Mission Statement

Our Mission 

To Empower You with the Skillsets Needed To Start An Online Business through any avenue you choose such as Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce, Blogging, Local Digital Agencies, and Enable Everyone to Experience the Limitless Power of Direct Response Marketing.

Whether you need to Work from Home to be able to care for your Children – or Your Parents!  Or you need to Secure Your Retirement by adding an additional stream of income so that you can live your life fully into the next Phase and the Next Adventure, we are providing the core basic knowledge you need to get started.

This course and the information provided here are going to give you an overall understanding of what you need to know and understand but we are not yet providing the Step-By-Step systems and Methodologies that are provided in the recommended programs that are referenced throughout the course.  You will need to select the appropriate Systems and Methods that appeal to you and follow them.

None of them specifically say there is no work involved but they do provide you the freedom to work from where you want, and to work when you want and to be able to craft your lifestyle around the work, and not craft your life around your work.   This is what Freedom means here.  The freedom of choices and the freedom of working when you want and where you want and how much you want, and even working on what you want.

Use this course as both an introduction to these systems and concepts and also as a reference point later as you explore more and more Programs.  This is here as a resource and we hope you take advantage of it.  Inside the course find the Programs that are right for you so that you can follow the specific proven methodology that they prescribe.   

Remember that Persistence, Perseverance, and Lifetime Learning are probably all you need to succeed in your own Mission.  Go Forward Now.  And our best wishes for success.

If you end up not wanting to pursue the entrepreneurial path, learning these fundamentals and taking a few of the programs here will c prepare you for the massively new – and in high demand positions in digital marketing be they social media manager, or email marketing manager, or even Pay Per Click consultant.  There are new almost 100 new job positions and titles in this very new field and being new they are in high demand, and also growing in demand, as people now realize that these skills become highly specialized and no business team can go it alone.   The more you learn, the more value you can provide.  Lifetime Learning is critical for us all.

This may be the beginning of a bold new adventure.  Remake Yourself.  Secure Your Retirement.  And help your family members thrive.


Ashley and the entire Crucial Constructs team 



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