9 Must-Know Ecommerce Marketing Trends with Examples

9 Must-Know Ecommerce Marketing Trends with Examples

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Ecommerce Marketing Trends

Shoppers across the United States tapped and clicked their way to nearly $400 billion in online sales in 2020, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down. Experts predict that by 2024 this total should talk nearly $500 billion in e-commerce sales. For anyone who’s running an e-commerce business, this has to be glorious news. However, it also means that they’re facing increasing competition and have to work harder to maintain or grow their market share in this increasingly competitive digital environment.

Just take a snapshot of 1 minute in the online world and you’ll see people looking for discounts on mobile applications, following their favorite influencers on Instagram, and clicking through the latest feed on Facebook. They’re also reading promotional emails and shopping and different e-commerce marketplaces. So as a business owner, you need to learn how to capture and keep a potential customer’s attention.

In this article, I’ve spoken to experts and industry insiders to highlight some of the most effective e-commerce marketing trends to use in 2021. These strategies will help you boost your sales and grab the attention of potential customers.

Here I want industry experts considered being some of the leading e-commerce marketing trends you should consider in 2021 and beyond. They all agree that the internet offers marketeers and your limitless supply of potential customers and many ways with which you can effectively connect with them. Could you sing personalized informative and interesting as well as high-quality content is an excellent way to build loyalty and influence customers’ decision-making processes? Remember, it takes courage to make a change in one’s life, and also persistence and perseverance.

Ecommerce Marketing Trends

Maintaining a constant presence across multiple channels including video platforms, digital messaging and social media can open a variety of ways to allow you to communicate your brand and service to new customers. More and more companies are also using influencer marketing retargeting ads and machine learning to help identify their target audience. In this article, we will detail each trend individually, offer some examples in action, and provide you with information to help you decide whether this will help you attract relevant traffic to your eCommerce website.

#1. Personalizing your customer’s experience

Netflix and Amazon are leading the way with tailoring their services to meet the expectations of their customers. Over 60% of their customers like the fact that these brands provide them personalized content even to the stage where over 40% and get frustrated when they’re presented with irrelevant information.

But personalizing your customer’s experience your customizing it to your target audience and to do this you need to generate as much information about your customers by capturing individual data and keeping track of their shopping friends. It is possible to monitor where the traffic on your website is coming from. I provide different language currency options you can follow the likes of LARQ who’s become experts at providing services to a global audience as they now offer their web content in German, Spanish, French, and English.

Many eCommerce platforms are using different technologies to provide their visitors with the ability to swiftly return and provide them with a personalized and greeting when they do. By tracking purchasing and browsing history you can provide personalized communication based directly on your customer’s behavior.

Here are some examples of how to customize your user’s experience

  • Always use their name in the body and subject line of any marketing emails
  • Only recommend products that interest them in any follow-up marketing campaign
  • Offer discounts to customers who haven’t visited are engaged with your site in a while
  • Use your ability to provide birthday promotions
  • Even go so far as providing personalized video marketing and messaging.
  • Reward loyal customers and offer them surprise acknowledgments and bonuses after specific times and purchases made
  • Here are ways to personalize a customer’s experience:

#2. Taking advantage of the power of social media

 Recent studies estimation that nearly 4 billion people around the world regularly use social media platforms. On average, Americans spend nearly two hours a day on social media. Businesses need to take advantage of this unique opportunity to help drive sales to boost their brand’s visibility.

Deleting social media platforms are currently YouTube and Facebook each attracting over 60% of interesting users daily. If you’re running any commerce business, you need to implement a successful social media strategy to help reach your target audience. Each platform is already willing and able to provide you with a variety of demographic information about its users, including income education, gender, and age.

For example, nearly 38% of internet users in the US are aged between 18 and 35 years who regularly make online purchases. 25% of these aged between 25 and 34 have hit shop now on Facebook to make online purchases

By making your social media presence shoppable you’re enabling customers to reach your business and complete sales with the top of a button you even remove the need for customers to switch from the social media platform, to begin with, to make the purchase. This trend is becoming increasingly popular as Facebook isn’t driving the trend to allow their customers to purchase different products and services true their social media platform Instagram and Facebook for example now have in-app shops where online e-commerce companies can stock products and services and Facebook customers can complete transactions without ever having to leave the application. Using the power of social media platforms with their integrated omnichannel purchasing strategy will allow e-commerce businesses to the advantage of providing customer service fulfillment, shipping, and inventory management all in one place.

