Product Review Loosely Related to Mountain Biking

Product Review Loosely Related to Mountain Biking

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The Most INSANE ROCK ROLL I Have Ever Done

10 Product Reviews Loosely Related to Mountain Biking

Today, I’ll be reviewing ten random products that either relate to mountain biking or this channel. Enjoy!

Today we’re going to review ten products loosely related to mountain biking. Some of them have been bought, and some were sent to me by various companies. Like everyone else have my biases, but do your best to tear all these products apart. Here goes. Let’s start with the Sennheiser MKE2 Microphone.

It’s a clown nose sized microphone that attaches to the waterproof case of a GoPro Hero 4. It has its own circuit board and mini USB cable. This whole unit is water-resistant, and the clown nose is supposed to suppress wind noise.

It looks great for surfing, motorsports, and skiing but can only speak for how it applies to mountain biking.

As many of you may know, most mountain bike vloggers use the internal mic on the hero4, paired with a stabilizer.

The sound from this setup is so good that it’s hard to imagine it being any better. To use the MKE2, you’d need to nix the stabilizer and triple the GoPro size with the case and mic. What’s worse, it only works with a Hero4. The Hero5 is out now, and that thing really does need a mic.

So we’ve established that the MKE2 is bulky and barely applicable to mountain biking, but how does it perform? To find out, I did a little test. First, I descended this rock face using a Hero 4 with just the internal mic and no stabilizer. Listen to how that sounds.

Next, I took the same line with the Sennheiser mic. Okay, so it sounds REALLY good, almost perfect. My friend Jordan actually wears one on his full-face helmet and syncs the sound with his chest cam, but most people wouldn’t be willing to go through all that trouble or pay $200 for this. As it applies to mountain bike vlogging, we don’t think the MKE2 is worth the risk.

It could be great, but it would need to be smaller and work for the Hero5. On to the MRP Ramp Control Cartridge. This thing replaces the top cap on your Fox or RockShox suspension fork and allows you to control the air volume or ramp up. Here, we have a division without any ramp up.

It just squishes down with the same firmness the whole way. Add ramp up, and it gets more progressive. The MRP Ramp Control Cartridge does this with the turn of a knob, which is a game-changer. Without this, you need to let all the air out and wrench off this top cap, which you stick these tokens on to.

That’s a pain. Having this knob allows you to actually adjust your ramp up on the trail, giving you the perfect ride from minute to minute. At a bike park, you would want way more progression to keep from bottoming out.

On a windy backwoods trail, you’ll want linear travel for a cushy ride. The MRP Ramp Control Cartridge is relatively easy to install and totally worthwhile, but it ain’t cheap. If you would benefit from this, it’s worth the money. If not, you can still use tokens for just a few bucks.

If you want to understand air volume better, click the link at the end of the video for my tutorial on suspension fork settings. Next is the Kali Protectives Interceptor Enduro helmet. In my last video, I reviewed the Smith Rover, a $120 helmet that I like very much.

The Kali Interceptor is $180 and inferior to the Rover in some ways. In fact, the Rover has a more superior finish, a sturdier visor, and straps that lay flatter on your face. So, why would you get the Interceptor? Well, I can only speak for how it feels on my head, where it fits better than anything. I’ve ever tried.

It stays perfectly in place with barely any pressure on the straps. The deal sealer is this solid mount, which can be used for a light or action camera. It’s also supposed to be really good at protecting your head.


The Most INSANE ROCK ROLL I Have Ever Done!! Jordan Boostmaster

I rode some crazy rock rolls in Squamish last summer, and I finally put it in a video for you all. The first one in this video was really quite something, and I wasn’t sure if I would ride it! I rode with a couple of free-riders, Sullivan Reed, and I sought out some sick rock rolls for the first section of this video, and on another more recent day, I rode with Matt Bolton, who showed me some of his creations around Squamish.

These are some enjoyable trails and features! 

About Jordan, Boostmaster is a mountain bike rider and filmmaker who embarks on exciting mtb adventures, including freeride, downhill, dirt jumping, and slopestyle.  He is a one-person show filming everything on his own with a GoPro Hero 7 and a Panasonic GH5.  Mountain Biking is the most fantastic sport out there, so if you like mountain bike videos, then definitely hit that subscribe button!

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