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The best strategy to make your product Profitable.

What’s up guys Dan here once again with another Amazon FBA video today.  We’re going to talk about an issue that some people have and actually that I’ve had in my Amazon journey and that is when your Amazon FBA product is not selling. How to fix it you know maybe you’ve launched your first product. The best strategy to make your product Profitable.

Maybe you’ve already invested it’s your first product and it’s just not selling no matter what you do. Maybe you think you’ve tried everything it’s just not selling so in this video. I’m going to talk about the best strategies that you can use and then I’ve worked the best for me.

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Amazon Product NOT SELLING?! How to fix it

So you’ve finally launched your amazon Product, you put all the hard work in, you’ve invested the money. and you think you’ve done everything you could but it’s NOT selling…

Here are some of the things you need to do.

  1. Run a LAUNCH(coupon giveaway, or Viral Launch)
    -if you’re not on the 1st page for your main keywords, you’re not going to get any sales.
  2. REDUCE your price below your competitors, 3-4$.
  3. Run Auto PPC at 25.00$/day and Manual PPC for your top 25 keywords(phrase match)25.00$/day.
  4. Look at your TOP COMPETITOR, and emulate his strategy. Use similar keywords He’s using his bullet points, Description Listing.
  5. Make sure your PICTURE STANDS OUT!!
  6. Do EVERYTHING you can, really put in your all.
  7. Post your product on Jumpsend deals at 40-60% off.

When I launch a product and the product isn’t selling because not every product you’re gonna launch is going to sell it. and that’s just entrepreneurship obviously you know if you guys are watching this channel. And I hope I taught you well so far you know the mindset and stuff like that failure is a part of entrepreneurship.

Because every single failure brings you closer to success so let’s go ahead and jump right into the strategy so the number one. The very first thing and I think that so many people overlook this and so many people don’t do this is if you’re not on the first page on Amazon FBA for your main keywords. you’re simply not gonna sell you’re not gonna get any sales and so you know if you’re wondering. The best strategy to make your product Profitable.

best strategy to make your product Profitable

Why you’re not getting any sales with the first question you have to ask yourself am I on the first page. If you’re not on the first page it needs to get on the first page and how you get on the first page is by running a lot so I’ve got a ton of videos on this channel. Talking about how to run a launch But let’s just talk about it here for a second.

So the manual way to run a launch is through a coupon giveaway so basically, there are Facebook review groups, and I talked about this in the product launch. Videos on this channel there are facebook review groups that you can actually go and post your product and you can actually get people to purchase your product. The best strategy to make your product Profitable.


A ninety-seven percent off coupon and you want to get you to know between ten twenty thirty even sometimes forty-fifty people a da you. know in those review groups and obviously finding ten twenty or thirty people you know or even fifty is very hard right so that’s the manual way of doing. It is possible especially in the review groups that have ten thousand of twenty thousand you know people in them on Facebook by the way if you’re wondering which review groups.

I’m talking about I actually talked about them in the protocol on videos on the channel and in the Amazon freedom course which is like four that is of course below so you learn everything you need to know there so you can either do the product launch giveaway yourself.  The best strategy to make your product Profitable.

That way it’s gonna help you rank on the first page. because you need sales to actually, rank on the first page the Amazon algorithm is gonna look at your sales. And you know every single sale that you get either organic to go through a giveaway Amazon’s. Gonna help you out and bring you closer to the first page and if you can’t find enough people or if you don’t want to run you. Know this thing manually you can actually just go and do a viral launch and so this is one of the launches services out. The best strategy to make your product Profitable.

There this is the one that I use now for all my products and basically, you know you contact them.  You pay a one-time fee and basically, they’ll tell you to send them over a certain amount of coupons. And then they’ll do the giveaway for you essentially ranking you on the first page.  The best strategy to make your product Profitable. So if you’re not on the first page for your main keywords and your product isn’t selling you need to get on the first page. All alright once you’re on the first page and you’re still not selling then there are other issues for example maybe there’s just not enough demand in your market.

To pull up the Jungle Scout Chrome extension and at the top guy is making as you know. The best strategy to make your product Profitable.  I don’t know five thousand dollars a month and the rest are making nothing then it’s gonna be very difficult to get that five thousand dollars a month. Although it’s still possible alright so if the top guy is making twenty thousand a month or thirty thousand thousand a month and there’s a lot of them making.