#3. Collaborate with trusted influencers

Whether this influencer is based on Instagram or YouTube, is there anyone blocker? They’ve already cultivated a large and loyal customer base who stays loyal to them because of the information they provide about relevant topics and trends. These influencers have already spent the time and money in developing online relationships, many of whom will talk directly to your target demographic I can reach them like no other promotional material.

For example, if you’re launching a food brand partnering with lifestyle influencers and parenting verticals will reduce your product to a wider audience, such influencers can post social media content blog posts videos, and even recipes all of which can boost your brand’s awareness.

If this is a marketing strategy you want to pursue, look for platforms that have influencers that meet your goals for potential clients and customers. Mega influencers offer enormous exposure and reach however they’re also expensive to talk to Nano-influencers as they often are far more engaged but their followers. For example, a recent study by Statista shows that micro-influencers can get up to 30% of their followers to purchase products simply by posting them on their social media platforms.

Ideas for an influencer campaign

  • Get them involved and giveaways and contests
  • Offer discount codes they can provide that their followers
  • look for an endorsement or a positive review of your brand products

#4. Producing quality content is vital

Research is indicated that consumers spend 1/3 of their time online in the case with some form of digital content. This means for any business that wants to stand out to new or existing customers will have to produce high-quality content. Here are some prime examples of content that can help source and drive relevant traffic and customers to your e-commerce website.

Blog posts and videos

A company called solo stove has continued to provide their client base with high-quality YouTube videos and log content the content always includes DIY ideas for backyard projects and some tips for building smoke-free fires

Ecommerce Marketing Trends

Webinars and white papers

If you’re looking to position yourself as a provider of trusted information, white papers ebooks, and webinars can direct traffic to your website where you can provide additional educational content and link this to further marketing emails and social media marketing campaigns.

Interactive content

Bliss is a well-known skincare brand and they have successfully used interactive quizzes to help them encourage customers to purchase the right products and this is proven a highly effective content strategy because it’s both engaging and useful and encourages customers to remain on their side for longer further boosting their sales opportunities.


For example, when a customer is looking for product information on any commerce website the basic products description and high-quality image provides them with important details however if you go the extra step to provide a relevant case study about the product including a video are written testimonial from a client showing how the product affected their life this will help potential customers visualize and understand what the product can do for them.

#5. Videos, videos, and more videos

Watching videos is by far one of the most popular online activities for both internet and mobile users one day you’re watching funny cat videos DIY tips looking for information entertainment news or just listening to music over 85% of internet users across the US consume at least one video every week. YouTube has a complete lock on the market share providing access to nearly 90% of internet users in the US Facebook is in second place offering up to 60% access.

By effectively using video content you can quickly engage with customers and influence their decision-making. A prime example is borough successful furniture brand who started posting how their furniture was put together and put this in tandem with a detailed description and high-quality product image on their website this behind the scenes look at how furniture was produced has proved extremely popular and makes the brand more personable and approachable.

#6. Machine learning and AI

Both machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly popular in online marketing trends whether they’re used to analyze computer customer behavior is to organize data these algorithms are becoming increasingly accurate and efficient and gathering and using customer data. For example, if you’re looking to protect the future behaviors of your customers so you can plan a future marketing and advertising campaign AI can put all the internet for information about similar customers help you set price points and determine marketing strategies to reach its audience.

Fashion brands such as satori are famous for using AI marketing strategies they produce a system that can accurately predict how a customer will respond to various advertising campaigns which have helped them generate thousands of new customers and gave them a 500% return on their investment. Over the next decade, artificial intelligence is Will undoubtedly become more widely adopted in the sphere of e-commerce marketing.

