Places for Digital Nomads in North America

Places for Digital Nomads in North America

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Digital Nomads in North America is a way of living where you can select to work anywhere globally as long as you have a top-quality web connection. These remote workers can be programmers, content writers or designers, IT specialists, etc. If they can do it on a PC, Mac, or laptop, they can live anywhere. Located entirely in the pleasant Northern Hemisphere, North America is a great continent with beautiful destinations to explore. Millions of tourists worldwide visit every year to enrich their travel experience.

Digital nomads often tend not to intend to be locked in one place, significant that they would frequently lease apartments or cars rather than possess them. This, alone, gives them the flexibility of moving from location to area in a matter of moments. In addition, many prefer to work in co-work rooms with other digital nomads to mingle throughout their breaks. This can also be an excellent method to figure out their workplace. Along with being a fantastic office service for those that obtain sidetracked easily while functioning from residence.

Austin, Texas, USA downtown skyline over the Colorado River

10 Best Places for Digital Nomads in North America

1. Miami

A hotspot for not only remote employees yet also corporates. Miami has seen an uprise in business relocation, making it the go-to place for anyone looking to be around like-minded, tireless people. And also, the sunlight, beach, food, and entertainment make Miami the area to be, particularly for people in the IT industry. Additionally, there is a discount rate on real estate tax and minimal Covid-19 restrictions (presently). The latter can make life a lot easier.

Best Months to Visit Miami

The best time to visit Miami is between March and May. During these months, you’ll enjoy daily temperatures in the 70s for non-peak rates while the rest of the country is still defrosting. The year-round tropical climate and partying ways of nearby Miami Beach mean many tourists – from northern states, South America, Europe, and Asia- year-round. And when there are special events, the city sees even more visitors and higher hotel rates. For the best chance of scoring deals, book around the city-wide events or during the sweltering summer months.

2. Jacksonville

Another city in the USA that is very welcoming to digital nomads is Jacksonville. This warm city offers 22 miles of incredible sandy beaches and an excess of services and activities. Plus, it likewise has a great deal of co-working offices. And also golf lessons as well as scenic brewery tours. And the rent in Jacksonville is stated to be 960 USD monthly. While working is very important and the main factor for your action, it is likewise crucial to take a break and appreciate the city.

Best Months to Visit Jacksonville

The best time to visit Jacksonville is from April to May and again from September to November if your primary goal is to enjoy the beaches. April and May are great times to visit because the weather is great, but the summer crowds have not yet arrived, and the spring break crowds that flock to the beaches in March have dissipated. Temperatures in April and May hang around the high 70s to low 80s, making it the perfect time to hang out on the beach.

Jacksonville, Florida, Digital Nomads in North America

3. Austin

Texas is the largest state in the United States. Nevertheless, the city that stands out is one of the most contrasted to the others in Austin. Austin is a fantastic city for song enthusiasts, foodies, and imaginative kinds. With a lot of galleries, live shows, and bars with neighborhood live performances, your nightlife will get on the rise. It is an excellent place for digital wanderers with a great ear for brand-new music. Plus, it also has a lot of co-working rooms as well as furniture rental solutions.

Best Months to Visit Austin

The best times to visit Austin are September to November or March to May, when the 70s and 80s are the anticipated daytime temperatures. As temperatures climb into the mid-to-high 90s with high humidity, the Texan summer (June through August) is barely tolerable for unaccustomed visitors. Winter (December to February) is relatively mild and dry, with temperatures that hover in the low to mid-60s. Festivals are an integral part of Austin’s culture. If your travel plans are flexible, plan on attending a festival that interests you – just be prepared for inflated lodging rates.

4. Las Vegas

When one considers wagering in the United States, Las Vegas is the first city to mind. It is a city filled with lights, art, and personality. While it is a betting house, this city has much, even more, to supply beyond the casino site. It has purchasing, excellent nightlife, and the outdoors are amazing. You trek along with doing countless other tasks, which we will certainly not spoil for you. In addition, there are plenty of residences that are tolerable on the pocket to rent out.

