How To Be Digital Nomad Sofia, Bulgaria?

How To Be Digital Nomad Sofia, Bulgaria?

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Digital Nomad in Bulgaria: A Complete Guide

Sofia is one of the discoveries on the map of the electronic nomads. Its compact size, distance to a wild all-natural park– Vitosha hill, excellent internet connectivity, great food as well as decent cost of living make it the best place to explore and settle.

Bulgaria is considered to be among the poorest countries in the European Union. Nevertheless, its capital Sofia has several faces and also creates various impacts on a visitor. It is a place where you can have much more enjoyable for much less cash, where you can check out exceptional opera efficiency or dive into ancient history as well as for the night-life fans. It also supplies an excellent range of home entertainment.

The city currently has a global flavor with the rising variety of tourists and immigrants who live below for shorter or longer durations. Yet, it still keeps its friendliness as well as comfy neighborhood environment. It is very economical to rent out an area in the town hall and invest your leisure time shedding yourself in the narrow main roads and check out the various restaurants and cafés offering top-quality global food, conventional regional shocks also a good quality local white wine. Bulgaria is a wine-producing country, and especially the merlot is worth pursuing its excellent qualities as well as cost, which is much less than that of various other European producers.

Digital Nomad Sofia

Conclusion: there is an excellent transportation network as well as it is easy to reach one of the many city parks, take part in a music celebration, have a great drink, and take pleasure in the climate. Within a half-hour from the city center, you can be up in the mountain hiking or skiing during the winter season.

The regional language is Bulgarian, and also the alphabet is Cyrillic however, a lot of the young people speak English, and also the dining establishments have food selections in English. Several co-working rooms, including some worldwide chains that offer broadband net and a range of in-house solutions, yet you can likewise work from a coffee shop or a bar-and-diner area if you feel like it.

Practical Info

Digital Nomad Sofia


Bulgaria is not part of the Shengen EU. This means that your Schengen Traveler Visa will not apply right here. This is excellent information, given that you can stay in Digital Nomad Sofia Bulgaria without using up your limited 90 days Shengen vacationer visa. It’s not unusual for electronic wanderers to head to Bulgaria or various other Non-Shengen European countries to await their Shengen Visa to reset.

Americans can remain in Bulgaria for approximately 90 days without a visa. To examine your key’s specific visa needs for getting in Bulgaria.


Bulgaria has speedy wifi rates, as well as you’ll be more significant than satisfied with the internet quality while below. According to Speed Examination, in March of 2021, Bulgaria’s typical download speed was 96 Mbps on mobile and 80 on a fixed wide band.

The wifi speed does obtain substantially slower in the farther location, and specific hostel wifi speeds I ran into were suboptimal. To counter this problem, I’d recommend shooting out an e-mail to any hostel, hotel, or Airbnb before showing up to obtain a display shot of their wifi speeds. Try to avoid functioning when taking a trip right into the wilderness or to separated locations, and also, you’ll be fine.

Digital Nomad Sofia

SIM Card

If you’ll want to guarantee accessibility to the internet from anywhere you go, decide to get a pre-paid SIM card with data. You have three choices for service providers: A1, Telenor, and Vivacom. These are all relatively comparable in cost, costing 15– 20 Bulgarian Lev ($10 USD) for a regular monthly pre-paid plan.

The best provider is A1, with the most effective coverage in the nation. You can locate A1 shops, along with the others, done in Sofia, where you’ll likely get here.


Bulgaria has a continental environment, indicating it has light to cozy summer seasons and cold winter seasons.

Thanks to the all-natural variety surrounding the nation, there are plenty of activities you can participate in as an electronic nomad in Bulgaria, whether you’re there throughout the summer season or winter.

Digital Nomad Sofia

Winter Activities in Bulgaria

  • Hit the ski slopes in Bansko
  • Indulge in hot spring spas in Velingrad
  • Check out the annual Surva Festival

Summer Activities in Bulgaria

  • Hike up one of Bulgaria’s national parks
  • Take a tour and marvel at Bulgaria’s historic architecture
  • Get your tan on by Kabakum Beach in Varna

Getting Around Bulgaria

By Train – Offered the inadequate state of the roads, passing by train is almost the best alternative for getting around Digital Nomad Sofia, Bulgaria. The four biggest cities– Sofia, Varna, Burgas, and Plovdiv are all on the rail network, although the trains are fairly slow. It takes between 2 and a half to three hours to cover the 100 miles in between Sofia and Plovdiv by rail. It’s four hrs from Plovdiv to Burgas on the Black Sea Shore. You can examine times and book trains on the Bulgarian Railways internet site. While you rarely get a table with your seat, most trains have a restaurant car which is typically much better for servicing the go.

By Bus – Some routes are not offered by rail, meaning you will likely need to take some buses during your time in Bulgaria. There are no straight train connections between Varna and Burgas, for example, with bus firms operating a lot of the paths along the Black Sea coast while the primary Sofia-Bansko way is likewise best done by bus. Etap Group and Union Ivkoni are two of the significant bus firms.

By Car – Leasing a vehicle in Digital Nomad Sofia, Bulgaria is feasible. Still, it’s usually not a fantastic idea for immigrants because of the poor state of the roadways and problems you might run into.

Finding Accommodation

The low cost of lodging is among the major attracts for digital wanderers and also remote employees wanting to transfer to Bulgaria for a brief or long period. For the price of a small room in many western European nations, you can obtain a modern-day apartment or condo, total with a fully outfitted kitchen area and also a terrace. In the vacationer regions, for only slightly extra, you can frequently also get accessibility to a common pool.
Airbnb will undoubtedly be the only lodging booking service you require for many nomads and travelers unless you are searching for a somewhat more social experience of a hostel or intend to spend a few days in a nice hotel. You can rent entire apartments from around 350 Euros/month in Sofia on Airbnb. Outside of height traveler season on the shore, you can discover homes for as little as 200 Euros/month. Also, throughout the summertime, Bulgaria’s Black Sea hotels are possibly the cheapest coastline locations in all of Europe. If you’re on a truly tight budget, there are likewise a lot of job exchange opportunities with Worldpackers (review our Worldpackers evaluate for a review of how it works).
It’s also worth keeping in mind that Bulgarian realty its extraordinary worth as well as in some areas, Digital Nomad Sofia you can outright get studio apartments for 10,000 Euros or less. This can make a fantastic little investment if you have always imagined possessing a residential property but can not afford to do it elsewhere. Moreover, there are numerous firms in the more tourist-geared communities specializing in helping foreigners get property in Bulgaria.

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