Rewards App: Small Business Marketing

Rewards App: Small Business Marketing

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Small Business marketing

Rewards App – Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing is easy with our Rewards app. Loyalty Reward Stamp is the most widely used customer loyalty software for small and medium-sized businesses. We are on a mission to make reward programs exciting, fun, and easy to use.

We offer customizable rewards, coupons, and discounts using a mobile punch card through our app or tablet program. Using our customer-facing digital rewards program, Loyalty Reward Stamp helps you identify the habits of your most loyal customers and reward them for their loyalty.

Only Selling to Businesses? Try our B2B (Business-to-Business) loyalty program and reward businesses for their purchase of goods and services from suppliers.

Did You Know?
• Loyalty Programs Can Increase a Brand’s Market Share by 25% and Increase Customer Acquisition by as much as 51%.

• 82% of Small Business Owners said that loyal customers were the main way they grow their business.

• 70% of people feel loyalty programs are part of their relationship with a business.

• 69% of customers say their choice of company is influenced by loyalty.

Loyalty Reward Stamp is the most widely-used Loyalty Platform, the #1 marketing tool for restaurants in the world, and internationally renowned as the go-to service to increase customer retention, grow revenues, increase social media exposure, and connect faster with customers.

We offer the only verifiable Smart Stamp Technology – The most innovative product on the market that makes mobile punch cards secure and verifiable. Turn those paper punch cards into a robust and easy to use mobile app. We also offer simple and beautiful tablet loyalty programs for your counter.

Our businesses attract new and keep their current customers coming back with mobile deals. Reward customers for sharing information and deals from your business on social media. Services include mobile punch cards, tablet check-ins, review management, social media marketing, text message marketing, email marketing, social deals, loyalty software, websites & mobile apps.


Local Online Marketing – Loyalty Reward Stamp

So you run a small business. We are sure improving your sales & local presence is a top priority for you & your business. Here is a quick video on the services we provide. At Loyalty Reward Stamp, we can grow your business, build your brand, and increase your customer count.

We know we can help! We do all the heavy lifting for your business. 

Benefits of Our Pro Package Industry Leader – Fresh custom content articles being written & published about your business each month to show Google and your customers, that you are the expert in your industry. “Be Found” – Website optimization.

Google rankings see your business as being a more trusted source for information and your customers can find you on various social and local platforms. Social Presence – Everyone uses different social media platforms.

We help with the management of your social media presence to engage current customers and also to reach out to new ones and grow your word of mouth business.  Results Reporting – Simple to use dashboard reporting system for true 100% transparency of the work we are providing your business, but also to allow you to easily be involved as you wish.

Cost-Effective – Much more affordable, time-saving & effective than hiring a marketing manager/individual or doing any of this work on your own. 

Our online marketing strategies and online marketing tips will help your digital marketing 10x. Businesses need mobile marketing with a solid marketing strategy. We will transform your restaurant marketing with our Solomon. Small biz will see results within 60 days using our complete pro package that offers website design and local SEO.

Your new website optimization will help guide your social media marketing strategy and boost your rewards program.

Local online marketing is key to social media and with Loyalty Reward Stamp, we will help transform your small business or restaurant. So get started today with a loyalty app and complete online marketing agency and upgrade your marketing of digital services with a loyalty card that works, Loyalty Reward Stamp.

Ready to get started with Loyalty Reward Stamp? – Choose our Pro Program Let the “Experts” do the advertising so you can focus on running your business. All of our employees are Google Certified Experts.


A new digital marketing program has been launched by IMPAXD. They offer guidance for small businesses looking to achieve their growth goals and stand out online. Find out more at Crucial Constructs.

Optimize Your Web Presence & Boost Sales With This Marketing Academy pdf

If you need further convincing that digital marketing is right for your business, get in touch with us. At Crucial Constructs, We’re willing to listen to you and answer your questions. Contact us today!

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Local Online Marketing - Loyalty Reward Stamp

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