Best Months to Visit Las Vegas

The best time to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and September to November. While you’ll find plenty of travel deals throughout the year, the spring and fall shoulder seasons offer the most moderate weather. Sin City welcomes an influx of visitors during the winter months, especially surrounding New Year’s Eve, the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, and the sweltering summers that see daytime temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. When you decide to visit Vegas, try to plan a midweek trip – because this is a typical weekend getaway destination, you’ll find more rooms at lower rates between Tuesday and Thursday.

Digital Nomads in North America

5. Boise

Sticking to the theme of outdoor tasks, if you are an enthusiast of nature and hiking, head down to Boise, Idaho. This city has many rivers, treking trails, and lakes to keep you active. And Boise is additionally the house of mobile homes, also known as a motor homes. It includes not only recreational vehicle car parking but further recreational vehicle repairs. Perfect for the electronic nomad that essentially takes their deal with the roadway.

Best Months to Visit Boise

The best time to visit Boise is between March and May, when the temperatures are ideal for enjoying Boise’s outdoor activities, though powder hounds will beg to differ – saying that winter is the best time to enjoy the nearby ski slopes. The months between September and November are another moderate shoulder season, while June, July, and August experience high temps in the 80s and 90s.

6. Asheville

A city in North Carolina that is a massive draw for many electronic wanderers, as well as it is called Asheville. This city offers terrific natural sights and marvels, such as The Orange Peel, Blue Ridge Mountains, and heaven Ridge Parkway. And also it houses the Tupelo Honey. Furthermore, it organizes real-time bluegrass music and has delicious and fantastic food waiting to get in your tummy. So have a snack while enjoying the terrific outdoors in between staring at a screen for hrs at a time.

Best Months to Visit Asheville

The best times to visit Asheville are from March to May and September to early November, when temperatures hover between the upper 50s and the mid-70s – ideal weather for exploring the blooms in spring and the foliage in the fall. During the summer months (June to August), even an elevation of 2,000-plus feet can’t shield the mountain city from the increased humidity. Luckily, it’s not as intense as in other parts of the Southeast, making the summer a popular time for travelers to escape the heat of nearby cities. Winter brings colder temperatures, but Asheville doesn’t see much snowfall, although the surrounding mountains could be snowcapped.

Ashville, North Carolina, USA skyline and landscape

7. Fort Collins

Do you love the outdoors? But you also have a solid need to drink beer? Then Ft Collins in Colorado is calling your name. This electronic nomad’s dream office has impressive nature reserves and is also understood for its biking society. Furthermore, it is the home of the Horsetooth Storage Tank, Noosa Yoghurt, and the New Belgium Developing Firm. In addition to many treking routes, bars, and parks for you to enjoy in your leisure time.

Best Months to Visit Fort Collins

The best time to visit Fort Collins is from March to October. That being said, there’s not a bad time to go to a city that sees about 300 days of sunshine annually. Temperatures in the spring and fall range from the mid-50s to the low 70s, making the weather perfect for exploring the great outdoors. Summer temperatures climb to the upper 80s, but Fort Collins’ humidity stays pretty comfortable year-round, so you won’t have a problem splashing in the river or Horsetooth Reservoir after a nice hike. From November through February, highs rest in the low to mid-40s. If you travel during this time, you may be treated to some snow, so pack accordingly.

8. Charleston

We have stated North Carolina and would certainly be amiss if we did not point out a house for digital nomads in South Carolina. Charleston may sound like a fancy name, but this remarkable city has many available services, generally at 1 645 USD monthly, just awaiting a remote worker to make it their home. As well as, it does not do not have vacations such as Folly Coastline or Sullivan’s Island. You can also look at Leon’s Penalty Fowl and Oysters, Xiao Bao Biscuits, and Husk.

Best Months to Visit Charleston

The best times to visit Charleston are from March through May and September through November. In the spring, temperatures are mild, and you avoid hurricane season. In the fall, crowds dwindle, and hotel and airfare rates are cheaper.

Charleston, South Carolina, USA: Aerial view

9. Nashville

When it involves looking for a location to move to for a remote job beyond job hrs, there are some things you have to remember: rental fees, food, and also amusement. Nashville in Tennessee has all these and also a lot more. Known for its excess of c and w, it is also the house of hot poultry and a great shopping scene. Nashville has Royal prince’s Hot Poultry Shack, Hattie B’s, and Robert’s Western Globe. So grab your stetson, or buy one down there, and obtain your toes touching and your fingers greasy.

