Summer Shopify Products that Will Make 300K

Summer Shopify Products that Will Make 300K

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Summer Shopify Products that Will Make 300K

Which product write a product that will make $300,000 plus in the next three months what is it what’s it gonna be well it’s a very very very simple answer think about it what’s coming up is getting hot outside what do people buy when it gets more sizzling use your brain that’s right anything to do with summer dude swimwear writes anything shorts flip-flops.

Any stuff like that pool accessory, all these things are going to be heavily sold in the next couple of months, so this is your opportunity to jump on one of these trends in just a second. I’m gonna validate exactly what I’m saying on Google Trends we’ll hop onto my computer.

I’ll show you exactly what I mean. This is the whole idea, right these products are going to generate so much money in the next three months, and all you have to do is go and take your piece of the pie right start selling these products make a little bit, and you can walk away with thousands and thousands of dollars.

So make sure you pay attention to the video. If you do learn something, make sure you drop a like and click Subscribe because we’re going super fast, and I’m just gonna get straight into the meat video so let’s go okay so we’re on my screen right now, and you can literally see what I typed in just swimsuit right and for the past five years.

You could see the results, and this is Google Trends if you guys don’t know, but you can see how much it’s being searched up, so at this exact time, you visit this is what happens it gets a little bit of traction here and then BAM when it gets hot it explodes right every single time BAM.

When it gets hot, it just jumps up just like you did for the past four years, and then look last year it just gets a little bit of traction, then BAM explodes and then comes right back down after summer, you know after it starts getting colder but look where we’re at right now we’re at the point where it’s getting a little bit of traction right here.

Where my mouse is right now that’s the point we’re at so what does that tell you in the next couple of weeks this is gonna happen it’s going to explode people are gonna start buying they’re gonna spend money on swimsuits so it’s a perfect time right now to get together something and to build a store and start selling something.

Start selling products that people use when it’s hot outside so it doesn’t have to be swimsuits it can be anything that people use to think outside the box right what do people buy more when it starts to get warmer outside any of these things that are available on Aliexpress.

You could certainly sell them to people all over the Internet and you’ll make so much money it’s ridiculous but I’ll give you a perfect example so a while back there’s this company called sunny clothing or sunny something.

Co-write and they were selling swimsuits and they were doing a giveaway and ironically they were doing a free plus shipping giveaway they were saying we’ll give away the first two ever you know for the first.

I think is like five thousand people will give you a free bathing suit if you just post this on your Instagram and right so they were doing that but they were also charging for shipping so they were still making their money and they were getting their picture posted all over social media.

picture posted all over social media

Well, I don’t know if you guys know the story or not but pretty much overnight they exploded right there where millions of people that knew about them overnight they gained almost thinking 750,000 followers in one day they instantly couldn’t fulfil all orders because there were so many orders coming in from people buying.

These products now let me keep you in mind they were doing free plus shipping so they were making money on every single order now the numbers were never come out but,

I’m sure that they made over a couple of hundred grand for sure in that week or that amount of time and they built up such a big email list right because so many people sign up for their email us.

Because they were interested in the brand on top of that they had an Instagram with 750,000 real followers that they could post pictures to and every single post that they would make they could be doing some sort of giveaway or promotion and they would make a stupid amount of sales to prove that this actually happened later down the road after they exploded.


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