That much then obviously you’re doing something wrong guys it’s all up to you, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be making.  The best strategy to make your product Profitable. How much however much money the top competitors are making there’s no reason you’re the same. So if there is a demand for your niche and the top competitor is making twenty thousand thirty thousand. A month then that means you need to go you need to look at you competitors you need to see.

what they’re doing that you’re not doing and you need to figure that out you need to emulate their strategy alright. So one of the things that can be wrong with your listing is your price maybe you’re getting greedy maybe you want to charge too much. You know you still haven’t gotten any organic sales yet so I always recommend when you’re first launching your product make sure that the price of your product is at least two-three or four dollars.

Below your top competitor alright and if you’re on the first page and you know obviously. You’re tough the competitor has maybe a ton of reviews and maybe has 100 to 200 reviews, and his price is let’s say fifteen dollars and you come in there at twelve ninety-seven. You know you have a lot fewer reviews but your listing still looks incredible the product is essentially the same.

Better you will get those sales and you will start getting at least a part of his sales. That will help you and establish you on the first-page giving you that monthly passive income so remembers don’t go too high on the price. The beginning like don’t get greedy alright because the best part about it is if you actually start off with a low enough price. And if you start the ranking you know Amazon’s gonna start ranking you and then after that once you’re on the first page.

And you’re close to the top then you can actually slowly increase your price back up and that actually works better. Because as long as on the first page and towards the top, you can increase your price, and then you basically stop increasing. The price as soon as you see a dip in sales so usually you can increase your price quite a bit you know as long as you on the first page people are gonna buy.  So the third thing you need to be doing is you need to run an automatic PPC campaign and you set the budget twenty-five dollars a day.


So very simple if you don’t know how to do anything with PPC by the way I have a video talking about PPC how to run PPC on this channel and obviously, I show this in the Amazon freedom course as well but you need to be running an automatic PPC twenty-five dollars a day. And then at the same time run a manual PPC campaign for your top 25 keywords. Make sure it sets a phrase match alright that way you know you’re gonna be finding new keywords. That you can you know bring into that PPC campaign I know PPC is very confusing and you guys are probably just starting out.

I would recommend you know watching that other BBC video.  if you don’t know how to do this and so the automatic community campaign 25 bucks a day manual PPC campaign 25 dollars a day. and what that’s gonna do is you’re gonna start showing up as it’s sponsored at the top of the page, you know when people are searching up your product. and that’s gonna give you some sales as well and it’s not gonna be as expensive as you know running giveaways.

Because when you’re running a giveaway essentially you’re giving away the product that 97 percent off or basically free. So let’s take a look at an example here and I pulled up barbecue gloves of course the classic example that I’ve always used so let’s say your trial launched barbecue gloves. and you know obviously, ideally, you’re not trying to launch this product. Because it is too competitive but let’s say you are by the way remember. What I was talking about PPC so this seller hot guerrilla just launched his product and you know he’s now obviously only has five reviews.

As you can see started up barbecue gloves and he appeared at the top so that’s what PPC does and you know it can really help you out. because if I was looking for barbecue gloves you know this is the first thing that I see I would click on that probably buy it right. Because you know five-star reviews and you know let’s say the price is good and things like that so this will actually help you get those sales.

As well so that’s what I was talking about earlier but let’s say you’re trying to sell barbecue gloves and let’s say you come in at a price of like $25 obviously, you’re not gonna sell anything all right it’s basic economics so to get on the first page look at you know to try to find the glove that’s most similar to yours and that’s actually doing well.

What you’re gonna do you’re gonna open the cellar up and you’re gonna study the listing. You’re gonna see what so as you can see it’s like you know it’s pop set at you, there’s like fire you know clearly, it pops up I mean the brand-name nothing and it looks like a very. It’s just like cursive and it’s like spider-man but um I mean you know if you’re selling spider-man gloves. I mean the pictures are pretty bad too so as you can see but they’re absolutely killing it. Because I noticed it if you go back to this picture of pops there’s the fire right no one else has this fire but they have the fire.

So you want to make sure that your picture pops you want to make sure that your picture stands out as well and as you can see. It’s 14 98 98 so you’re gonna you know improve the picture make your picture stand out even more and you’re gonna come in at you know eleven ninety-seven or twelve ninety-eight o twelve ninety-seven something like that way. and you know you’re gonna run your coupon game we’re gonna run your launch and they’re gonna be on the first page and you are gonna start selling alright so that’s.