Best Months to Visit Nashville

The spring months between March and May and the fall months of October and November are the best times to visit Nashville. The weather is pleasant, and there are not the crowds that you’ll find during the summer. Room rates are at their lowest in winter but are affordable during the spring and fall.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA downtown

10. San Jose

The golden state is deemed the native home of the sun. But where is an electronic wanderer to go with many cities in this warm state? Well, San Jose, naturally. This city has plenty to provide electronic wanderers from its international food scene, many outdoor activities, and Building sites. Along with the fantastic Tech Museum of Advancement. You will never be burnt out or lonesome in your new digital nomad residence in San Jose.

Best Months to Visit San Jose

The best time to visit San Jose is from the dry months of May to September. San Jose generally experiences Mediterranean climates with dry summers and wet winters. However, the temperatures rarely, if ever, drop below freezing. The busiest months for the city are in July and August.


  • 🌟 Total score 95% 4/5 (Rank #5)% 95% 4/5 (Rank #5)%
  • 🛍️ Quality of life score 93 Excellent% 93 Excellent%
  • 👪 Family Friendly Score Good% Good%
  • 💰 Cost of Living 😙 Affordable: $1,800 / mo% 😙 Affordable: $1,800 / mo%
  • 🖥️ Internet 😃Fast: 25Mbps (avg)% 😃Fast: 25Mbps (avg)%
  • 🌴Adventure 95% 95%
  • Temperature 32 °F% 32 °F%
🗺️ Continent North America 🏳️‍🌈 Country United State of America
✈️ Average trip length 📅 10 days 🖥️ Internet speed (avg) 🚀42 Mbps Mbps
☀️ Weather (now) 🌧46°F°C 💨 Air quality (now) 👍 25 US AQI  🍃 OK
🔋 Power 240V50Hz 🚖 Best taxi app* Uber

Weather in North America

The weather in North America, including Canada, the United States, and Mexico, is as diverse as it can be, with climates ranging from arctic tundra to sizzling desert. In the extreme north, the weather in Alaska and northern Canada varies significantly throughout the year. Known for harsh winters, temperatures can reach -60°F (-52°C), and daylight hours are severely reduced; cities in the far north, such as Barrow, have a subarctic climate, and there is no daylight from late November to mid-January. The best time to visit Alaska is between spring and autumn (May to September) when the weather is warm and the days are long. Alaska cities like Anchorage have as much as 19 hours of daylight in late June. May is the driest month.

The Pacific Northwest has the highest average rainfall in North America, most of which falls in winter, with popular tourist cities like Seattle and San Francisco averaging 5 inches (12.7cm) per month, while summers are drier. Average winter temperatures are between 37 and 46°F (3-8°C). The best time to visit San Francisco is in late summer (July to September) to stay warm and dry. Further inland, the northern and central US, including the Rocky Mountains, Midwest US, and New England, is known for bitterly cold winters (December to February) with large amounts of snow.

Springs (March to May) are wet with unpredictable temperatures, while summers can reach temperatures between 70 and 100°F (21-38°C) with scattered rainfall. Tornado season in the Midwest generally runs from late May through August. The best time to visit the US is in the spring (May and June) and autumn (late August through October) to avoid extreme temperatures.


North Brevard, North Carolina weather forecast hourly

Pros and Cons of being a digital nomad in North America

There are pros and cons to the digital nomad lifestyle, without a doubt. Some of the pros might be obvious, but let’s a few of the big ones anyway to see why someone might work and travel remotely:


  • Flexibility to live wherever you want
  • The ability to save money by reducing your commute costs in a world of rising gas prices and food prices
  • The opportunity to experience new cultures
  • Pursue the type of weather you want to live in
  • Set your own daily and weekly schedule to organize your time
  • Be closer to friends and family that are important to you


  • Moving constantly may disrupt a sense of being settled
  • You may need to learn the customs, culture, taxation, and administration norms of new countries you are not familiar with
  • You may need to work to find new friends, routines, and habits.
  • You may encounter stints where you lack either privacy, stability, or community.
  • There are only certain types of careers that are fully digital, and yours may not fit the perfect definition of a remote-friendly occupation.

