1. Have a Plan
  2. But be open to experience.
  3. Ask your boss if you can work online.
  4. Look for other similar work.
  5. Start a business in your spare time.
  6. You only need a part time salary.
  7. You can get side income.
  8. Use SkyScanner.
  9. Use AirBnB
  10. Use Couchsurfing.com
  11. Invest in a good bag
  12. Anything you don’t have, you can buy.
  13. Get a microfiber towel.
  14. And a Kindle!
  15. Always research your area.
  16. Look for chains that often have WiFi.
  17. Carry a power brick.
  18. Talk to people.
  19. Make sure your passport is in date.
  20. Stay safe!