How you will rescue your product also some things to look at are the description and you know like they’re offering a one-year warranty so you can also write something like that. In there for armed safety, you know the premium hit was heat resistant.  Premium is another great thing to put there so as you can see they’ve got like video reviews. As well so you can actually ask your reviewers you know if you’re gonna get reviews for Facebook groups to add a video.

Just pay them like you know ten bucks or something like that for a video another thing is maybe you know they’ve got this certification so make sure you. Know you put that certification in there obviously if it’s certified you know also what stands heat up to and it’s got the times. As well so obviously it’s important in this niche so with every target market. There are things that are important that you might not know and you find them out by looking at your top competitor.

How are you how you can expect to get those sales right when you create a product? Throw it out there to the market you let the market judge and the market always judge right. and you know if they judge that you don’t deserve to get any sales and you won’t get and sales. So that’s why you got to bring the value you got to actually show that your product is better than they give them a reason to buy. Maybe a lower price maybe you know some added features things like. That right or the pictures or the bullet points just really really put in yours.

the Amazon freedom course

What you can and then once you’ve done everything you can then like okay I’ve done everything I could. You know and that’s it all right so now here’s another site that I recommend getting those extra sales. As well you know sales that can help you get on the first page and actually.

Start selling is jumps and so what jump scent is if you’ve watched throw to get reviews fast video on my channel how to you know send an email sequence. basically, jump said you need it. If you have an Amazon business if you’re a serious Amazon seller. Because what it does is automates the emails that your customers get so.  You know basically, it’s the thing that sends your customer email. Like hey, thanks for ordering legal review all that stuff your products have been shipped.

So that’s what jump Sun does but jumps in has a hidden part of it and it’s the deal section. I’ve personally used this a lot and it really helps to get those first sales so you can actually if you have a jump Sun subscription and the link for jumps in is below you’re gonna need it. The best strategy to make your product Profitable. Anyway you know when you’re actually starting your Amazon business. You’re gonna have to send out automated emails you’re not gonna sit there writing every single email for every single customer. that’s not business it’s not scalable so I recommend getting the jump.

To send and then once you’re on there you can actually post your product and once you posted it’s gonna be at the top here and a lot of people go on jumps that a lot of customers go on jump cents. who buy something and they redeem a coupon code and out are come in between forty the percent is 60 percent off of the price. You know you put it post it up there and then you know that’ll help you get maybe five-ten or twenty sells as well.

Which would boost you to that’s a great tool as well so let’s say you’ve done all these steps you’ve done what you could and it’s still no selling all right well don’t give up you know it’s gonna sell slowly on Amazon. If you followed all these steps then you will get at least some sales and so let’s say your first order typically you know 250 units 500 units. You know and you’re selling maybe 3yeah we’ll take a couple of months to sell but you’ll eventually break even. The best strategy to make your product Profitable.

Make a little bit of a profit so donut worry about it keep your head up alright and you know if you’re writing those goals down. every single day tells everybody to do if you’re you know if you’ve got that visualization in your head.  If you got those goals in your head if you got that dream that’s alive. Then you know you’ll be good you’ll be golden and keep trying and be persistent you know your second product or third product and you know. The best strategy to make your product Profitable.

Let’s say your third product takes off and you’re first to fail like my first who failed and I talked about that in my exactly, How I went from zero to the 30,000 a month the video that I posted a while ago. On this channel, you know my first two failed and you’re not gonna get to success without failure like it’s just not common at all alright. So anyway guys hope this video helped you guys out keep your head up you know there’s a ton of people making millions of dollars on amazon FBA making 10 20 50 thousand a hundred thousand dollars a month.

On Amazon FBA there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be doing this alright so. I didn’t guys thank you guys for watching short out to everybody killing it in the Amazon freedom course first products. But then you know how they’re making 10,000 20,000 a month revenue one of them sent me twenty-seven thousand a month revenue.  So that’s all my Instagram I post it up in my stories post it up on my Instagram page so go ahead and follow me on there and I post some cool stuff as well.

alright so thank you guys for watching subscribe to the channel like the video leave a comment and I’ll see you guys soon if you guys are into a passive income online business stick around a ton of great stuff coming up.




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