Demographics of North America

💬 LINE+93% ✋🏼 Asian+7% 😎 VR Dev+69% 🎞 Film making+33%
♨️ Hot springs+25%                                                          🍁 420+57% 💪 Fitness+20% 🎸 Music+13%
🎒 Backpacking+20% 🥑 Vegan+36% 🙏 Spiritual+65% 🎏 Kitesurfing+32%
🏊 Swimming+33% 🏍 Motorcycling+8% 🌊 Diving+24% 🚐 Vanlife+14%

Cost of Living in North America

Regarding the average cost of living, the US skews higher than the rest of the world. However, that is highly influenced by the big metropolises of the country like New York City and San Francisco. The rural areas of the US are significantly cheaper. Living Expenses in North America, as usual, the biggest living expense in the US is usually housing costs. You should expect to spend at least 30% of your wages, not including utility bills.

💵 Cost of living for nomad $1,300/ month 💵 Cost of living for expat $2,300 / month
💵 Cost of living for  family $4,095 / month 💵 Cost of living for local $1,200 / month
🏠 1br studio rent in center $467 / month 🏢 Coworking $387 / month
🏨 Hotel (median price) $2,155 / month 🏨 Hotel (median price) $91 / night
🏡 Airbnb (median from 1,001 listings) $4,000/ month 🏠 Airbnb (median price) $163 / night

Why do you need for finding housing and office space in North America

As you navigate through the housing and office search process, it is important to recognize that many different agencies handle property listings and viewing appointments. In addition to individual properties, most properties are divided into several different sub/branches of an agency. Thus, you need a single platform that highlights all these listings and appointments to find your new home or office space in Gran Canaria quickly and easily.

Main Benefits of Using Anyplace

  • The platform notifies you of nearby listings that may match your needs. The platform of Anyplace provides a convenient method of identifying property listings and viewing appointments. The platform informs you of property and service updates and creates an account that allows you to receive email notifications when new properties are published.
  • Use the platform to book a viewing appointment at a time that suits you. The platform provides the option to view properties and book appointments at the time that suits you. This lets you find how much other customers are paying for a property or service.
  • It adds a new dimension to property listings, with detailed descriptions and beautiful imagery. The platform provides extensive listing details that help you make informed decisions when choosing between multiple properties. If a listing is of interest, you can add it to your account and receive email notifications when other relevant properties are published.
  • The platform allows you to create an account to save your preferences and favorite listings. The platform helps you save time by managing all of your favorite listings in one place and providing notifications whenever there are updates or changes, as well as the ability to set up complete email notifications when new properties go on sale.
  • Know about changes that may affect your search. The platform provides an option to sign up for an emailed newsletter that reminds you of any changes to be aware of them and make the most informed decisions possible on your search.

Things to Remember

  1. The platform lists property inventory from multiple agencies. It is important that you know your requirements and interests before you start searching for houses or offices and how much you are willing to spend and what size you are looking for.
  2. In addition to the list of properties and viewing appointments, the platform includes useful information regarding maintenance and finding neighborhood facilities. Despite it being an incredibly useful platform as a digital nomad, it is important to remember that the platform does not handle any transactions within itself, nor does it handle payments in a property bidding process; all payments must be handled directly with third parties.
  3. The platform may list rental properties, but it does not include commercial property listings. You must seek a real estate agent or another relevant professional to help with commercial or industrial properties.
  4. The platform does not provide any services, nor can it assist with such purchases as mortgages and escrow accounts. Professional help is required for such transactions. The platform provides this information on the properties that it lists. However, suppose you require assistance in procuring property. In that case, you must contact a real estate agent or other related professionals to help you find your new home or office space in Gran Canaria quickly and easily! To learn more about click here now.

Monthly Rental




Great weather is amazing; the cost of living and real estate is too high. But if you are looking for amazing nightlife, lovely beaches, and flavorful food at a vacation destination.

It is fun living in Miami. I would recommend anybody to come and live here; we are the sunshine state. Love it!!!



Lots of outdoor activities, free things are happening all the time, family-friendly, dog friendly too! Opportunity for work.


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