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Profitable Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Amazon FBA product research technique that I use in 2020 to find amazon products to scale my e-commerce business. I take a unique approach to selling on amazon in 2020 by finding super low competition products with hardly any competitors to rank my product on page one easily. The key to this video is looking for products with enough demand to support a profit of $250 a day.

Don’t touch a niche score. We’re right; we’re gonna hit a search. Then there’s one thing that I want to show you you’re just gonna sort it by the niche score, so we don’t want to see tense I don’t really like. These are all actually terrible ideas. I don’t think this is an excellent indication of the right product.

We’re gonna sort it the other way. It is a good way to store things because I think I see many more realistic results when I sorted this way.

This is absolutely perfect. This is a product that I actually found on a call with a student the other day. He’s asked me I do product research. We did this. We came across this. I love this example so check us out. The first thing I recommend literally be 10. It didn’t have to go far; the first thing it suggests macrame chair string.

This is literally something I’m considering for my macrame brand like that quick; we just found this check this up, so the price is about 65 to 80 dollars. Then as we scroll through here, what are we notice? Well, they’re all like the same chair.

It’s all this oval or circular chair bucket chair, and that’s like the only macrame one right we’re confident the customer again remember what is the target audience well, in this case, they want a macrame chair swing okay this is Mac. Mrs. Mac Mrs. macrame that’s not so those are all the sponsored ones we don’t care that’s macrame that is already the fourth one is not, and then all of these are. Still, they’re all the same style; all of these are all the same chair.


Product Research Method

Were happy to help anyone who knows the risk and is willing to put in the work! 🙂

Paul J. Savage is a business owner who is documenting the process of scaling businesses online. I take so much joy in transparently sharing my opinions with like-minded people who wish to create passive income from online businesses and personal branding.

Please help me build the first Radically Transparent and Radically Open minded online Community of people who have each other back and constructively work towards what’s right and what is not.


Here Is A Quick Tutorial Of How An Amazon FBA Business Works (AMAZON FBA FOR BEGINNERS – Step by Step) –

Step 1: Create An Amazon Seller Central Account This is the backend of Amazon, where all the products you see on the massive website are listed and managed. Once you have an account, which I will show you exactly where to go to do this, you will be able to do everything needed to start selling on Amazon.

Step 2: Find The Right Product To Sell With Amazon FBA Product Research You can use Amazon’s Best Selling Lists (Click “Best Sellers” on Amazon’s Home Page) to see what items sell the best on Amazon, and to use this to come up with your own product ideas! You can also use Amazon Product Research Tools such as Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and Viral Launch to search through millions of products on Amazon to help find a winner!

Step 3: How To Find A Manufacturer For Your Perfect Product Using Alibaba, you can sort through world-class manufacturers and pick the best possible option for your future money-making product. This is the step everyone usually gets overwhelmed with, but Alibaba lets you direct message hundreds and hundreds of suppliers instantly, making it as easy as it’s ever been!

Step 4: Get The Product Shipped To An Amazon Warehouse Using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA); all you need to do after your product is manufactured is to get it sent to an Amazon FBA Warehouse. You can do this by hiring a freight forwarder! A freight forwarder will handle all shipping, tariff, bond, and logistic responsibilities for your product.

International shipping is one of the most complicated issues I have ever tried to learn. Still, company Freightos and many other companies have made it easy & inexpensive for Amazon Sellers in 2020.

With these 4 simple steps, you now know how an Amazon Business works. Let me know if you have questions in the comments.

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