#7. Digitizing your customer service

As more Americans spend up to 25 minutes a day on messaging applications in 2020, this is a jump of 25% from 2019 the rise of WhatsApp and Facebook messenger has led many e-commerce businesses towards providing additional messaging services for their clients. This is referred to as conversation e-commerce and is a highly effective strategy to take advantage of the growing trend in digital messaging you can either actively pay for virtual assistants are use automated chatbots to facilitate purchasing decisions answer questions and direct transactions towards your e-commerce site.

How’s Brian’s are becoming more successful in implementing conversational e-commerce strategies it’s becoming a highly effective strategy to boost customer retention rates and build A recent study showed that nearly 30% of buyers view e-commerce businesses use conversational e-commerce platforms as both credible and trustworthy

#8 Utilise multi-channel marketing

The easiest way for you to increase your brand awareness and its ability to connect with different customers is to spread your presence across a variety of different channels. Multichannel marketing doesn’t mean you have to have a presence on every single channel but I need a platform that your target audience is frequently using it should be focused on and try to maximize your brand’s visibility and create as many opportunities to connect with new customers as possible.

For example LARQ one of the world’s leading water purifier brands uses a blog and Twitter YouTube Instagram and Facebook they also use Amazon and are keenly aware of the fact that 60% of their customers will always compare their products with others in the marketplace before making a purchase and because of this they use their store on Amazon to drive customers to their sales funnel and away from their competitors

Adobe surveyed potential customers and ask them to buy information about the different channels they will pursue before making a purchase

  • 48% look at the brand’s
  • 40% like to purchase in-store
  • 38% look for positive reviews.
  • 20% use social media networking sites
  • 19% use video channels

Any business needs to consider these trends when trying to boost their e-commerce business when launching a new product by implementing a successful multi-channel strategy that combines product demos on YouTube on my advertising an email campaign all done in partnership with a niche influencer once customers notice your product they click through to your brand’s website they can find video testimonials blog posts and even chat online with one of your customer service representatives to get any answers they need. When choosing the commerce marketing trend to suit your needs, we encourage you to view the trend in a bigger picture put a beside your business objectives and goals, and evaluate the ROI of the strategy. When you need to change your existing workflow and implement new. What type of return can you expect. if you don’t do this are you going to fall behind your competitors. Do your research before you choose any e-commerce marketing trend

#9 Intelligent use of retargeting ads

This is one of the most highly effective e-commerce marketing trends in 2020 and it’s still underutilized. They have designed this strategy to help eCommerce businesses engage with customers who’ve already interacted with their products. By planting cookies, you can advertise directly to these customers whenever they visit social media. look at her using search engines Facebook Instagram YouTube I don’t have a website retargeting will help you keep your brand or service in front of your customers and encourage them to return to finish shopping. re-targeting is extremely effective strategy research shows that 25% of customers retargeting adverts are likely to return to a website. Up to 70% of these will become regular visitors.

There have been many highly effective remarketing adverts, many of which have been extremely smart in retargeting customers’ behavior, keeping a brand relevant and in the customer’s mind long enough to help improve the opportunity of the sales conversion. using information your customers already provide you you can create retargeting ads based on actions they have taken as well as pages that they viewed

Here are some examples:

  • For example, if a customer visited your website like the product added to their heart but never completed the transaction, you can send them an advert for that exact item.
  • if the profit margin on this item is large enough, you could even offer them a discount to encourage them to come back or even offer free shipping
  • if a customer showed a particular interest in a specific product category, you can upsell them on better items that you have in many
  • They can serve existing customers who purchased products from your website with advertising for other relevant products
  • We talking and advertising will remain effective as long as you keep a customer’s loyalty remain focused on the time they spend on your website and don’t waste your time targeting customers who leave within a few seconds

When choosing the commerce marketing trend that your needs, we encourage you to view the trend in a bigger picture put a beside your business objectives and goals, and evaluate the ROI of the strategy. When you need to change your existing workflow and implement new. What type of return can you expect. if you don’t do this are you going to fall behind your competitors. Do your research before you choose any e-commerce marketing trend. If you do nothing different tomorrow than you did today, nothing will change.


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