This is f can you keep in a real for the last hangout we did go totally bunkers, and Google Hangouts ate me alive, and I finally found my way out of the beast, and we’re live again, so hopefully, some of you guys can find this I did check the link.

But I think the chat closed right after a bit, so anyways, we are living, and whoever can find this, we’re gonna teach you how to do product research. Thank you so much, you guys, for your patience so today.

I’m gonna focus on teaching you how to find products that do ten thousand a month or more now, some of the techniques I share with you are going to be the same techniques I used to find specifically
one product that does over 20,000 a month for me, and the method I use is not something you often hear.

Because people are focused so much on doing this one method, you have to think outside the box. If you want to differentiate yourself, you’re not just different from your product. You’re determining how you find the product.

We are a growing network of entrepreneurs, impacting the world by helping those in need, investing in opportunities and new ideas, creating wealth, and living a life of meaning.

I’m going to take you guys step by step and show you exactly how to do this. I’m gonna share my screen as we go. This is 100% live, so what I need from you guys is to tell me that it will save Louise if you can see yes. I absolutely know if you guys can see my screen, and we’re just going to jump right in.

I’m gonna go fast because of time alright so here we go, I am going to share my screen right now we’re not gonna waste any time let’s do this here we go I’m hitting share now tell me if you can see my screen right now you should see a little bit of an inception thing going on as we get started.

Can you see my screen you can do make sure is that a yes to what I’m asking you give me a few yeses any asses at all can you see my screen?

Awesome yes very good all right guys so here we go, I’m gonna start right now perfect okay so we’re gonna use a maze out, and the reason for this it is the most dependable research tool on the market. I would challenge anyone to prove it wrong it is not perfect.

I do not get paid by a maze out I have no affiliation with them other than the fact that I love their program. So I tell people about it and I include it in our coaching bundle as well you get an entire year of access to this entire product database which is a huge bastion of research products.

All right here you can see these are already hand-picked so you don’t do a ton of research you can start with these saves you a lot of the heavy lifting upfront but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you how to hunt for products one of you guys requested.

So I’m gonna click on we’re gonna hunt by keyword notice those three ways product database if you buy their membership you get it with the coaching program if you do that it’s a very fast way to find products hunting best sellers it takes you to the bestseller list and then finally keyword we’re just gonna start with the keyword.

I’m gonna type in and we’re gonna begin hunting right now and while we do that let me sure if you guys can still see my screen you can say awesome just want to make sure this is still working you perfectly if you can’t let me know I’ll check back here from time to time.


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