split tests to see which email does better, templates to help build your email (plus the ability to see how something looks on mobile vs. desktop), you can easily design forms and lists to add to your emails as well.

Not only that, they have beautifully presented reports that are very easy to understand. You get to see when they read it, if they clicked on it, subscribed, unfollowed, and more. Lastly, everything you could ever need can be used with JUST the Lite plan ($17/month) everything you need to run a powerful email marketing business with just this plan! Active Campaign has thought out every possible option an email marketer could want without them having to wonder how to do it.


If you need further convincing that digital marketing is right for your business, get in touch with us. At Crucial Constructs, We’re willing to listen to you and answer your questions. Contact us today!

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