Plan of Action When Starting a Physical Products

Plan of Action When Starting a Physical Products

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Physical Products Business

This is Mike and welcomes to episode number 216 of the ecomp crew podcast, I got a little bit of a cold today recording this introduction but when to get this done because we recorded an EECOM crew under the hood episode with Brenna a few days ago and when they get that episode out here.Physical Products Business

So I said okay in the under the hood segment but the introductions usually get done at a different time so I apologize for the nasally and raspy voice but it was definitely good talking to Brenna before gimmes into today’s episode.

But I remind you guys can go over to comp crew dot-com slash contests  or your chance to enter in to win an annual econ premium membership valued at almost $1500 it’s EECOM Crew dot-com/contest

Born out of necessity

Like all moms, Brenna lives by the rule of thumb that kids should have an extra layer of clothing on them to keep them warm. Physical Products Business

But on cold days, how do you keep a blanket on a squirming little kid? This dilemma gave birth to her patent-pending brainchild, the Chilly Child.

The Chilly Child is a special kind of blanket that keeps kids warm without restricting their movement. Kids can round around in the park and the Chilly Child would stay on.

Physical Products Business

Launching an original product

In this episode, Brenna and I address the issue of how to best sell a product that’s original, that no one has ever sold before.

Here’s a highlight of the key topics we discussed:

  • How to build a following from zero
  • Reaching out to influencers
  • How to deal with very large MOQs
  • Effectivity of Kickstarter campaigns
  • Instagram ads
  • Where to focus on, Shopify or Amazon?

We hope this episode will help you, especially if you are in the same situation as Brenna.


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How to build a following from zero

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